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  1. damn that video is old I remember when I made that
  2. Got banned for charge back issue even though i have not played for a 2 week

  3. my team ran 2 KV-85 and a KV-2 we used the KV-2 to bring a tank to 100 HP then use the KV-2 as a wall then just over match
  4. technically i won a JT88 CSGO and 2 grid autosport codes over all about ~$130 winnings
  5. Receipt. Date: 4/5/2015 3:35:12 PM Vehicles added: 8,8 cm Pak 43 Jagdtiger Slots added: 1 thanks zerb :^)

    1. deathmachine16


      Press f for fulcrous

    2. xWulffx


      awesome credit grinder ... can be challenging to play at times tho

  6. well here we go again 52% WR|54% 1000 battles|55% 60 day 1387 WN8|2152 1000 battles|2290 60 day i have 6 tier 10s (AMX 50B' Bat chat, T57, STB-1, M60, and IS-7) My best tier 10 is the IS-7 i am working on 2 other lines WZ-111 1-4 ----------> 113 SU101------------------>263 I have TS and a Mic i can be on 4-5 days I would like to do CW and tourneys i can call 1 map for CW (mines)
  7. as long you are okay with me jumping of a side of a cliff hit me
  8. ESL is more cancer then cancer its self they did some stuff for lol and i'm not joking they broke the stream 6 times in the same day
  9. anime tell me best what

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