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  1. I thought auto aim was a troll for noobs. I only ever use it in my t49 when I'm scouting a t7 game and giving arty a drive by
  2. Just FYI they literally screen every post of mine before they allow it to show, so rest assured this isn't a troll. also heaven forbid you consider I am somewhat serious... I have tier 10s under 5k battles and my winrate isn't 45% like other fail your way to the toppers. I do not have team speak installed as I don't have a headset (mic built in to my compy, so you get to hear everything from my side)
  3. I have from tier 1-10 (a t110e5 and WT e-100) only tier I don't currently have is an 8. I am on between 7pm and 1-2am. My stats aren't good or bad...
  4. And all the United States can give us is MTV (1&2)... Japanese game show type things rule so hard
  5. They banned me from that section even though I posted nothing LESS useful than what is in there. My buddy and I spent hours making those propaganda images... I figured people wouldn't take it so serious and would get a kick out of it... They were pretty funny. I guess effort goes unnoticed sometimes, and they were for purpose of enjoyment not anger
  6. I'm pretty sure the personal rating system is useless from WG. wn7-8 take much more into factor and in general are a better look at how good a player is.
  7. Maybe not but time will only tell you I guess. If I wanted to troll wouldn't I just make an alt and hit up the wot forums? Posting here is right now the equivalent of trolling myself.
  8. I just wanted to say hello and to expect a different quality of posting here from me. Only time will prove that. Just because I don't have purple stats doesn't mean I can't play.
  9. I'm being very sincere. I have tier 10s and ok knowledge of the game, swear to god I am looking for better people to play with than relatives and scrubs.
  10. No I'm really not here to troll. otherwise I would not have broken persona. I just want to play the game with better people.
  11. ATTENTION: I would like to say hello on behalf of the 2spky klan. we are trying to provide help to any newbies in this game. Unlike on the lame wot forums (worst place NA) here we feel people will actually understand that gold spamming isnt the reason you lost, its because you are a baddie. People will probably assume am spam because of account name, however, not total idiot and do understand game mechanics. the following is proof: -kv1s not op, you have 15 seconds -hellcat not op, no armor -waffle not op, shoot turret -sidescraping trolls all noobs -t95/110e3 is not imp
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