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  1. nice list , agree on the t-69 does not need too be that high if you say moderate gold spam. Kv-4 is also not a 2, solid armor high pen gun might not got the best dpm and mobility but i always seem too have solid game's in it. Carnaervon deserves the bottom spot for me, no dpm no armor and lackluster mobility, no alpha.
  2. can not play Strongholds Can only go play light tanks as compensation and hunt the Scum
  3. the su-100y is a great tank too, it is the better crew trainer. It is like the isu of tier 6. I got both when they where on discount they are not that much gold.
  4. well, that is a shame that it can not use vent's not many good options left then.
  5. i think i would rather take vents and food over the binoculars, with those 2 you boost the overall tank more, and you still get a insane view range 456.58 without skill's, 484.81 with both vision skills, so that is plenty. I do not have it at the moment i am waiting for a discount on it, it is too overpriced for just a fun extra tank.
  6. I just got mine, really nice gun on the tank, i only need too learn not too play too aggressive in it, since it basically got zero armor, the dpm on the thing is also OP
  7. It is my lowest WR tier 8 tank, it is just terrible, it just got nothing going for it pee shooter gun with no alpha, and bad dpm turret is strongest armor, and still get's penned easy. meh mobility terrible armor on the hull, which make's you arty bait and you can not side scrape terrible stock grind, with a lot of high xp modules too unlock basically the only trick it got is hull down, and that does the t-32 better in every way
  8. Just started the Brit med line and the Crusader is a really nice little tank, great dpm, good gun mobile enough. Black prince i liked the rest are all bad, only one i am planning on keeping is the conquerer if my sanity hold long enough too grind that terrible Caernarvon and conquerer stock grind, i just read the review on it here and it seems like i am in for a treat there.
  9. is-6 is the tank i have the highest winrate and avarage xp in, it is a beast. The gun you have too get used too but if you play the russian heavy's you should be ok. the 175 pen can sometimes troll you really hard tho, also when you meet a e-75 or st-1 you are basically screwed.
  10. nice guide, maybe make it a sticky, these question get asked over and over again by new players.
  11. thanks for the article almost got my 704 looking forward too i now. Hope the russian cloak is still stong after the camo nerf when shooting. About the 183 earlier you might not pen every shot with it but when you don't you will probably still wreck his crew and modules, and hit for "only" 700 damage. They should really nerf that thing together with the waffle, just no skill clicker tanks they just roll around the corner and you can angle all you want you are still screwed
  12. Try not too be too aggressive, if you die very fast in each game you probably take too forward positions. i give you a example, you are playing a medium tank on mines, and you want too go too the hill in the middle. You start by looking at your team and the enemy team. If you are the only medium and the enemy team got 3 you might want too reconsider going up the hill, you will be 3 vs 1 and you will get wrecked. Look at your team and there team think what you can expect from support from your team and what you might find when you get there. Also use your team mates, it might not be the mos
  13. i'm on tonight if you want too do some platooning, i am playing mostly tier 8 's
  14. yes , plant a clip in his engine deck and you set them on fire as well , tasty hellcat's
  15. hedzergroen

    Tiger II

    I just finished the "grind" towards the e-75, the tiger 2 is a great tank, good dpm, accurate. The armor is fine when you face same tier tanks, you basically only got too angle your armor and hide your lower plate at all cost, and you can expect too bounce a lot. if you are in a tier 9 or 10 game, just sit back more and snipe, your gun is more then capable of that. I recommend you get preventative maintenance and a auto fire extinguisher it does burn fast when shot in the lower glacis. The stock grind is also easy, get the tracks first then the turret, last get the gun. I use vents, vert
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