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  1. Teams will fold faster than WOT because guns are more accurate, more pen, maps are more open with far more firing lanes. Those not knowing what they are doing will die very very fast.
  2. What a pity for the NA test, the game itself is pretty fun (because we have modern vehicles, the tier 1/2/3 tanks already drives and performs well unlike the early tanks in WOT). Looking forward to another round of EU test play here.
  3. Yea they toned it down. With scorpion non-pen hits with HE only does about 50 damage. However I more or less pen all the time against tier 1/2 tanks anyway.
  4. I liked what I've seen so far but again it's just tier 1-2 derp matches. However, obviously some map design were "borrowed" from WOT. Should get my T62 tomorrow and then see how how different classes play.
  5. So much so for another WOT killer....... Well apparently they didn't even prepare enough server space despite knowing the exact number of early access players. Server is up now finally, played some low tier loltanks. Feels fun, although map design and dynamics seems very similar to low tier WOT....
  6. The developer is Obesidian entertainment (the guys that made the South Park game). Mail.ru is the russian publisher, you can't exactly blame them for going for the Russian market on a tank game.
  7. Dosen't matter to me. If somebody produces a WOT ripoff where arty simply tries to kill each other for the entire game, I'd gladly sign up for it. Also, apologies that I've just found another AW thread sunk 3 pages into this forum section.
  8. I'm suprised that there's no topic on armored warfare here. Link: http://aw.my.com/us Gameplay Video: Impression: Very, very similar to WOT. Even the interface layout looks exactly the same as well as a lot of the mechanisms (aim time, module damage, hp bar, consumables). Graphics is better (Cryengine). Minimap, etc. at exactly the same position. There's also REPAIR, FIRE EXTINGUISHER and FIRST AID KIT at the same location too. Nations confirmed to be in are the USA, the Russians/Soviets, the Brits and the Germans (and they are highly likely to be in CBT). Here's a tech t
  9. Would not make much difference in tier 8+ play since anyone without it by tier 8 is a rotton tomato. Makes grinding new line's tier 5-7 a lot easier for me.
  10. I've just unlocked it! Weekend EU event have 15% off on all tier 10 tanks, here I go I find the lorraine fairly fun to play but its massive size and poor camo means its hard to contribute during the early phases of the game, so it's quite hard to carry with it. Batchat's going to have much improved camo & size so great!
  11. Back to a more serious WOT related topic, What do you think of the Leopard 1 now? I know in a tier 10 rating a long time ago you gave it a decent score (nearly on par with the STB, and better than all the other NATO mediums). But that was a while ago. A lot has changed since the Leopard 1 was introduced into the game. I've recently finished putting 216k exp on the ptA but I'm considering if the Leopard 1 is worth it. Reason: I feel it's very hard to carry in a tank with completely no armour like the ptA (the ptA also suffers from bad gun control, bad depression for a NATO tank, and bad
  12. Test server is up. Originally I think it is going to powercreep out the WZ-132 (same pen literally as 132 100mm, but far far better DPM, 80kmh top speed, better depression overll). However it turns a lot more sluggishly (due to poor track traverse and worse ground resistance than the 132). Also, its armour is triple overmatch autopen everywhere (where 132, and 13-90 can give freak bounces here and there). Not sure about camo, it looks smaller than a leopard....... Also, 250 HEAT is about as useful(less) as the 230 heat......
  13. I believe/hope that those numbers are just placeholders, as actual camo value requires extensive testing after release. I'll be very pissed if light don't retain camo after moving, and at the same time I'll be very suprised that a T49 with a sheridan turret can have better camo than the current wz132 and 13-90 which are both far smaller and shorter tanks.
  14. Tier 9s I'm grinding right now: Leo Proto A, Lorraine 40t, AMX Foch, Conquerer.........My recent stats looks like a tomato. To be fair, I quite enjoyed the Leo Proto and Lorraine because I like fast tanks; they are hard but fun to play and requires extensive knowledge of maps, vision mechanics, firing lanes, etc. The conquere and Foch,,,,...bah. Almost feels like I'm playing arty, all I do is sit in the back and click at people.
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