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    New Heavy for the current Meta

    What are some of the shining heavies T10 to shoot for currently? Been away from the game for a long time and Mediums seem to be a tough go currently...
  2. Touch_Me_Harder

    WoTlabs still the thing?

    Allo! o/ I am returning to the game after a looooooooong time away, and I wanted to inquire if this forum/site is still the most active for WoT related news, guides, and other information? There have been so many changes since I left and I am looking for the best/most up to date info. Things I'm looking for; Tank Guides and Ratings Mod info and support Mechanics Discussions if anyone can let me know if this or any other resources out there are good for what I'm looking for, I'd greatly appreciate it, thank you!
  3. Touch_Me_Harder

    New Heavy for the current Meta

    Thats what i was looking for! tyvm sir! What is the 7201? O.O Would you recommend the 277 or the 5A? I am at the T8 in both lines!
  4. Touch_Me_Harder

    [FOXEY] is Recruiting Experienced Tankers!

    Allo! Is Foxey looking for anyone still? Need a good home with good tankers, I know they live here >_> <_< **Answered, thank you**
  5. I am a very new player to Tank Destroyers. My skills are above average but yet I cannot seem to learn how to "TD" effectively. I've watched limited high level play with TDs but It has been hard to find a consistent tank destroyer player. If anyone knows of a great tank destroyer player who streams I would appreciate a point in the right direction. The most effective way I've learned in WoT is by watching skilled players do things, mimicking that and learning WHY that was done that way so that I can apply it in the future. Also any good guides that are known would also be great assets for my "TD Training" ^_^. Thank you in advance.
  6. Touch_Me_Harder

    [NA] FOXEY is looking for new playmates!

    Will do, thank you ^_^. didnt want to just jump back into TS and ask for my ex to take me back out of nowhere...makes me seem needy ;-P
  7. Touch_Me_Harder

    [NA] FOXEY is looking for new playmates!

    Hello, Ex-FOXEY member looking to come back home. Removed from the clan due to inactivity during RL stuff. Issues resolved and looking to come on back home ^_^.
  8. Touch_Me_Harder

    Top 10 WN8 vehicles

    If i could figure out that damned website i would post...glad to see WN8 being used though, grats all that worked on it!
  9. M--M sounds like a great place for you two. really good bunch of guys there.
  10. Touch_Me_Harder

    Barks_Internally [37 Replays Added 1/6/14]

    what style of play do you lean toward (if any) in the Leo1? Its been my favorite tank since ive gotten it and ive tried playing it many different ways, and im curious to see how the purps run this tank. p.s. - that read on "Flow" was some of the best stuff ive read on the interwebz in a long time, much appreciated!
  11. I hope that when I click "User-Details" on someone's name that a sad panda picture displays
  12. Touch_Me_Harder

    Y U Do Dis Jac?

    Do what you gotta do jag. I'm another thankful tanker of your works, so...thank you! The support on this thread alone should be enough reason to pop back in every now and then and chime in on a topic! Take care!
  13. Touch_Me_Harder

    How concerned should I be?

    Meh, my past seven days have been horrific! (im talking 1000Wn7 / 21%W/R today). So dont feel too bad. That tank gets better once you have the engine, but not TOO MUCH better unfortunately. I played mine almost completely solo and from hard stock, and ended up with very good stats (for me), and this was before i knew that i was bad@tonks! Play it like its a light tank with a great gun. hide and stay in the back a lot when youre not spotting and you'll do fine. I loved every second of that tank once i got all the mods for it.
  14. Touch_Me_Harder


    Any testers here confirm that these Chinese tanks get preferential MM? It was said in a WG 8.8 video that they will not see T10s. I decided on the IS-6 because of the MM, but now I might go back to the Chinese prems! Thanks in advance.
  15. Touch_Me_Harder

    112 Tier VIII Premium Gameplay - Thoughts?

    Any testers here confirm that these Chinese tanks get preferential MM? It was said in a WG 8.8 video that they will not see T10s. I decided on the IS-6 because of the MM, but now I might go back to the Chinese prems! Thanks in advance.
  16. Touch_Me_Harder

    [NA] M--M Recruiting Decree

    LOL THIS! ALL OF THIS! hahahaha! *signing up to learn from blues/purps and maybe teach some yellows*
  17. Touch_Me_Harder

    Premium Tank Questions

    The S-Lowe is hard to play because it cant reposition at all....ever. If you play a flank out of VR (450m+), then if things go bad at another flank you MAY be able to get there in time. other then the speed and the LOLIMASPONGE-NOTATANK armor, the thing is a damage machine. Pens literally EVERYTHING at pin-point accuracy and has decent damage.
  18. Touch_Me_Harder

    E50m Armor buff (tested)

    But now my buddy will have to take off his spall liner and retrain "controlled impact" it was for the lulz!
  19. Touch_Me_Harder


    That is the main reason i use the old Comet gun, it has WAY more ammo
  20. Touch_Me_Harder


    What gun is everyone using? I seem to be attacked to the comet's old gun still...
  21. Touch_Me_Harder


    I fixed that for you =)
  22. Touch_Me_Harder

    Grinding the ARL 44?

    When i was grinding the tanks, i went ahead and grabbed each gun and tried them all. I ended up using the DCA 45 for both tanks and I was not displeased with the performance! had great stats (for me) over the life of both vehicles. (my top game account wide was in the ARL 44 using the DCA 45 at 2635xp!)
  23. Touch_Me_Harder

    A few questions, if I may.

    While i am not purple, i am climbing the same "ladder" as you are. For me i have noticed the most consistant stat growth from playng a specific tank type OR tank line for a long period of time. As you get more games in, you get a much better feel of the tank's limitations and strengths and can apply them more often in your matches.
  24. Touch_Me_Harder

    15th Anniversary Light tank comp

    I would love to use my beloved T71 for this, but i think the competition will be to purple for me. My WZ-132 skills seem to be prety subpar looks like VK2801 and Crusader for me! I MUST HAZ TYPE59!!!! >_<