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  1. Thank you, this should help a lot =). As a green player (over my last ~1k), should I be coming up with 2 or 3 areas to consider between at the beginning of each game as a basic method of getting where I need to be or is this not a good habit to get into? Should I be working on playing each game uniquely to counter the pubs in common locations or deciding on which common location to head to? Right now I don't want to have 60% wins and 3k WN8, I just want to be able to call myself a good and improving player who carries more than himself in a pub game.
  2. Yea unfortunately that appears to be the case... But just for an example. What would I do if the teams are a perfect 50-50 in a tier 10 game in my T30, the map is murovanka, I'm spawning from the south, both teams have top tier German heavies and roombas/waffentrager iv's. In the lower tiers we have more heavies and they have more mediums.
  3. Okeano's guide is in the right direction of what I am looking for but too basic for me (not trying to sound pretentious). I already know the no-go zones of maps but my problem is that I'm not sure how to predict where the enemy team's tanks will be going and where I should go that would allow me to counter them most effectively. What I'm asking for may be too specific.
  4. That sass tho . Thank you anyway! I looked around a bit but I couldn't find anything within a few minutes. =)
  5. Yea :/. I usually play it at medium ranges using terrain mainly so the gun control is usually not too much of an obstacle because of high pen. Would be awesome if it got a small soft stats buff to bring it up to 704/T95 gun stats, unlikely though .
  6. Seems to me that most people regard the T30 as a meh tank but It is by far my best tank (may just be because its my most recent tank though). 2,466 WN8 and 2500+dmg in my last 87 T30 games, 2k WN8 total and 2100+ dmg in 219 games total played in T30. Am I improving or is the T30 a WN8 machine? http://wotreplays.com/site/890146#swamp-fpscow-t30 EDIT: My stats thing is messed up? I have 2507 games played. How feex?
  7. One of my big problems is deciding where to go at the beginning of the match. I'm the kind of player who will deal 400 damage and do absolutely nothing one game and then the next game I deal 4000 damage because I get into a spot that fits my tank. I feeI that I am a good-ish player if I get into a good location but the problem is getting there. know that some maps are simply not good for some tanks but I can definitely improve. For example I'm playing my T30 on Komarin but I don't know where to go so I autopilot to the western flank and camp until we lose or win and all I end up doing is deali
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