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  1. I played TDs like that myself. I used a ferdinand like a battering ram and even managed some assault roomba play lately. It's fun when it works.
  2. On most maps TDs aren't a problem. They are quite easily countered - you know where they need to set up to be effective, so you position yourself to deny them that area. A TD can't easily flex or adapt positioning or playstyle to counter any particular strategy. The issue is that players are afraid to move up, even when it is too early in the game for the TDs to have set up. Most of the "overwhelming firepower" TDs are very easily knocked out when lit. The armored TDs are slow enough to be inflexible and have so little side armor that a 20 degree flank can pen them easily. TDs encourag
  3. I would recommend playing more heavy and medium tanks. You seem to be mostly running TDs and arty, which have a different playstyle then the majority of tanks. Additionally, it takes experience playing tanks to be able to run TDs effectively I find, as you learn where they go and what to expect from each tank type.
  4. Why won't anyone try to take ground anymore?

    1. Deathpig_Jones


      Welcome to the 2014 camping meta.

  5. Don't bother with anything under tier 8 in the Waffle Line PERIOD. They are all terrible.
  6. Troll Science has the solution! Use magnets to repel all tanks from camping spots to force mobile play! Seriously though, why can't they make maps where a superior tactical spot is vulnerable to attack from another direction, which is itself vulnerable to another area, etc. To win, you need to continuously adapt to enemy deployment by controlling the appropriate areas. Which spots are fought over would depend on each game's particular attack pattern and not on predetermined layout.
  7. It is possible that you merely get a camo bonus, not 100% invisibility. Firing your gun within 15m of the bush removes bush camo completely, while beyond 15m keeps bush camo but it isn't a 100% camo addition.
  8. I used to play with Garbad and Carbonward most of the time - we ran some rather unusual strategies. My game centers around proactive position denial - know where the enemy needs to go to have an advantage and keep them from getting there. A year ago a lot of players tried to do this. Now, everyone sits back and camps because they are afraid of a WTE-100 which would have no chance to do anything if our team didn't sit still 500m away from it. I admit that my extreme agression is hurting my stats, but a lot of it really comes from minor map changes. The "good" spots don't seem to be as g
  9. I am having the same issue myself. I try to see where most players go, and find spots which exploit their positioning. Sadly, most maps seem to be pretty poorly designed. Instead of 3 or 4 paths there are maybe 2 viable routes.
  10. If anyone has any luck with the nashorn please let me know what you are doing. I can't seem to get it working as well as my other vehicles.

    1. Tedster59


      basically, be a sniping mr. sexii. ideal engagement range is 550+ m

  11. Don't worry about WN8. If you play well, you win more games. You won't play anything under tier 7-8 long enough for the sample size to be meaningful anyways. Just focus on playing your best every game and learning the particular characteristics of the line you are grinding. P.S: Every second game someone mentions my WN8, and it gets to the point where players suicide rush to kill me. It can lead to wins (through my team wrecking them while they kill me) but is not that much fun. P.P.S: Elite players care more about what they see from you personally than any random number generated by
  12. You need to discriminate between playing your best for a few battles, playing your best more consistently and raising your skill ceiling. Your limited play strategy will not help you more consistently perform well, as the adversity which builds endurance is absent. You are not playing often enough for random effects to even out and will often find yourself at the mercy of RNG - even a perfectly consistent 70% player will lose 3 games in a row ~ 3 times in any 100 game sample. In many of your wins, you will have low stats due to random factors. Essentially, you are trying to use small-sampl
  13. Truly elite players create opportunities for their teammates. This leads to more wins but makes it hard to get extreme amounts of exp. To get 3k exp, you need to win a last stand situation. Basically, you need to play like a blue - take as much exp as you can from what the enemy gives you but leave your teammates out to dry to boost your personal stats. You will lose more but your exp cap will be higher. BTW, don't do this. Better to win 10 1k exp games then to get 1200 5 times and 500 on 5 losses.
  14. Feelings like this drove me away for almost a year. In many ways, the design of this game is extremely conductive to anger. You have just enough control to feel that you should win every game, but not enough to make this actually possible. There are about 20-35% (depends on your tank and tier balance) of all games which you WILL NOT WIN, even if you do everything perfectly. I was feeling that I should have defied physics and won anyway. I would suggest temporarily divorcing yourself from statistics. If you have XVM, get rid of it. Stop monitoring your stats signature. Simply focus on pla
  15. When I figure out the assault roomba play style I will let you guys know.
  16. My advice is to pick a new line of tanks and grind it to tier 10 (or at least 9). It looks like you rarely play TDs or Lights - try one of those lines. You appear to be on a slow, steady skill curve. This suggests that you don't "get it" in a flash, instead you gain experience over time and gradually become better. Your skill ceiling can be just as high, it just takes a little longer to get there. Personally, I found that every new line added something to my skillset. Learning lessons through each playstyle area allowed me to apply those skills to the rest of my vehicles. You won't get
  17. I am rusty as a Maus though - might take a hundred games or so to remember how to play. Also, I am getting memory errors - does the game require more RAM now?
  18. What about the WTFE-100 and the other open-topped TDs?
  19. Yeah it was almost a full year. Just noticed they frigged around with the armor on the German tanks again. Will they ever stop doing that?
  20. Yeah I decided to take a break before I broke something else (lol). I just finished university so I figure I can give this another go fairly soon. I never really bought in to most of the rating schemes, as it is not that easy to quantify skill under a single system. Near the end of my playing days, most elite players were performing a specific role in most groups. Carbonward would scout (vision control, etc) and tie down half the team trying to hit him, Myself or Garbad would usually try to take vital positions to perform area denial while dealing damage whenever something tried to contest
  21. Don't shoot HE unless you are resetting cap (a near miss will do damage due to splash). Arty shoots HE, arty is bad, therefore HE is bad.
  22. At the top end of platooning it is difficult to maintain very high damage values. You start competing with each other for shots and run out of targets quickly. Realistically, you will get more damage playing solo or platooning with mid-high range players then tripling elite. Your teammates need to be good enough to either support you (or be supported) but not so skilled as to create attack on their own - doing that leads to more even spreads of damage as more tanks are engaged effectively. It got boring after awhile - if I tied down anybody then Chode up there would have them sniped down b
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