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  1. That region changer mod would be the only one I would use (assuming it is legit). When I finish grinding every tank in the game I might try to reroll on EU.

    1. Medjed


      I'm using this one personally to play on NA, it's on russian though

    2. PityFool


      Max, I don't recommend the region changer one, try medjeds suggestion.

    3. Medjed


      Max if you want i'll upload you the only files you need to put into your game folder to play on other servers....note however that you don't put those files in your res_mods folder but actually in res and every time WG updates their game or implement some microfix you will need to update this mod too or else your game won't work...this is literally only two files you need DfxmX6i.png mod itself is really easy to use

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  2. I am currently in the midst of writing the Strategy Series. However, I can branch out in a few directions at the moment and want to know what you (the likely readers) are most interested in. I will therefore make a poll with the guide topic choices and update it as guides are released. If I can't clear the votes I will just remake the topic. Thanks, MaxL_1023
  3. Finally finished Strategy Series #4! Now I have to decide between finally writing a huge sidescraping guide or continuing the green level with Ammunition Choice.

  4. As soon as your HP drops below 250 the Type 59 forgets how to aim, the IS-3 misses and the T71 runs away until you kill everyone else. I wish I had that kind of luck, instead I get stuck with the T28 Prototype trying to climb the hill and the suicide Indien Panzer.
  5. That data makes sense - heavies camp, mediums chase and TDs barely move to begin with so they are static.
  6. I would want to be kissed in such a way that it doesn't cause head trauma. Actually, even if it does I would probably still take it.
  7. I want you to write the dark red level guides in my strategy series. I tried to once, got in character and ended up eating the mouse.
  8. Why is it that every guide I write for my strategy series is longer than the last? I am in the middle of a module targeting guide, am running way over my expected length and had to move the content up half a difficulty level. Jackquerudo will not be pleased.

    1. Deusmortis


      Max farms word count in garbage time, after the point has already been made.

      Dirty padder.

    2. Medjed


      ^^like they say, you write like you play ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    3. Quantumkiwi


      Go back though what you wrote, cut all the shit and get to the point. Nobody got time for yo Jibber-jabber. -Source: Fucking college apps

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  9. They exist in perfect quantum superposition. Also, whoever is supposed to be proofreading these never did give me any corrections. Sorry about missing that one. Generally your team's ability to deal with the tank would enter into the danger calculation. In most cases you kill the exposed TD since it deals more damage and you are more likely to pen - you can't assume your team will get it unless you really have something better to be doing. It is not an easy judgement call however - this is a contingency which fits in the blue/purple analysis level. No matter what I write as basic ru
  10. You'll be around 2500-3000 WN8 and ~60-65% wins - your playstyle doesn't farm WN8 well and without SPREM you will lose some cleanup/long range damage you would get otherwise.
  11. His idea is for artillery to automatically damage everything remotely near your target without requiring aiming. Typical green.
  12. For all pike nose tanks the facing plate loses effective armor when angled. This applies to the IS-7. You will still bounce most ~240 pen guns unless it is from a tall tank at close range, but higher pen AP and HEAT will cut through while it would normally fail head on. The driver's hatch is autobounce, but HEAT can pen it if you hit it from above.
  13. New Video Card - no more minimum settings!

    1. MaxL_1023


      It is literally a different game. Guns make smoke now lol

    2. Flaksmith


      I disable the smoke and light effects, it makes it easier to aim at tanks when you can see their armor, rather than the smoke of dead tanks in front of you.

    3. Medjed


      now you can aim shitty in HD!!!11 :P

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  14. Take some of the bad tank reviews and write replacements. Most of them are out of date anyways considering they are several patches old.
  15. Be careful when sidescraping it - your shoulders can get quite weak if you angle too much. Try and have some of your track (but not your LFP) on the outside of the corner so you can shoot at an angle closest to flat on.
  16. I have seen shitter TDs camping every spot imaginable, and some I did not know existed - due to the utter stupidity of the spot to begin with I never thought to go there.
  17. You can't sidescrape until you know how angling works - the underlying principle is the ricochet mechanic plus exposure area. If I try to teach this at the same time as "Front First" I would probably end up with a 10,000 word superguide which is best read in sections. You learned sidescraping early, but your stats indicate that you are weak in other areas. I want to provide a well rounded approach so you understand why you are learning a topic as opposed to simply memorizing the guides.
  18. The driver's hatch on the IS-4 is easiest to pen relative to the UFP when the IS-4 is angled - I mentioned that. Also, for the medium tanks you usually don't aim for weakspots anyway due to their movement, and rarely have trouble penetrating the hull.
  19. You can't calculate the risk when the nature of the risk stems from lack of data. It comes down to what you do know - what is spotted, what isn't, how the map is laid out, where tanks usually go and how the battle has developed up to this point. None of these guides stand alone - they can't in principle. The various skills all interconnect within your own cognitive framework to help you be a better player. The idea s for the guides to detail pieces, and for you to put them together through experience. I can only go so far with explaining gameplay - at some point you need to actually play a
  20. I make green level guides, blues start asking why I didn't include X and purples ask why I didn't include cosh(e^x-y + z^-1)/erf(q).

    1. tefftorbes


      Having read a couple of them I found them ideal entry level guides for the target audience. I say keep it up!

    2. Flaksmith


      You forgot about the reds asking what the frig you're talking about.

    3. Shade421


      Honestly, Max, IDK why you didn't include all the roof overmatch spots on heavies and ammo rack locations for US tanks. Basic stuff every new player derping around in tier 5 needs to know.

  21. Overmatch is a blue level guide. I don't want newer/greener players trying to learn overmatch shots before they know about weakspots, armor facing and penetration in general. Sidescraping and Overmatch are both tactics for 54-57% players to be using, with 53-55% beginning to learn. This stuff is aimed at the 49-52% for learning and 51-54% to be implementing as their core gameplay. Obviously there will be overlap, players learning things out of order and random variation in skillsets, but once I have 15 or 20 of these out most of the low hanging fruit should be covered. Based on the r
  22. Correcting it to change sign TO - if safe you make the number positive, if not safe you make it negative. Basically, it will ALWAYS be better to shoot when it is safe regardless of anything else.
  23. Just a note, for some reason this guide shows up farther down than my original article on Armor Facing. It probably has something to do with the edit data being messed up. You need to dig a bit farther down if you are having trouble finding it.
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