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  1. So making a plate which bounces tier 10 TD gold rounds bounce tier 10 TD gold rounds, make a weakspot larger but also nerf accuracy, slightly buff the main weakspot and by very slightly reducing the size of the mantlet near a spot which is still only pennable by tier 10 gold ruins the tank\
  2. Streaming Artillery WNMAX_NA style

  3. Why can't they just make a system which actually makes sense: Sigma Value of Aiming Circle = 1/Base Accuracy Size of Aiming Circle = Base Accuracy + Bloom Modifiers A gun with 0.5 accuracy will have a 2 sigma circle (with the rule where a shot outside the edge is recalculated completely) while the 0.3 accuracy guns have a 3.33 sigma aiming circle. Bloom is slightly less important with regards to snapshots - base accuracy effects the overall dispersion and is therefore more valuable. Some stats would need to be rebalanced but it would be a more sensible system. Artillery Accura
  4. I had the most trouble with the fire and destroy X of X missions - fires are random (even when shooting fuel tanks/engines) and most of my matches (the TD one especially) did not even HAVE 2 TDs for some reason. I ended up farming it in a T-34-85 by seal clubbing.
  5. Second day of tourney and 3 of 7 people don't show

  6. HE shells don't ricochet until at least 80 degrees (maybe 85). A lot of decks/roofs/autobounce spots are thin enough that the LOS encountered by a HE shell at an 80 degree angle is still thin enough to penetrate. In that case he just hit your LFP (which is basically 0 on the T29/34, thicker on the T32) but 75mm HE pen can get through a surprisingly large area once this is taken into account.
  7. E-100 - best_tank_for_HT15_NA

    1. TheMarine0341


      took 3 minutes on Himmelsdorf to get

    2. mereelskirata


      I got it on my first try in my E100.

    3. Ollie Tabooger

      Ollie Tabooger

      Does the IS-7 work Max?

  8. I am looking for players for weekday warfare 2. No fixed stats criteria - case by case.
  9. How people play arty consistently I can't imagine. It is no fun at all.

    1. Shinma


      Did you mean consistently or constantly?

    2. MaxL_1023


      I mean they consistently choose to play artillery.

    3. Ollie Tabooger

      Ollie Tabooger

      you're doing it wrong, Max. You play it with one hand, and use the other to either eat or fap. Obviously.

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  10. Play GWE for mission, forgot how to switch to arty mode. Remembered and still hit 4 of 5. I am gimping myself by not using any equipment and only normal HE.

    1. _Assad


      5th mission is like do track damage. Most of these missions are what we do in a daily basis per game and I wager atleast 5-10 of them could be completed with a single match

    2. Tedster59


      it's just the secondary on the 15th mission

    3. Medjed
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  11. If you played in such a way to reliably (and quickly) remove 5% of the enemy team's HP at no cost you would be one of the best players in the game - think 65% solo win rate. At tier 10 that is over 1000 damage dealt - even if you trade 1 for 1 the rest of the way you are still doing 3k+ DPG in most tanks. If you trade 1.5 to 1 (low end of unicum) you will be well into "supercum" territory.
  12. Need 2 more for Weekday Warfare 2: Tier 6s on Erlenburg Encounter

  13. You can't quantify the effect of early damage. Each situation is different - the effect of any one example of "early damage" is applied to a chaotic series of actions which we call a random battle. Statistically you can determine an effect, but it would be useless at predicting any individual example. Since you can't form a model or even reliably determine anything less coarse than (damage in the first x seconds) I wouldn't recommend pursuing this area.
  14. I had a dream (or was it a nightmare...) where I had a T92 on Mines and dealt 19604 damage - in a loss! These individual missions must be messing with my mind.

    1. ViktorKitov


      The only way to oneshoot a STB with the Obj 261s AP is an ammorack.

    2. Scout_in_da_house


      Something else hit him then as well I guess. >hides

    3. ViktorKitov


      *Arty aim intensifies*

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  15. I have had maybe one game in a hundred that high on the E-100 - you basically need to have the team just line in front of your gun and shoot your UFP. It is rare but it does happen.
  16. If you are online on east and not bad please platoon with me. I need someone to carry my challenger.

    1. Flaksmith


      Tonight? Probably not, but I can do friday evening.

    2. kariverson


      Carry yourself lol. It solopubbed it and I found it great for carrying matches. I carried like half my wins.

  17. The forum has never been the most efficient way for players to ask and answer questions - most of this is done while playing or in Clan TS. There is also the fact that most questions in APP are hidden/binned for being inappropriate - players instinctively want to bypass the normal community and go straight to the top while our discouragement of this can be misread as ignoring them. It is not an easy problem to fix.
  18. It is mainly a conceptual issue. You needed to introduce the OODA methodology including examples which demonstrate the process. My issue is simply that your examples (especially Mountain Pass) represent an incorrect application of your process. In an article such as this it might be better to use an example of a correct process which fails and explain why as opposed to a poor process which succeeds due to dumb luck. Finally, yellow/greens are not ready for OODA - that is more a light blue area. You can't integrate all those processes into a loop when the underlying components are undevelop
  19. Not when it is an example included in a guide.
  20. It is hard to learn from a source that doesn't effectively practice what he preaches.
  21. Making a Weekday Warfare 2 team - did not fill up in time for this weeks. Tier 6s on Erlenburger.

    1. Patient0


      You probably want to make a thread.

  22. I am almost sure the crew repairs damaged modules, but only to 75% HP which is still considered "Damaged". They won't stop turning orange but they may be slightly harder to destroy.
  23. I think it is fine - if you write an article which is published with a mistake like that on it you deserve it. I expect no less from people reading my articles.
  24. I need a few more people for the weekday warfare tournament. Message/Replay if interested. (Tier 8)

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