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  1. How do you change your member title anyways?

    1. Medjed


      why would you change yours anyway...it's perfect :D

    2. OneTrueLeader


      throw money at the screen

    3. MaxL_1023


      I am a patron supposedly. I can see the special forum section.

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  2. Garbad posted everything in APP because he didn't respect it. I wouldn't go as far as he did, but sometimes the only way to call attention to shit is to make the pile into a small mountain range.
  3. The problem is that the very existence of those threads leads to a double standard within APP. People see those fan clubs around and feel that it is appropriate to post beneath the level of quality expected for the rest of the forum. If I had my way, only PPs would be able to reply to threads within APP. I don't think the comments of other members are worth the moderation effort within this specific section. Either their question is addressed without their comment or they can ask their own. The regular question sections are underused as it is - APP is the default when it should be only for
  4. I have said it many times - I won't respect Moderation of stuff like that until all the other crap on this forum is cleaned up. APP can either be a shitshow, or a center of learning. Right now it is a shitshow so stuff like these abuses might as well be allowed unless everything else in here is fixed. Why is the forum called "Ask a Purple Poaster" and centered around gameplay when 90% of the posts are random crap in fanclubs and are made by people with no business posting in the section unless it is to ask a question? We can have one or the other, not both. Either split that stu
  5. Please tell me there is some sort of age gate on the Patron Section

  6. I will probably address this in my Flank Selection Guide (I posted that I would do the topic before this article, so I am not changing my series over a possibly slight overlap). In short, you can go to where you can best help your team. You can't assume where the enemy team will go or what they will do - you need to go somewhere where you can flatten whatever shows up or hold your own against bad odds, not try and pick a spot based on where you expect their best players to go. Pushing ice road from north spawn in 111s is quite simply stupid. You got incredibly lucky that they did not
  7. Anybody interested in a team for the Weekday warfare tournament?

    1. Flaksmith


      I got a bulldog, and I can buy back my t32

    2. Flaksmith


      Actually nvm, I misread it as weekend warfare. Oh well...

    3. MaxL_1023


      Team Name is Rage_Again

      Password WNMAXL

      If you want a spot and have the right tanks I can take you

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  8. Most fires are from fuel tanks and engines often have very high module HP - even damaging the ammo rack halves DPM and it also is usually closer to center of mass making it an easier shot.
  9. It can roll over 210, so yes you can penetrate it but not reliably. The IS-3 front is ~190-200mm effective against APCR dead on due to the normalization loss, ~180-190mm against AP.
  10. Finally got the Wz-111 Premium.

    1. Ollie Tabooger
    2. MaxL_1023


      Does the fact I took a week off tanks over Christmas make it better or worse?

    3. TheMarine0341


      best tier 8 pref

  11. I now have Cancer, Ebola and Aids

    1. Tuco22


      just wear a condom it will be k

    2. Shade421


      bat 155, 261, and a cgc?

    3. Shifty_101st


      was gonna say T92, 261, and CGC

  12. Looks at Patron Plaza...

  13. Just in case anyone is wondering, I am writing the strategy series guides based on when the previous one is published. This gives me time to get feedback and generally keeps the editors from having a shit-ton of work. It looks like I am doing Flank Selection for the Green Level and Adaptive Armor Facing (Purple) next, in whatever order I finish them.

    1. Xen


      so "adaptive armor facing" is pretty much angling your shit right. that's fucking yellow stuff, not purple, lols

    2. Gling24


      Timing reloads of multiple enemy tanks and facing the most dangerous ones once they're reloaded?

    3. prolix


      Yellows don't know when and when not to angle pike nosed tanks, Xensation.

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  14. Leave him to do that in his own forum section where people expect it and are only there for his EVE stories and random guides? Sounds fine to me. Or, we could just completely remove the ability for anyone to edit someone else's post and only let moderators delete them. Editing someone else's post seems a bit sketchy to me, even when a Moderator has the ability. Just nuke it and keep sanctions to PMs.
  15. I can relate to why Garbad might have been posting the way he has - I have been tempted (and probably did) cross the same line at some point. The issue is with perceived respect. Every time someone disagrees with us, posts something disparaging our work or even tries to offer criticism we take it as a personal affront. I have no idea where this comes from (it is a brain area WAY deeper than conscious thought for me anyways) but when we see someone we consider unqualified have an opinion we feel that they have no right to have it posted with roughly the same weight as ours. It is almost ce
  16. How do you not rage when you lose a winnable game? For some reason every time I see a mistake I assume they did it on purpose. I know it is not rational, but there is that critical gap between your thoughts and your emotions.

    1. Drunken_Walrus


      I know you're referring to me, I'm sorry. I've come to the point where instead of rage, I look for when I fucked up, figure out what to next time, and put it behind me. Like driving behind arty instead of in front of them.

    2. MaxL_1023


      Actually it wasn't you, and most of the mistakes I make are on purpose. I make a decision and stick with it using a predefined thought process. Sometimes the team doesn't cooperate or RNG messes things up. Stuff like that isn't what makes me mad, it is driving into the middle of El Halluf in a T110E5.

    3. ViktorKitov


      The beauty of not giving a fuck.

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  17. I think Garbad and all PPs should have complete Carte Blanche in this subforum. Since we can't agree on how to run it there is no point in trying - it is not like enough people actually come to APP to learn anyways.
  18. I need someone to help me grind out the Japanese Mission by carrying my shitter STB

    1. Inciatus


      I would help but it seems I also cannot into stb

  19. I can't get a single person to accept my platoon invites out of 40 people

    1. Ollie Tabooger

      Ollie Tabooger

      still a winrate percentage too low :<

    2. Servios


      I blame WGLNA.

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  20. Man those Euros have no idea how statistics work. If both samples are somewhere near Gaussian/Gamma distributed (really anything characterized by random values with a mean and variance term) then a larger sample is more likely to have extreme values regardless of what the actual mean and variance are. A 60k sample is 3x as likely to have someone 10 standard deviations above the mean than a 20k sample. Extend this to random points on a distribution and you will consistently get the top 100 of the larger sample higher, AND the bottom 100 LOWER. The median 100 would tend to be equal (bot
  21. Also apparently the best individual game is a metric for skill. Must pad more Churchill III!
  22. Why is it that everyone tries to compare across servers anyway? Every player I talk to say that things are different on NA, EU, RU and SEA to enough of a degree to make these comparisons invalid. Even something as stupid as more average HP/Team or people playing softer tanks can inflate stats. It is a lot easier to farm stats when everyone is in a soft tank and is too stupid to shoot back or there are 15 2000 HP tanks per side.
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