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  1. Looking for a clan to get back into competitive play. I haven't played much CW since the 3rd campaign ended, and none since 2.0 came out. I've heard CW 2.0 is shit, but I'd be available anytime that didn't interfere with skirmish times. Haven't played much SH, and would like to give it a try with a group that can win. I would also like to find a group to play Weekday Warfare with. (Admitted gold whore, just call me Anna Nicole) A clan that will be giving the next campaign a go would be a +, but not a must have since I'm looking for a place to call home long after that. A clan with decently skilled players to platoon with is a must, as these pubs lately are making me want to rip my hair out. My Tanks Tier X's: 140, 62-A, 907, Batchat, 30B, STB-1, E5, T57, IS-7, 50B, FV(183) ---- Can buy back the T-92 and 268, rage sold both stupidly, just have to grind the credits. (Not playing at an acceptable level in some of my X's, I need to learn to play them better consistently, acquired over half of them back when I was playing on a toaster at 15 or so fps. My first 25k games.) Tier VIII's: IS-3; 50 100; Mod. 1; CDC; 34-3; 13 90; T49; RU (just got RU, still grinding modules) Tier VI's: T37, VK 28.01, Type 64, KV-85 (Haven't played CW at these tiers and no SH for a while now, have no idea what's being used at these tiers now) http://wotlabs.net/na/player/__Prophet__ Have a lot of games in the hellcat, but I don't own it anymore and haven't played it in thousands of battles. My most played tank is by far now the Batchat, and I'm loving the 34-3 since getting ti a few days ago. Any clans interested please msg me here or in-game thanks. Reading beyond this point not necessary. Just keyboard spam. My past in WoT: I was the classic shitter pubbie (and still may be). I played on a toaster laptop for 25k or so of my first games, 15-20 fps was no fun. I played 8k battles into the game before ever visiting the forums, learning about any of the mechanics, or reading any guides. Looking at my WoTLabs profile you'll see that it says VPG-R was my first clan, I'll tell you it's not. I should keep this a secret as it's possibly the most horrible thing ever, but might as well own my mistakes. I joined RE8EL off of some spam recruitment from a pub battle, I don't remember how many games I had back then, but my highest tier was the Hellcat. I spent a few days there until I got pulled into a CW in my Hellcat, (no tier 6 CW back then) and my Hellcat, a tier 8 GW (no X arty back then), and one Tier X, I think an IS-7 went into Province and got shit on by a full team of X's. I dropped tags that night as I wasn't going to learn shit there. I bounced up through the VPG clans as I gained X's, left there eventually, and went to SCDRL which back then was SCUD. Didn't really fit in well with the team that was there at the time, so my next stop was a clan called CRAY, of which the CO had tried to recruit me during a pub in-between my VPG-SCUD move. Left CRAY after a dispute with the CO and me and a few friends tried to start SKIPT, (damn recruiting is HARD!!!) We gave up on that endeavor as even recruiting players who had even 1 X was extremely hard, there were just so many options. Went back to CRAY which was renamed to LVTHN. I took over a DC position and pretty much ran the operation for a few months while the CO went inactive. After I ran it for a few months the reigns were given to another tanker, who ran it for a few months before leading merger into BOLD. As mergers often don't, it didn't work out. I left BOLD and went to their ally RISK, played the 3rd campaign there and was one of 4 players in the clan to get the 907. After that I jumped around for a bit, joined NUGGS to play tourneys, but the tourney team was full, same with SHRUG. APE fell apart right after I joined. Went back to VPG as I had a few friends there, but left again with this last group that left during the clan league. After that I decided I would just pub it up for a bit and only play my skirmishes. That's when I left for about a month to give AW a try, it's ok imo, but it still has a ways to go. During that time the only WoT I played was the skirmishes. Came back to WoT about a month ago but my recents have suffered since returning. I was up to about 2200, last week they were 1850, so I think I'm getting back the feel for the game again. Me irl: 28 year old male from central Florida, married, no kids(3 fully grown pitbulls that sleep in the bed, might as well be kids). I worked as a sous chef prior to 2011, when complications from a surgery sidelined me. Sitting home browsing the net I found WoT, my first MMO in 2013. I'm still hoping to find a fix for my medical issues so I can get back into the kitchen one day, back to doing what I love, but until then I spend my time playing WoT, and playing with my dogs when I feel well enough.
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