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  1. There were 2 solutions to unicum platoons - skill segregated MM or 3-5-7. It's obvious which one was easier, and why something needed to be done. I would probably still be playing if skill MM was introduced - WR and WN8 ( and padding) would be out the window. Instead, there would have been one overarching win-related metric which determined who you played with (and against). Stat-pad pressure would be mostly gone and true competitive play would ensue. 

    Sadly, it didn't happen. 

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    2. mati_14


      Before less campy? have you forgotten when the TDs could autopen you from 400mts for +900 dmg? and when you could find even 5 arties per side? Meta was way more campier before, but what you gonna do agaisnt other purples? you know the most effective way to win it's trading HP without losing it, sniping it's so far the most effective way. Go 1v1 against another purple in close quarter combat,  and even if you win i can assure you will take at least 2 or 3 hit from him, and then comes another one who takes you out, and somebody takes him out too. What would you do instead? Not taking hits, right?, Now when you have +10 players with the same mentality what would you expect? Coordinated actions are not common in pubs even unless you are platooning, which clearly pads WR but this proves nothing if you are playing with some other players at your same lvl not truly showing how good by yourself you are.


    3. Assassin7


      To be fair, chaisniping every game isnt always the answer. Learning to be agressive and effectively trade in brawls is a massive part of being good, or you just end up like those TOTEM players that do nothing except red line snipe and do nothing to help win and just farm damage. 

      But yeah, the game is way less campy as a whole than it was 3 years ago. WG dealt with that by removing most of the bush cover on all the maps and making them all corridors. And paris. 

    4. mati_14


      I think it's clear that i'm not talking about the actual random battles, where pubbies bounce half of the rounds they hit or you have two yellow Mauses facing each other while not penning a single shot. I'm comparing ranked meta vs a skill mm pubs meta, where both would be flooded with purples punishing every try of aggression during the early game or any mistake during the battle. It might be the case that some shitters even start to play more arty because of the skill mm, just like in ranked battles.


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