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  1. Streaming the French BB grind - and no I am not sailing the entire game in reverse. 



  2. Streaming the WOWS grind - its not as bad as WoT. 


    1. SaintLaurentius


      Little disappointed tbh, I was expecting the furious mouse wheel scroll from the past:gachi:

    2. MaxL_1023


      I now press F to pay respects.

  3. Streamed CW last night - tl;dr it does not go well when your caller leaves. Not to mention Des Moines players which go afk when the strat is layed out!

  4. It is a bug - they are fixing it in 7.1.1 as far as I know. It is a gun elevation issue or something weird like that.
  5. I am streaming again - done for tonight but there are a few archived videos if anyone wants to see how much of a shitter@ships I am. Note this is WOWS, not WOT - if I played tanks again I would probably be driven insane due to derp guns. 

    1. nabucodonsor


      Trust me compared to the other shit WG  has been pulling out derp guns are fine. Atm I prefer facing 3 Type 5s than 3 268v4. The  257 while not OP requires more effort to pen SIDEWAYS than frontally and when you see people bouncing off it like morons, even if they have a pen indicator, you brain really starts to hurt.

      And finally you have average retard Vladimir telling us that if they buffed the Leo's handling it would be OP but not a tank with almost gold proof armour with better mobility than a russian medium. And let us ignore of how fucking stupid the 430U and 705A lines are.

    2. Darvek


      The 430U and 705 can be defeated. They're tuned a little high, but they're just another tank that you can defeat in the normal way. The 268 4, that's just a monstrosity. You simply can't pen it in the front, unless you're a gold-spamming JPE. If it moved like an E3 or a badger you might accept the god tier frontal armor. But it moves faster than a 140. It rams better than an E50M. And it has an acceptable T10 TD gun. Not the best gun in tier, but the platform is simply absurd.

    3. Fulvin


      when I received the twitch notification I was expecting tanks. then I got sad

  6. At range the Pensacola has enough of a drop angle to likely penetrate your upper belt and then the Citadel deck - its 203mm AP has impressively high pen despite the high arc and low velocity. Against AP your best bet is a ricochet, and you were not angled heavily enough for those shots to exceed the critical angle with American AP - it can bite at a little steeper of an angle than most. I can't think of a Tier 8 Cruiser which has enough armor to stop that 203mm AP without reaching autobounce angle. It is also possible that the Pensacola got an underwater citadel pen, if your ship has thin armor under the main belt it can penetrate below the waterline. Basically, your best bet is pure bow tanking if you can't joke volleys - angle more than ~20-25 degrees (you seemed to be giving him a little more than 30 considering your hull shape and the impact location) and you will take AP penetrations.
  7. The NC has slower shells - you need to re-adjust your leads to get good hits. Also, the immunity zone is a little closer in than usual, so you often need to aim a little higher at mid range to prevent bounces off the belt armor (as the shells drop more than you expect). Right now Tier 8 MM is a little bit FUBAR based on how often you get 10s.
  8. The only issue with Divisioning with RUST is the requirement that you bring at least one unrestored Civil War Era Ironclad - they are surprisingly useful as enemy captains keep mistaking them for already-destroyed vessels.
  9. There were 2 solutions to unicum platoons - skill segregated MM or 3-5-7. It's obvious which one was easier, and why something needed to be done. I would probably still be playing if skill MM was introduced - WR and WN8 ( and padding) would be out the window. Instead, there would have been one overarching win-related metric which determined who you played with (and against). Stat-pad pressure would be mostly gone and true competitive play would ensue. 

    Sadly, it didn't happen. 

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. mati_14


      Before less campy? have you forgotten when the TDs could autopen you from 400mts for +900 dmg? and when you could find even 5 arties per side? Meta was way more campier before, but what you gonna do agaisnt other purples? you know the most effective way to win it's trading HP without losing it, sniping it's so far the most effective way. Go 1v1 against another purple in close quarter combat,  and even if you win i can assure you will take at least 2 or 3 hit from him, and then comes another one who takes you out, and somebody takes him out too. What would you do instead? Not taking hits, right?, Now when you have +10 players with the same mentality what would you expect? Coordinated actions are not common in pubs even unless you are platooning, which clearly pads WR but this proves nothing if you are playing with some other players at your same lvl not truly showing how good by yourself you are.


    3. Assassin7


      To be fair, chaisniping every game isnt always the answer. Learning to be agressive and effectively trade in brawls is a massive part of being good, or you just end up like those TOTEM players that do nothing except red line snipe and do nothing to help win and just farm damage. 

      But yeah, the game is way less campy as a whole than it was 3 years ago. WG dealt with that by removing most of the bush cover on all the maps and making them all corridors. And paris. 

    4. mati_14


      I think it's clear that i'm not talking about the actual random battles, where pubbies bounce half of the rounds they hit or you have two yellow Mauses facing each other while not penning a single shot. I'm comparing ranked meta vs a skill mm pubs meta, where both would be flooded with purples punishing every try of aggression during the early game or any mistake during the battle. It might be the case that some shitters even start to play more arty because of the skill mm, just like in ranked battles.


  10. Holy crap guys: 1. By default, a forced 3-5-7 system will make top-tier platoons less likely. In a 3-man platoon (tier 8 for example) the following is true: There is one combination which gives you top tier (3 of you, 5, 7) There are 5 choose 3 (10) combinations of positioning where you end up as middle tier There are 7 choose 3 (35) combinations where you end up as bottom tier! By grouping 3 tanks of the same tier, you are either forcing the creation of a match which is basically just for you, or getting shoved into a match where you are not top tier. I am not sure how rigid 3-5-7 is (being retired at all) but a fundamental mathematical property of fixed matchmaking is to reduce the ability to form top-tier groupings. 3-man unicum platoons were probably bad for the game as a whole anyways - people playing against you get stomped most of the time, and the people on your team barely get a chance to do anything. Forcing these guys down the list gives average players a chance more often, while not affecting solo players at all. It is specifically a nerf against super-platoons, which I admit we used to run regularly often using a broken FOTM mechanic (3x M4 derp anyone?) which reduced the overall quality of gameplay. 2. Confirmation Bias up the Wazoo. You notice when you leave a tank at 1hp or bounce due to a low pen roll, but unless you are bad enough to shoot at something you shouldn't be penetrating anyways the favorable effects of RNG will not even be noticed. Unicums will almost never hit a piece of armor they have a less than 50% chance of penetrating - they will aim somewhere else. HIgh rolls are overkill and not noticed - low rolls are. The mere fact that better players are actually aiming makes any RNG a hindrance since it can only make you miss where you wanted to aim - positive RNG only works for badly aimed shots by definition. 3. WG does not have to manipulate anything on the back end to cause these effects. They are fundamental properties of the known game engine which need no additional explanation. If there was beneficial RNG changes for bad (or good) players, they would not be that hard to identify in any sort of controlled testing. Since they have not been proven after years and millions of games, the most likely result is the null hypothesis, or "working as intended." Basically, this is WOTLABS, not INFOWOT. Conspiracy theories need to go back to reddit where they belong.
  11. Flamu had a good video on IFHE - it turns out you want a gun caliber between ~150 and 195mm to make it worthwhile. Anything under 150mm won't penetrate 32mm with IFHE, and anything over 195mm will pen 32mm decks anyways but never get to 50mm, which is the next common armor group. If you are low to mid tier, you want to be able to pen 25mm, so guns under 155mm will need it unless you are below 120mm, where you are basically shit out of luck. Some cruisers have even thinner armor that that - check what you usually run into. I think the armor groups are less homogeneous below tier 5 or 6, so you can run into anything. I would probably pick something else unless I need it to pen BB decks and Cruiser plating, as you want to damage both during torpedo cooldowns or when smoke-spamming. I have only made it to the Clemson (which has 102mm) - IFHE is useless on that except for the few 19mm plates floating around, but since you are more worried about other DDs when gunboating you are better off with other skills. I think most US DDs are at or under 120mm the whole way up, so IFHE is not likely to help much. Get concealment expert then either AA, Torp or Gunnery skills depending on your chosen build.
  12. Ignore XVM - you will tend to (and obviously have been) giving away more of your personal tactical advantage than gaining. Trying to focus down a skilled player will rarely work - they will expect it, will not give you anything decent to shoot at or will just head somewhere else if you do manage to tilt the area in your favor. The tactics which beat skilled players will beat everybody - map control, vision control, early-game area denial and effective force concentration are very difficult to counter. In some cases, you will be at a vehicle, team, map or skill disadvantage which will lead you to lose by failing to accomplish these objectives. However, if you give these up willingly to try and play "whak'a'purple" you are going to be in for even worse of a steamroll. I always assumed that I had a skill edge over anyone on the enemy team, and tried my best to dictate the battle in the way my vehicle and the map/team composition suggested was optimal. Sometimes it wouldn't work - somebody besides you has to be doing something with their tank. There were a few map/tank/team combinations (especially in a 3 man platoon) where you could basically do it all yourself, but most of those have either been patched out by well-deserved nerfs (M4 derp anyone?) or are rare enough to not affect statistics. TL:DR, uninstall XVM, play better as a result - It worked for me. Note I am retired from tanking (playing WOWS), so if I am dating myself then laugh at the old man yelling at a cloud.
  13. I think the current WTR is using raw win rate in a ship, so by default divisioning can pad it while all other stats seem equal. However, besides this everything is per-ship so role changes won't be a big issue. Things like tanking damage, capture/defense and spotting damage should really be included as well, but they are not at the moment. The WTR system can be improved, but it is the best I have found out there as a currently existing stat metric.
  14. Have you tried to correlate your win rate fluctuations (and potentially DPG and XPG using a finer scale) to a weekly or diurnal cycle? Theoretically, both of these factors will influence the playerbase and therefore the relationship between individual statistics and win rate. The playerbase may not necessarily be worse at any point, but it would not take a huge shift in metagame or population to have the slight effects you are observing. I would personally do a frequency domain decomposition of your moving-average (say 1000 game) win rate, checking if any statistically significant periodicity does exist. It is quite possible that random chance is sufficient to explain everything. You could also just get fatigued and play worse (or more farmer-like) then usual once a week or so, I distinctly remember having days when I played like a shitlord and other days where I would make Kewei complain that I was stealing his damage. Stick with it and it will even out over time - you are well above average already, with nothing to be ashamed of.
  15. You can pad any metric in existence - through long experience I know that your own personal evaluation of your play is more important than any number you can come up with. Are you happy with your skill progression within WoWS, WoT or anything else? Answer that based on your own experience and it's "smooth sailing/steaming ( and maybe even streaming if that's your thing!)
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