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  1. Welcome . . . You might consider keeping escape routes in mind when you advance. Keep friendlies within reach for mutual support (just don't count on it!). Don't defend an area or flank by yourself, but go with a lemming train and help them push. Play similar tanks in groups in order to keep strengths and weaknesses fresh in your mind. Good luck and take care
  2. Pattonsarmyvetson

    Zeven's Q&A with Ewe

    Zeven, Thanks for all of your contributions. Your insights on vision/intel., map control, and attrition have been a tremendous help to me.
  3. Pattonsarmyvetson

    Best Light Tank For Learning?

    I know you asked about light tanks, but may consider the US Med. M7. It is a great tank to learn active or passive scouting techniques. It has view range, camo, speed, and is also an excellent flanker. Very few tanks can out turn it. It doesn't suffer from scout MM and can be quite a lot of fun to play. It leads into the auto loader branch of US lights. I got my only Pool's medal in one!
  4. Pattonsarmyvetson

    Anyone hit 100% on their MOE's?

    LOL! Stories please . . . enlighten me . . . bs me . . . humor me with your epicness!
  5. Just curious if anyone has a story to tell about when they hit the 100% mark on an MOE? Has anyone been able to maintain a tank above, let's say, 98%? It seems like someone, somewhere would be doing it in every tank . . . but haven't heard much about it. Again, just curious . . . Thanks. Take care everyone! (by the way . . . I shortened my name to PAVson a while back! My dad served in the 80th Inf. Div. in the 3rd Army.)
  6. Pattonsarmyvetson

    Hello Everyone

    Let's see . . . 2 months from Orange to Yellow recent and now roughly 2 1/2 months from Yellow to Green recent (Oh so barely - lol). I'm a perfect example of how it get's exponentially harder as you try to improve. Thank you WotLabs, Streamer's, YouTuber's and especially thank you to derpTacular and ColdSteel5A for the advice and words of encouragement! Someday, I hope to be able to join you in a platoon for a few battles, but still too worried about just embarrassing myself. Staying down in mid-tiers has really helped me "practice" the game mechanics and tactics I learned a long time ago. It's one thing to read guides and watch others, but only through practice do I achieve any type of the consistency that's expected, I read some forum dialogue ColdSteel5A had (I think last week) about reaching personal ceilings in our abilities/capabilities with great interest. I'm also a little older and want to continue to improve, but curious where my ceiling is going to be? I've recently joined a small clan that just has some really nice people with similar goals in the game. I'm looking forward to seeing how it goes. I'm hoping that some platooning, skirmishes, etc. will help me get through the next steps of improving. Last thing . . . if you haven't yet, check out Zeven's stream and YouTube video's. Not only because he's an incredible player, but because he is by far the best at explaining Strategies/Tactics and his thought process. Talk about calm, cool and collected! Not taking anything away from all the other really good content that's out there either. Good luck and take care!
  7. Pattonsarmyvetson

    Hello Everyone

    Thanks for the advice derpTacular! It took me 2 months, but I finally went from Orange to Yellow. In addition to your advice, I've really been concentrating on staying alive and it makes a big difference in outcomes of a lot of battles. You are definitely right . . . just a little more damage and a few more kills makes a lot of difference too. Still playing mainly 5's and 6's as I don't like pissing off all the hot shots . . . at least I can generally carry my own weight now. Hoping this tortoise will slowly continue to get better and am in no hurry! I do know this game is a hell of a lot more fun when you play well and especially when you win. My 55th birthday is tomorrow and it's supposed to rain here, so guess how I'll be celebrating - lmao!
  8. Pattonsarmyvetson

    Hello Everyone

    Hello again, Happy Mother's Day to all those wonderful women out there! Just to follow up with my original post . . . I'm ok with my win rate at this stage, but IMO I'm struggling with my win8. I watch a lot of video's, streams, and have read a lot of guides. I try to go the the appropriate set up positions based on map, tier, tank, etc. I have a lot of great games, but also a lot of turds. It's not unusual for me to have top damage as low tier, but it's also not unusual for me to have low damage as top tier. I'm up to the Tier 7, T-29 and IS and have a lot of tanks in lower tiers. I have good and bad games in all of my tanks. I joined a clan (one that would have me at the time) for a while and I ended up telling them about the guides, etc. instead of them teaching me. Always read about how platooning is the answer, but platooning with them was worse than solo . . . so I just went back to solo. I really love this game (warts and all) and want to continue to progress, but have pretty much hit a (hard) wall. Any advice would be very much appreciated. Take care
  9. Pattonsarmyvetson

    Hello Everyone

    I found this game around Christmastime and have been playing fairly regularly since. I've made all the typical stupid mistakes and am now trying to go back and correct what I can. I'm especially focusing on crew skills at the lower levels and (very slowly) moving up the Tech Trees. Things started getting better only after I began reading the great guides out there. I still struggle with the patience factor a lot - lol. This is a great game and am really happy that I found it. Last thing . . . any (constructive) criticism will always be appreciated by me. Take care everyone.