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  1. You've got a lot of reading ahead of you, then! XD Try not to get discouraged, though. There's a plethora of valuable information to be garnered on these forums, much of which will significantly impact your tanking abilities. It really just requires a bit of patience and dedication. Enjoy your stay, and best of luck!
  2. Welcome to the forums! Are your a new user, or have you been lurking?
  3. Ritz crackers go great with chili. Seriously. Shit's amazing.
  4. I realize these are your initial impressions, but the way you worded the following make it seem reasonable to claim EU would be easier to play on: Imagining a match that fits your description sounds like a stat padder's wet dream.
  5. It's a good way to get attention and throw a little something extra into a post. And I for one enjoy that almost every poll Garbad makes has a large portion of self-deprecating humor involved in it. Also, I got a good little chuckle from this:
  6. Oh thank god, the arty event is over.

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    2. Shifty_101st


      it may be over, but there are still ignoramuses piloting other tanks as well

    3. CarbonatedPork



    4. ViktorKitov


      It has only begun.

  7. I played it for a month or two pretty heavily. I really enjoyed the game, but something about it made me drop interest. Has much changed since release?
  8. We should toon up some time, I need to drag my 132's WR out of the shitter also.
  9. I was contemplating picking up a pair of Sennheiser headphones, but the pair I wanted to grab was gonna cost me something like $300-$400 and they seemed a bit bulky. I decided to go with the Bose A.T.Ear @ $124 instead, because I'd owned an earlier model while I was in the military and I loved them; they went through a lot of shit with me, and managed to survive most of it. The quality of sound might not be the absolute best possible, but it surely lives up my expectations far better than any other pair of headphones I've ever donned.
  10. Haswell knows what's up. I got tired of the headset horse-shit and bought a pair of Bose Around The Ear Headphones and some random $20 clip-on mic. I can't imagine ever going back to headsets.
  11. I definitely second the idea of Fat/Zero being a priority. It is a stunning show with great plot and intriguing characters! 9/10, would recommend. Shineskai Yori was a decent show; I gave it a 6/10. I'm a harsh judge, and nothing about the show was outstanding imo. I take that back, the ED was AMAZING. I started and continued the show simply because the ED was so good. http://vimeo.com/58154589 I highly recommend anything rated 8+ on my compiled list of anime. If you would like my input on anything completed on that list, feel free to ask. I'll give a thorough and spoiler free review.
  12. Warframe isn't too bad, but it's nothing amazing. I'd definitely recommend trying it out just to see if you like it.
  13. Relevant post copy/pasted from a similar topic: Here is another relevant--though slightly longer--post from
  14. Welcome to the forums. TD's are great for intro level players because of their simplicity, but I would highly suggest you expand your arsenal and pick up a heavy tank line, and then follow up with a medium line. These tanks will teach you essential gameplay mechanics that will vastly impact your performance. The Russian line leading up to the tier X IS-7 is a great line to learn from (I can go more in-depth with an explanation of this line if you'd like; however, another user should advise you on the best option for a medium line, as I'm not certain which is most user-friendly)
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