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  1. wow... that lusulphur post hurt my brain... how can someone that paranoid be good? Wouldn't the tinfoil bodysuit block the view of the screen? [necessary sarcastic/facetious/humorous part completed, continuing to useful part] I've found that I have trouble flexing in non-medium tanks. How can I improve my flexing in TDs (Stug III G right now is my primary, T82 secondary) and German heavies (E-100 line)?
  2. Honest question: Have you played the Jagdpanzer IV recently, and if so, how is it? I have the StuG III G, and am nearly to 1-skill crew (at which point I will buy the JgPzIV and transfer the crews), so I want an expert opinion. Facetious question: How do you actually feel about arty? It's okay, you don't need to tone it down or pretend to be nice.
  3. sigh... they would remove the two upper battle tiers for the A-20 AFTER I finished grinding it...
  4. D.W. 2 gets the same matchmaking as the B1.
  5. In tier 4, I hated seeing an AMX on the other team. Once I got to tier 5, that changed to "Oh boy, duck for dinner!" It's one of those tanks that's killer at tier 4 but dies at tier 5+. If it got special MM like tier 4 heavies, I might go grind it.
  6. yeah, figured that out when I went through the A-20 to get my T-34. Not actually one of my worst tanks, but definitely my worst survival rate. Not gonna make that mistake again in a hurry.
  7. Is anyone gud@tonks (or just average) interested in platooning with me? I have T-34, M41(elite), VK 30.01(H), and StuG III G(elite). Also, if you want to platoon at lower tiers, I have a Pz. II G. I am looking for someone to help me get better via advice and example. I play for approximately an hour to an hour and a half, in around half-hour chunks, between around 16:30 and 21:30 EST (4:30-9:30 for those who dislike military time). PM me if interested, please!
  8. Me again, with a similar question to last time. Going up to the Leo 1, at the Panzer II G, trying to make up my mind on where to go from here. The line diverges, then rejoins at the Indien-Panzer, that much I know. What I want to know is whether to go through the Luchs-Aufklarungspanther line or the VK 20.01 D-VK30.02 D line. Please help!
  9. This thread is making me think that going through the D.W. 2 might have been worth it. Now looking hungrily up the line to tier 7, not just tier 8.
  10. I'm going a bit off-topic here, but the StuG III G can be used as a pretty good assault gun. Mount the L/70 or the 10.5 and a Rammer, and you've already got great mobility and decent front armor (can bounce a hit from a KV-1's 85mm with a direct frontal hit except the LFP). For city maps, the 10.5 has apocalyptic damage and can be painful for even tier 7 tanks. For open maps where sniping may be an option or just for general use, the 7.5 L/70 has incredible pen and (with Rammer and 110% loader) 3.87s reload, so you can pour on the damage to even tier 7s. I have actually done a lot of breakthro
  11. SheVa9

    VK3601H Heavy

    Actually, in my VK3001H I tried to run it and decided not to. It didn't fit my playstyle (breakthrough/flanking heavy), so I run the L/70. Probably going to switch back in the 3601H, though, since I'm not sure about trusting a tier 6 gun in a tier 8 match... actually, I just don't. Edit: Tried the Konisch again. Insert McDonald's catchphrase here. I was playing it wrong before, now I have my ace tanker and one 1.5K+ damage game. That thing is trollishly good at Tier 5.
  12. I love this tank. It's got my (so far) only Mastery Badge (and that was in a tier 6 battle). I will say that this thing is a beast in tier 5 battles- the 50mm of armor, if you angle it, can bounce a lot of shots (my best was bouncing a pz.sfl.ivc's long 88) and the l/70 can murder most tanks in its tier and above. I did try the 7.5 Konisch (Waffe in the tech tree), but found the lack of HE to be a pain, since it's an excellent round for exploiting breakthroughs, when you can hammer rear armor and artillery. I've gotten more breakthroughs in this tank than any other I've played, but it isn't a
  13. I know. I have already decided to hang out at Tier 5 with each of the four lines I'm grinding (current tanks M41, VK30.01H, StuG III, T-34) until I get at least 1 crew skill fully trained on all my tanks, then move to Tier 6. Also, thanks for all your input, guys!
  14. Hi guys, I'm a newish player, and I was wondering where to go from my T-34. I have heard that the T-34-85 is good, but that the A-43 line gives you more options. In your opinion, what should I choose?
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