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  1. Thanks, makes sense now, I did notice a few no damage pens with HEAT, I've taken it off the tank now anyways. Just got the E50M and I threw a few HEAT shells since I'm not reloading a clip, will be nice for E100's turret face.
  2. I recently asked a question about whether or not I should carry HEAT rounds in my Bat Chat 25t, answer was no, and I've been doing well without them. After searching the forums, I couldn't find the answer to my question, also I checked the Wiki's to no avail. So I was wondering when do you use HEAT, as most of the tanks that I've played in so far have APCR as there premium ammunition. As I understand it so far is that HEAT like HE does not lose penetration over distance, but it get no normalization. In what situations would it be necessary to use HEAT, and how exactly does HEAT
  3. Thanks OK, selling the rounds as we speak, haven't even had a use for them yet.
  4. Can I get in on this? Om nom nom Edit: I am wondering whether or not to carry HEAT rounds in the tank? Should I even bother carrying 2 clips, 1 clip, none at all?
  5. Hello Purple Posters! My question is am I headed for some Clam wars viable tanks or not? And is there some lines that are not worth doing? Have I made sufficient progress have < 4,000 battles? I'm currently running down a few lines, here they are: http://i.imgur.com/1dZPeLX.jpg British Mediums http://i.imgur.com/5cXoB0R.jpg France Lights/Mediums http://i.imgur.com/Pp9k6u6.jpg Germany Mediums/Eventually E-100 line http://i.imgur.com/ayBcPe8.jpg USSR Mediums to possibly T-62a/Heavies from the T-150 I figured screenshots were easier than me writing out everything
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