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  1. Naturally, you are quite right. Improve gameplay and the stats will follow. My OP was mainly my attempt to vent a little frustration at the depressing thought of having to play maybe another 200 battles in order to see that WR tick over from 55 to 56. 200 battles where I feel like if I fail there is no one to carry me. Of course, this is not fair, I fail as often and as hard as many others but sometimes it just feels like it. To be honest I'm not that bothered about my overall WR (so long as it doesn't plummet!) I just chose that as my goal to keep myself motivated. For me, my curre
  2. I now have over 14 thousand battles and have spent literally entire weeks of my life playing this game (assuming an average of 4 mins per battle times 14383 games played = 57,532 mins, or 958 hours, or 40 solid days of playing). Wow...but still nothing on EvilJoe (95k+ battles = ~260 solid days playing!) To try and keep things interesting during that time I've joined a clan, platooned with people, experimented with different classes of vehicle, played tanks with unusual gameplay, trolled in chat and generally just tried to have fun. Recently, I've hit a bit of a wall and struggled t
  3. "Everbodies got one..." Dude, I have TONS. SU-152 - 135 battles, 39% WR. OK, I don't do turretless TDs but I had to have the BL-10 to see what the fuss was about and I'm afraid to say that after 135 battles I threw in the towel. I tried all the guns, with and without premium ammo and I just could NOT get this TD to work. Weirdly though, I can get the JPII to work (and pretty well at that) GW Panther - 14 battles, 21% WR Yeah, nowhere near enough battles to count but enough that I knew it wasn't for me. Enjoyed selling it. IS-3 - 52 battles, 37% WR One of the best tier 8 hea
  4. @ Lead - I actually have a print screen of the entire thread but it is too long to type and not good enough quality to scan. Next time I see something similar, I'll save it as an HTML. @ Hardy - It was Scorpia501. To his credit he closed the topic with this comment: "I am terribly sorry for making any racist comments. This was not my intention and therefor (sic) i will close the topic. Sorry for the people that i have unintentionally insulted with this" No mention of any warning points he issued himself though...
  5. Well, I registered here a while back, around the first time a certain Blackadder loving Belgian got banned from the WoT forums but, if I am honest, I felt a bit intimidated by the all the progamerers here and slipped away quietly before anyone noticed me. Now, annoyed by the ongoing situation over there, I have plucked up the courage to return here and this time to show my face. So it's now my turn to say: "Hi guys." I must say it's nice to see so many familiar names here, feels comforting in a way, though some have new avatars over here which feels kind of funny and will take som
  6. No sense of humour and no common sense either. Seen the latest fiasco just now? http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/291937-splitting-europe/#top Trainee mod with 9 posts (at the time) creates thread suggesting split of EU servers by language...
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