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  1. This past week and a half have been the fucking worst, nothing but complete team wipes, full penning arty shots. I just can't fucking win. I bought the 110 this week, 40% win rate, 2k average damage.

    1. Tarski


      I feel ya. I've never had quite so many allies ram me as in the last week or so. 

    2. kreigermann


      It has been horrid. .

      I think it has been the combination of the LT/Arty theme and then straight into TD theme week coming right after the deathstar on-track(before the e5) now the deathbarn on track. Leads to an INSANE number of arty and cancerwagons running around. In the last week I have been cancerblappRNJesusfucked more times than the rest of the year combined. 

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