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  1. How much would I have to donate for you to join my scrub clan for a month?
  2. Hey Rexxie, about that server redicule, do you think its possible for you to add something like that and if so, will you?
  3. Is it possible to add a server side reticule as explained here?:
  4. I changed my name recently and now my stats are following my old name and not my new one. How fix?
  5. Hey Guys and Girls, DRT is recruiting for Detachment battles and platooning alike. All the info can be found above just message me if interested. We are a part of Legion Gaming Community so if world of tanks isn't your only game, feel free to hit us up even if you aren't interested in joining DRT, you will probably find someone who plays the games you play who can chat with you about strats and game related content. We also have Servers in several games that you can join if interested.
  6. I'm using some Russian mod pack, it has a nifty tool that lets you uninstall all your mods (including his) and then if you wish to install his, you can customize which if his mods you use. Its too busy for my liking, so i will be checking back regularly.
  7. With the inclusion of your Sixthsense mod in the XVM Modpack, I thought I would come get the audio files to match. Kinda weird to have Solid Snake telling you to take cover from Kittens....
  8. Would it be at all possible to get an XVM config that shows player's recent WN8 instead of overall? I find that to be more reliable when trying to deduce a person's general skill level just by looking at the color above their tank. Thanks Rexxie.
  9. Looking forward to seeing some good replays then
  10. I wonder just home much damage I can block with an AMX 12t...

  11. Thanks for the active forum support Rexxie, If I knew how to up-vote this mod pack (If I even can) I would. I think between xWulffx and I we have our entire clan using this pack, so kudos!
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