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  1. Yeah, apparently it's only me. I have asked around to see if people that run your mod also have the problem... but they don't. Gonna re-download the pack to see if there was a bug in the download itself Edit: it was Gnomefathers... his scripts are messing the icons up. any other sound mods out there?
  2. Hey, Sela. When i have your modpack enabled I don't see my marks of excellence. This goes with in garage and inside a match. Can you help me out? The only alt files I have installed are Team Hp Pools, Your XVM colors, MeltyMap's Math Mod - Blue, and Gnomefather's gun sound mod With mods. Without mods. (I'm bad, need to Chai snipe more)
  3. Found Sela's new jam Should be his intro song from now on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LiaYDPRedWQ
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