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  1. do remember, armour can be negated easily unless you have lots of it, so basically something with speed, mobility, view range and gun and i also prefer turret armour. basically t10 russian meds, stb 1, e50m anything thats quite flexible and good dpm.
  2. nice job, keep going and remember when wot puts you down, put wot down.... for a few hours.
  3. the turret isnt as bad as you guys make it out to be, and the is 3s turret was cheese for skilled players considering the plastic roof it has, is-3 i had 57% and on the is-8 54%, not the greatest but its good enough for me considering even t7s pen my hull.
  4. a simple piece of advice which helped me to improve a lot was doing the exact opposite of this: wouldnt focus on getting wr up straight away, keep doing the damages, and keep getting the kills, the wr will take care of itself, and from looking at the after battle results, it seems you miss/don't penetrate a lot of your shots, just keep in mind what happens when you fire, you give the enemy a chance at charging you or getting a shot at you, or if you're hidden you get spotted, so only fire when you know you can penetrate, (the churchill 3 does have bad accuracy and the reload is enough to not get charged, but you can see where im going), just some generic advice and certainly not as good as the other things here.
  5. is it viable to use a spall liner rammer and vents? been loving this more than my e5, only sad thing is the WR....
  6. Camping the corner in an IS in a lakeville encounter match, doing 0 dmg and calling the team noobs for getting killed by scout....... another thing happened to my friend, arty does fck all, during the match, shot once or twice (hummel) barely does any dmg, and friend had to clear up when it was 6v2, he killed 5 and was going for a radley walters, arty derps him and the enemy. another thing with arty this time to me, in a panther 2, t8s lemming and camp hard, while me and some ppl with brains and in t7/t6s go other side and pwn everything, lemming side crumbles and i rush back and kill t44 and is3 and on 5 kills, suddenly our arty and the remaining lemmings grow a pair and rush to kill the tiger 2 on 100 hp, my own arty shotgunned me cos he wanted the tiger 2 kill so badly and i got rammed from behind by another tard only to still get the top gun.... \o/ me 1 retards 0..
  7. I had several games with my friends today. platooned to grind for the future chieftain, and ended up with a monster game, for them, i felt i let them down by dying so early and considering they had run out of ap/apcr quite early i really feel bad for dying and letting my ammo go to waste. http://replays.quickybaby.com/result.php?id=30680 http://replays.quickybaby.com/result.php?id=30597 thats the replay from my friend and I, i was hoping for some tips on improving, as ppl can clearly see my brit tanks are probably my worst tanks in terms of WR and many other stats. Danke o/
  8. got the gun and tracks, and this thing is ultra awesome, gun just goes through everything, so far one of my fav t9 heavies, armour still crap, hoping upgraded turret is somewhat better.
  9. well HESH is alright on tanks with quick reload, but tanks like the centurion 7 cant use it situationally unless you want to reload for another 10 secs... make it work as it did in real life then everyones happy, apart from the person being shot at obv.
  10. normally, i expect everything to pen me, so when i shoot; i reveal as little of me as possible, so far im being able to do at least 2k before the match ends or i go down....., im going to have to get the tracks first since i mounted a gun laying drive and a rammer.
  11. well its certainly not the worst stock grind, hell this is being one of the easiest t9 stock grind apart from the m103....
  12. i've seen people saying that the eng makes a massive difference, but its only 50 hp difference, is the difference really that noticable? and as the for the turret, is the top plate a weak spot as it was on the is 3?
  13. huh?, if its a compliment thanks o/
  14. Purple? dont think i'll ever hit green
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