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  1. No, I don't have that kind of software. If there is a way to get it without paying an obscene amount of money I could take a look. I will simplify it down to one dimension to start. Take Damage/Game and WR. Each account you take will have a WR in a tank, and a damage/game for that tank. Take a large number of accounts (and weight them based on battles) and you will be able to interpolate the points at any given damage level into a PDF. You might see that people who average 1200 DPG have an average win rate of 50% with a deviation of 0.8%. and it is shaped like a gamma or a gaussian (not h
  2. And I get focused more than both of you put together.
  3. When you investigated the performance between the v17 expected values and average expected values did you use the same 25,000 accounts for both? If you did your analysis is invalid as R2 over the whole data set basically averages the expected values anyway just in an indirect fashion. You need to use those 25000 accounts to get the values, then check R2 over a set of ~10000 different accounts as validation data, using different accounts for each method. The reason for the low R2 when you fit a model based on tier stems from type and tank differences - they each have their own individual
  4. I basically did the exact same thing for the E-100. I can link it for reference material however, thanks!
  5. And now I can't even access it to work on it. RIP
  6. I wanted to have this guide looked at formatting wise first as I have been getting some readability feedback on my earlier guides.
  7. My god, I submit my guide outline for review so someone can see if my formatting makes sense and they publish it without reading it.

    1. Private_Miros


      Solono has a lot going on recently IRL. Forgive him any oversights like this.

    2. Luna


      Oh wow. I was wondering why it seemed unnaturally bad.

    3. MaxL_1023


      Well can he at least revert the publish? I can't even work on it now.

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  8. Guys this guide isn't done, I submitted it to jackquerudo to look at the formatting. Can someone please actually take a look at these before hitting "post?" The "submit for review" sort of implies that it would be reviewed.
  9. That's not what I mean - I mean the formula used to calculate WN9 should be different for each tank.
  10. You can't drop per tank - each tank would have a different model fitting any combination of factors to win percentage. It would only average out if the player used either every tank equally or played a large sample which happened to be a space-filling set.
  11. Your recent WR and WN8 are near top 25% considering the tiers you play and your battle count - your overall is about 50/50 also considering you have only 3000 games and have not made it to tier 10. Bottom 10% is somewhere near 250-300 WN8.
  12. I can'r write a target selection guide based on XVM. Seriously - if you don't know how to select targets normally how are you supposed to XVM snipe properly? It is basically adding another dimension to the decision process which affects everything else near-randomly factoring in minute gameplay details. By the time you are skilled enough to do this you don't need to read any of these guides, and can probably identify better players without XVM.
  13. It's nice playing with Kewei in my T-54 - he actually shoots the tanks I distract. Average random teammates ram me out of my cover and get me killed.

    1. Das_Schlippo


      Playing with Kewei must be like playing with Jesus.

    2. MaxL_1023


      He is the hammer and I am the anvil.

    3. Medjed


      so you like being slammed by Kiwi Kappa

  14. Does pivot turn double the effective traverse? If you turn at the traverse value from each track it adds together instead of requiring one track to stay stationary. I know pivot turn tanks seem to turn faster than non-pivot all else being equal, mainly when they are stationary.
  15. So you are saying the only guides should be purple level material, because if you can't get there then you have the intelligence of a chimpanzee?
  16. I am basing my guides on the premise that there is a significant subset of the population which while not capable of figuring something out on their own in a reasonable time are capable of understanding it when presented to them. It is easier to learn from example/material than first principles.
  17. The good thing about FTR is the huge viewership comprised of average players. Most of the material I would write for WoTLabs would be for blues and purples, while the playerbase as a whole really, really needs more basic guides. Since I can publish on both sites anyways it is really a win-win. I can get FTR educational material which can maybe start to defuse the braying and bring in more discussion. There will always be trolls but complaining about my guide usually means they read at least some of it, which is a plus.
  18. My guide was too big for FTR - split into 2 parts nonsensically and space between paragraphs gone. RIP Readability.

    1. Spartan96


      So when do we start getting good content on Wotlabs? :^) f

    2. TheEmptyLord


      You are doing a great job.

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  19. Mediums require a somewhat different skillset. You can no longer directly dictate the battle by static, set-piece style combat. While a KV-1 can hold a corner, a T-34 trying the same thing will be quickly demolished. This dichotomy only gets worse at higher tiers - until tier 9-10 mediums are undergunned, have little effective armor and lack the alpha damage to suppress tanks effectively. Mediums tanks are about denial. Take positions early which have shots on common paths, retreat in the face of response then re-position. Identify situations where you can have a disproportionate effect o
  20. I can't get platoon mates anymore, and I often am not even on TS to sperg at them.

    1. Gandaran


      I never play though.

    2. reepneep


      Ill toon with you max. Hit me with an invite if you're lonely.

    3. _Assad


      Your neckbeard gets kn the way of my wn8

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  21. At the rate WG is reworking maps by the time this is released you won't need to get anywhere.
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