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    SheVa9 reacted to Jimmy_Nopants in Getting into the mind of a 44%er   
    This was an interesting discussion.  While I am not 44% bad, I am not good either.  Hearing stories of good players coming from sub 50% is not surprising at all.  Everyone must learn.  Insta-purples are probably a very low percentage of players.
    Any correlation between IQ and game skills seems kind unprovable to me, but a certain amount of intelligence is required to analyze information from a map and come up with a useful course of action.
    I play on a shit computer.  On a good day I have 18 FPS ~100ms ping. Yeah I know its a problem.  I am working on it.
    There is no excuse for my poor gameplay though.  Its plain old bad judgement.  I have quit doing some stupid stuff like trying to solo a flank.  I still struggle with my role.  I way too often put my tank in an undefendable position.  Also, failing to move the damn tank when I know I am spotted is a solid part of my horrible survival rate.
    I am not impressed with my own effort to improve.  I will have what I feel is a decent day with some improvement made, but after checking my stats it turns out I actually went down in W/R again and made very small gains in just a few areas.  That pretty frustrating.
    I know if I cave in and say to hell with stats I am playing for fun, I will not have fun because I don't like sucking.  I am a team player and cannot fail on pubbies even when I know that I cannot rely on them to help me either.
    I think I am going to take the day off from playing and just watch some replays and streams from good players.  I will also get some of my embarrassing replays loaded up so that maybe someone can watch a few and help me prioritize where to begin.
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    SheVa9 reacted to Worstpoaster_na in Pr0turial on how to BM people in world of tanks.   
    This game sucks too much dick to actually play, instead I spend 99% of my time bming in chat.
    1. If they are a streamer, type their stream link in all chat and say no ghosterino. Usually they will rage fucking hardcore on their stream, I think I managed to make hardest slerg for 9 minutes straight.
    2. If you are playing arty or fv and 1 shot someone type . BACK TO GARAGE in all chat. 100% success rate in getting people butthurt. If you really want to be obnoxious you can do it for any tank.
    3. If you crush someone 15-2, always type
    4. Accuse people of using gold rounds when they don't, 100% of the time they will argue til the ends of the earth they aren't a gold noob5.
    5. When playing arty, type in all chat THANK YOU XVM everytime you hit a purple.  (only reason I play arty anymore is because it's a fantastic bm machine)
    6. Try your hardest to throw games with stacked teams and say "OMFG WHY CANT PURPLES CARRY"
    7. Any time you have a dude with rommel in his name you have to mention the real reason why he killed himself was because he was in a love triangle with hitler and stalin.
    8.. Start typing tank erotica into all chat in really campy games. I can link you this really sick doujin if you want inspiration.
    9. All chat ARTY PLEASE FOCUS X PURPLE PLS TY in all chat.
    10. Accuse random people of being rerolls and watch them explode in anger usually when they try to defend them selves.
    11. When spamming gold, all chat "YOU LIKE DAT GOLD ROUND" every time you shoot someone with apcr/heat. Best done on 48% pubbies, they will splerg on chat for the entire game afterwards about gold noobs.
    12. When a unicum platoon loses all chat "so which unicum is going to get blamed for this loss?"
    14. Accuse random unicums that derp hard of buying their accounts. all chat "EBAY? HOW MUCH U PAY"
    15. BMing is best done in a platoon with 2 other trolls.
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    SheVa9 reacted to Rexxie in 9.1 Patch Notes/Test Server   
    From garbanned:
    > Curious on what guns you would put on the RHM, PZ4 and Waffle, though.

    Actually now that I think about it...split roomba into two tanks roomba ghetto (t8) and regular roomba (t9). Ghetto roomba has 75mm stock (fuck u all) and then upgrades to short and long 88 or ghetto 105. This is because campy vision/camo tanks shouldn't have big alpha, and the 88mm works well. Basically its the firepower of a JP but turret+camo/view+more DPM. Upgraded roomba has long 88 stock, upgrade is ferd gun or 150cm. Better camo, bloom, etc. Same deal -- good (but not great) alpha/pen or lolderp. Not cloaky railgun. Tier 10 would be a panzerwaffle with either the 128 as it currently exists or the 15cm. Basically same stats as it has now at tier 10. Remember view range on all would be nerfed (~390 on roomba, 400 on waffle4).

    This is quite obviously intended as a nerf to the line, specifically a nerf to alpha cloaky campers. If you cloaky camp, you don't get view range/turret and a railgun. Instead, the cloaky campers get semi crap guns (long 88 in tier or they can derp and take their chances. Autoloading TD = GTFO. But I would predict the line would still be very popular and effective, just not as OP.

    > What do you do with the JPE? 900 alpha?
    Nothing. Its hull is shitty enough that I'm willing to leave it one of the few ultra high alpha tanks, similar to the KV-2. 183 is similar, but too much idiot mode alpha.

    > Let the bads drive out in the open and trade shots for a minute, instead of seconds.

    No, minutes is too long. They need to be punished for derping into the open, but not to the point where camping is the optimal strategy. I find tier 7/8/9 is about right in terms of HP/alpha/dpm. Alpha is ~230-320 meds, ~320-390 heavy, and 400-560 td (isu treated as an outlier in exchange for crap other stats). DPM in the 1800-2500 range. IE, TDs hit no more than 2x as hard as meds. Tanks take at least 3-6 shots to finish a typical target, or in a typical 1v1 should last ~45 seconds even without bounces. That still hurts if you derp or get focused by many tanks, yet should allow reasonable offensive play.

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    SheVa9 reacted to Garbad in 9.1 Patch Notes/Test Server   
    It won't.  The roomba still has great camo before the click, great view range, and a railgun.  Is still will always get first shot and has the alpha to dominate.  Plus, its just a camp vehicle regardless.  Still, its a good change.  Personally I would like to see sniping rof mediums get that bonus (a buff to tanks like the panther) -- sniping TDs already get alpha/pen/dpm, give sniping mediums SOME advantage relative to sniping TDs.
    To fix tier 10, they should:
    - Adjust HP by class.  Heavies = ~2500 average, mediums = ~2000 average, TDs = ~1750 average.  Intended to make TDs have much more class weaknesses, similar to tier 7/8 gameplay.  Also intended as a buff to assault heavies.
    - reduce view range.  Mediums = 400 average, heavy = 390 average, TDs = 380 average.  Some better or worse, depending on the tank.
    - only lights and mediums may equip optics (intended to make meds much better at vision games)
    - only TDs may equip camo net (intended to make ambush tds like the 268 superior at hiding than meds).  Improve camo net to give +25% camo all the time (not just sitting still)
    - Nerf TD alpha again -- 560 average alpha is the rule, HESH reduced to ~1250 max.  DPM increased to compensate.
    - Waffle autoloader removed.
    - Waffle, Pz4, and roomba 128mm gun removed.
    Basically, try to bring gameplay more in line with tier 8 (TDs are more vulnerable 1v1, lower HP, less view range).  Reduce alpha because alpha sucks.  Buff heavies, leave meds basically the same, nerf TDs.  Nerf the waffle and 183.
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    SheVa9 reacted to Garbad in how depressed are the arty-haters?   
    My bitch sansa says it best:

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    SheVa9 reacted to Garbad in Garbad's Thread of Tough Love and abuse 2: The search for grok   
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    SheVa9 reacted to Garbad in Garbad's Thread of Tough Love and abuse 2: The search for grok   
    Also, a thought.
    Many individuals have written guides, but I think we would all agree that the collective wisdom of the unica would be greater than any individual writer.  What if we had a crowd sourced guide on a given map or tank, wiki style perhaps, where everyone could contribute.  We might need some mechanism for quality control or brevity, but this could produce some quality material that wouldn't age quite so fast, or end up redundant.
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    SheVa9 reacted to Garbad in Garbad's Thread of Tough Love and abuse 2: The search for grok   
    Uh, no I'd say its a strong tank.  Its got some flaws but it has great firepower and at least decent everything else.
    WG is not stupid, they simply have different goals than we do.  They are not interested in making the most fun/balanced tank game they can; they are interested in making the most profitable tank game they can, with an emphasis on the short term.  They run their business like they expect to go under in a year (not an unreasonable assumption, frankly) with no concern for quality of product or brand.  Its obviously working, so who can fault them?  I'd do the same if I owned WG.  Its just a shame for those of us who play for the love of the game instead of as a job.
    Is it time for open source gaming design yet?
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    SheVa9 reacted to Garbad in A resurgence of armor?   
    Armor comes in two flavors -- LOL impenetrable (e3, E75, etc) and food for gold spammers.  A heavy with weak armor is as useless as a slow medium with no camo.
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    SheVa9 reacted to Ambitious_Comrade in Leopard 1   
    The Leopard 1 so boldly marked 
    by dark rosettes on dark gray steel. 
    Distinct and sleek in handsome paint 
    a scheming mind lies deep within. 

    By far the shrewdest of the cats, 
    the largest of the carnivores. 
    A stealthy hunter somewhat sly 
    with razor sharp and spiteful claws. 

    So secretive, elusive too, 
    it prowls on rocky, craggy ground 
    or lurks in forests riverine 
    and stalks its prey without a sound. 

    With killer instinct for the chase 
    it strikes with a ferocious force 
    and drags the Maus carcass back 
    for further meals without remorse. 

    It shows no mercy for its prey 
    A predator for all its days 
    the cat whose spots won't ever change 
    is one that's best left out of range.
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    SheVa9 reacted to TheMarine0341 in Garbad's Thread of Solopub Domination   
    Drunken live stream arty rage would indeed be worth every second
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    SheVa9 reacted to Tashen in Garbad's Thread of Solopub Domination   
    Start streaming and talk about why you are doing what your doing.  I know of only 1 other streamer that does this and he is in Europe and his accent is a little tough to understand.  
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