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  1. Need name for new account. Any ideas?

    1. PlanetaryGenocide
    2. TheEmptyLord



    3. TKmebrah




  2. Are there any prems for <$30 that print credits?

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    2. Korb3n_Dallas


      Oh yeah that is true I forgot about that. I got a Jag 8.8 for $25 from that site.

    3. Haswell


      If you do get a JT88, run stronks with it.

    4. TheEmptyLord


      When it comes just to printing money the CDC is probably best. Decent AP pen and good mobility so you need very few premium rounds.
      SP might be iffy without premium time since it often needs APCR.
      If you are willing to go to T7 and lower the 122-44 is a great contender, but once again you might need lots of APCR in T9 battles.
      The AT-15A is also great when it comes to printing money: accurate fast aiming 171mm pen and the ability to tank make credit farming easy. Can't flex, so just pick a flank RRR and shoot things. Downside being that that gets boring quite quickly.

      When it comes to the JT 8,8: There used to be a cheap package with it and some gold around iirc, but I am not entirely sure if that is still viable (expiration dates, check forum threads on that topic). Last I heard about it it was offered on Kinguin.

      At your skill level I would opt for either the SPersh or the AT-15A. If the JT is available go for that.

  3. Convince me that french tanks aren't total crap.

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    2. Errants


      105 APCR spam, AMX 50 100/50B, 13 90, BatChat. All glorious fun.

      ELC AMX, go kart with a gun.

    3. TheMarine0341
    4. Nekommando


      B1 spamming APCR is fun, all T5 except arty, ARL44 w/105sprem also gud, the entire 50ton series including the 50t, noncancer Batchat, and Foch 155

  4. Just got my first tier 7!

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    2. OneTrueLeader


      ok but not reliable hull armor, ok gun.

    3. StephenHawking
    4. deathmachine16


      I liked it though dat gun depression...

  5. I am looking for a clan where I can platoon with people and have a good time! I am only at tier 6. I do not have a mic. Thank you for your consideration!
  6. When will personal missions be released?

    1. Kramburglar


      Jan 15th was the last date I heard, but who can say for sure

    2. Tedster59


      probably after the WZ111 finishes

  7. #PLSGOandSTAYGO http://imgur.com/3rNMPtY

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    2. DarkApostle


      Large..minority... how does that even fucking work?

    3. Panzer9Supertiger


      I like how hating plsgo equals racism. Get out you 4chan shitlord.

    4. DarkApostle


      *blinks* The fact your so dense that you think a Picture of Erwin Rommel has anything to do with the SS....

  8. I' not a red baddie anymore!

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    2. SchnitzelTruck


      stepping up the ladder

    3. 1m9j9s3


      Congrats! \o/

    4. Shifty_101st


      IMPROVEMENT!!!!!! THAT IS WHAT WOTLABS DOES!!!! Congrats m8 :)

  9. What is the best arty or light tank of the fifth tier or higher, that is easy to get? I need one of them for personal missions.
  10. How does one drive a heavy tank as bottom tier? I have been having a lot of trouble with this lately.

    1. Haswell


      Depends on map and team comp

    2. Lockhart77


      And what gun you have, also, what kind of heavy you drive.

    3. ZXrage
  11. I think I am learning how to cnoduct the lemming train! My winrate has improved.

  12. I am deciding between the excelsior and the church 3 for a credit grinder. any opinions?

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    2. StephenHawking


      Most likely, because christmas*Holiday**Not really its fucking christmas sales time

    3. _Goliard


      Unless WGNA continues the theme of "Most disappointing Christmas missions ever" for the rest of the month, it should be 50% off some time in December.

    4. Medjed


      Church 3 was already at 50% discount couple of weeks ago iirc on NA...i bought both Church and Chi Nu Kai on my NA account

  13. Best prem for getting credits for ~$30?

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    2. Krontimus


      Yeah I sold my SU-122-44 because of all the cons that you uncover from playing.

    3. pilgrim143


      Church III vs excelsior?

    4. _Goliard


      Churchill III doesn't require you to spam premium in 95% of its games, the Excelsior does. If you want to earn credits, get the Churchill.

  14. I love this tank! I Average dark blue to purple in it, while my recent is upper orange.
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