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  1. I am streaming again - done for tonight but there are a few archived videos if anyone wants to see how much of a shitter@ships I am. Note this is WOWS, not WOT - if I played tanks again I would probably be driven insane due to derp guns. 

    1. nabucodonsor


      Trust me compared to the other shit WG  has been pulling out derp guns are fine. Atm I prefer facing 3 Type 5s than 3 268v4. The  257 while not OP requires more effort to pen SIDEWAYS than frontally and when you see people bouncing off it like morons, even if they have a pen indicator, you brain really starts to hurt.

      And finally you have average retard Vladimir telling us that if they buffed the Leo's handling it would be OP but not a tank with almost gold proof armour with better mobility than a russian medium. And let us ignore of how fucking stupid the 430U and 705A lines are.

    2. Darvek


      The 430U and 705 can be defeated. They're tuned a little high, but they're just another tank that you can defeat in the normal way. The 268 4, that's just a monstrosity. You simply can't pen it in the front, unless you're a gold-spamming JPE. If it moved like an E3 or a badger you might accept the god tier frontal armor. But it moves faster than a 140. It rams better than an E50M. And it has an acceptable T10 TD gun. Not the best gun in tier, but the platform is simply absurd.

    3. Fulvin


      when I received the twitch notification I was expecting tanks. then I got sad

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