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  1. Hey, sometimes a maus was brought to block a bridge or something!
  2. They should be (lol). I have found a few to be too small, in the sense that you can shoot spawn to spawn with most Battleships and be lit within 30 seconds.
  3. I was thinking about if WG added shallow areas to maps which were impassable to anything except DDs - could it make them more useful if they could maneuver, attack and spot from angles and locations which cruisers are excluded from?
  4. If they somehow extract solo from platooned win rate they could use it, otherwise it is a mess (as usual). Blocked damage was important back in my day - every shot you deflect could have been taken at a teammate with less armor or HP. Also, when enemy tanks can't penetrate you they will often either ignore you (allowing you to take a better position if one is available) or expose themselves trying to find a better shot. You can only do so much from the second line. Some of the most success I can remember from the old days was playing a brick (E-100, 4502B, NOT a Maus as its too slow
  5. I thought barbettes were usually thicker than the belt, but I'll give it a try.
  6. Thanks - I will try and fight closer to that range when possible. I guess when I am closer in I ricochet off the deck and just don't have the penetration to get through the belt of higher-tier BBs.
  7. I just made it to the Fuso yesterday - need to figure out how to get close enough to citadel stuff but in spots where I don't get ganked. Have had Destroyers literally suicide to kill me.
  8. Just ran into an entire platoon of teamkillers at tier 6 - shouldn't have shot back but I was literally taken from 100-0 by them.
  9. If I was willing to shell out a metric shit-ton of money before I've gotten far enough into the game to know if I am going to be tanks-level addicted (or good enough at it to play CW, at least ONE of the two). Buying 30 days of premium after trying (and liking) the game for a week is a big enough investment for now - I have gotten more conservative (lol) in my old age.
  10. Being Purple makes the game worse in every way - get out while you can! Seriously though, It was one of the things which drove me away, along with artillery focus, stat denier disrespect and performance pressure. XVM just makes all of those things worse - I didn't even use it myself.
  11. I need to grind up to tier 10 ASAP so I can experience this Naval Tomfoolery.
  12. I am still getting used to not being able to wiggle, sidescrape and hull down. Something tells me that "hull down" in a Battleship is NOT an ideal state of being.
  13. So the game is worse than when I quit. Good to know - hopefully WOWS ends up avoiding that terrible fate.
  14. God dang American BBs have heavy armor at tier 7 - my Kongo was bouncing at 8km dead on broadside.
  15. First I need to figure out all the maps - still going up tiers so I am getting new ones every time I make it to the next ship up.
  16. I did learn something interesting from Flamu's videos, which was that low tier cruiser AP can actually penetrate something. I need to get purple@WOWS ASAP so I can keep my credibility up.
  17. I like the Omaha and St. Louis, although the St. Louis was a little slow to play the kind of HE Gunboating I usually end up doing against Battleships in the Omaha. The one thing with low-tier ships is the engagement ranges are forced to be so small that you can't get away with things you can do when you are raining fire down on a BB at 12km.
  18. Nice - just need to keep grinding then. I also need to invest in firefighting skills - they seem to be tinderboxes due to the HE mechanics.
  19. HE Focused BBs? Based on low-tier play that seems to be all of them
  20. Is that a good thing or bad thing? I haven't been on tanks in more than a year so I don't know how badly WG has messed thing up lately.
  21. Thanks - I'll take a look and see how hilariously wrong my initial assumptions are.
  22. A slight necro, but as a new WOWS player myself I am interested in this, with the dual-band dispersion making sense based on gameplay mechanics. I noticed more that long-range accuracy was better than I thought it would be on my Kongo. Some of the dispersion at short range might be due to the different gun positions becoming significant, leading to different approach angles and a larger visible dispersion while in reality each individual gun is operating correctly. It does get annoying when you miss at close range, but it is probably necessary for gameplay. I'll come back to this w
  23. Now starting to play World of Warships - wondering why the iconic HMS Dreadnought isn't in the game. Come on WG, you have the Nassau, at least put it in as a premium or something!

    1. HowitzerBlitzer


      Been debated many times already... It's not fit for the regular line given its history, and armament. 

      It'll come out a premium when they feel it'll sell best.

    2. How_Terrible


      1 hour ago, HowitzerBlitzer said:

      Been debated many times already... It's not fit for the regular line given its history, and armament. 

      It'll come out a premium when they feel it'll sell best.


      Dreadnought is one of the most historically significant ships of all time. There is no way that WG wouldn't turn it into a cash grab. Given that it will be a tier 3 I can live with this since low tier prems are pretty cheap.

    3. Mnemon


      Don't worry, it'll be a premium. Probably 20 dollar tier 3 (lol?) or something to capitalize on the ship's significance. You know they would milk that name.

  24. Hey guys, I have recently discovered WOWS and have been trying to drive a dreadnought in the say way I drove a tank - It didn't work too well. Any tips for starting out moving up the lines? I have made it to tier 5 in USA and Japanese BBs and USA Cruisers - I want to play the bigger stuff first before trying to figure out Aircraft Carriers and DDs. Also, holy RNG shell dispersion batman. Thanks, MaxL_1023
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