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  1. With the recent trade-in special on EU. Do you think it's worth trading in the IS-6? I'm tempted to get either the Ravioli or the T-54 mod 1. M4A1 Revalorise: 1300 gold, I'd use it mostly as a credit farmer, I have a BC25t crew I could use for now (even though it'd prolly conflict a little with some perks) and I think of getting the AMX 30, which is already unlocked but not bought yet. I don't really need it as a crew trainer as I'm going to sell the ELC anyway and would move the crew from that to the AMX 30. T-54 mod 1: 2850 gold, I just purchased the T-54 and am about to move my girls up from the 416. I'm going for the Obj 140 as my next t10 tank and I'm very tempted to have a russian crew trainer, especially as I want to keep the T-54 (but move the girls to the 140), want to buy the 430 II, and later on get the 62A and the maybe the 430. I already have the FV4202 and Super Pershing, got both for free. Love the FV, never touched the Super Pershing, will prolly change that now that the matchmaker changed and it got buffed.
  2. Is there a way to disable every xvm module? I basically want to get rid of all the in-battle stuff (only thing I might want to keep is the custom sixth sense png) and only use certain garage mods. I already tried writing my own config, but just leaving the config sections for all modules empty seems to load the modules with a basic config (or crash the game). Only few modules seem to have a general "enabled: true/false" flag, so a catch-all config section with just that statement didn't work either, most modules were still loaded.
  3. Wow, he sounds exactly like Eugene Hütz, lead singer of Gogol Bordello, who is Ukrainian as well... either Eugene has shaved and joined another Combo, or they have really similar voices. The latter, sadly. they seem to be more like a one hit wonder and have not produced much more worth listening as far as I can see. Quick, need to distract from my mistake with cute cat picture.
  4. Baarn

    Soccer tanks?

    The modules are removed from the tank for free when it gets removed from your garage, so no worries about losing them or gold. I heard you can run the governor pretty much all the battle without damaging your engine (ridiculous module hp maybe?) but in the few battles I played I always forgot to activate it.
  5. To me that sound very much like Gogol Bordello (and a quick google search turns out I am right) So no, not Russian, but Multinational Gypsy Punk Cover. Great Band by the way, have seen them perform live at a festival.
  6. I question the efficiency of mentor as well. Assuming you switch mentor for a perk each time and never leave the 100% skill running, the true bonus you get on each crew member is probably around 7.5% throughout the whole period of getting to 100% in the skill. On a crew of four, the averaged bonus for the whole crew (assuming you use accelerated crew training to even out the differences) is only about 5.5%. Having a commander who is training a skill that provides an effective bonus (repairs, camo, recon) increases your survivability, thus allowing you to deal more damage and in turn receive more XP. I have a few tanks I have mentor on, but on those I think the bonus I'd get from recon or repair doesn't outweigh the bonus I get from mentor. Edit: Oh, and happy birthday, thread.
  7. No Idea if this spot on Fjords is lesser known or not, but as I've never seen anyone get up there (except yesterday), I guess it is. Only works from east spawn of course. You can shoot down on enemies progressing through the middle and have control over wide parts of the central field of the map.
  8. Finally got the Bat-Chat today, my first tier 10. And I love this thing, it really is everything I expected from it. Free XP'd the last 20k and the gun, solo driving the Lorraine today was just too frustrating. 20 games, only 4 wins... While I of enjoyed platooning in the Lorr 40t, the dependency on its team makes it a real challenge to play solo. All of the few games I had in the Bat-Chat, even the losses, were a great experience.
  9. Does this apply to assistance damage, too? If Alice spots the enemy, Bob tracks him (without dealing damage) and Charlie damages him, who gets how much reward of the XP share?
  10. Hey, I've been lurking the forums for a few days now and since I really found some good information that changed my some of my playstyle already, I thought I might as well say Hi and take part in the discussions. I came to World of Tanks, after Wargaming released their trailer mocking EVE online. Basically everyone of the EVE Community I knew at that time gave the closed beta of WoT a try and some people might've even kept playing. Well, I obviously didn't. I started playing again after a friend kept bugging me every day around this x-mas and finally downloaded the client in late January. Due to playing EVE I am used to a very steep learning curve that rewards you with glory and cookies after you suffered for some days, so I asked for the most complicated role in the game and chose the German scout tanks as my first tanks to master. I think I was drawn to the German tanks like most people starting the game, maybe even more because I am German. While driving the Luchs and the Leopard was really rewarding, the Durchbruchswagen 2 and the VK 30.01 (H) weren't. I went for the russian heavies, as they are deemed to be the best beginner heavies, and turns out I did really well in the KV-1. That made me decide to not rush through the tech threes, but improve in the level I feel competent with. As a light tank driver at heart, I like flanking, scouting and using map awareness and the terrain to my advantage. My current favorite tanks are the 1390 and the Comet, which to me feels like a light tank with a medium symbol above it that discourages people from yoloing you, because "lol, light tenk, easy kill". But I am basically everywhere in the tech tree, simply to be able to take a step back and make use of the stuff I learned. My biggest side-project at the moment is the KV-13 to unlock the IS and to even my way into the Russian mediums. tl;dr: Hello, arty is the best tank in game! Edit: Somehow my stats are not updated at all, is that just me or is there something going on? I have about 4000 battles now, numbers seem way off with only 700 showing.
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