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  1. Last day for it, but I have an AW early access key available, and no friends that want it or are willing to actually put time into the game.  Up for grabs I guess...

  2. Throw me in the mix, I'm on quite a lot and looking for platoons.
  3. I'm going out on a limb here... but your stats are hard to get without knowing what the right answer is to the situation. I'm betting you know the right answers to the situations you face, and the issue is the on-the-spot decision making you do in battle. I have great days (for me) with 65% solo wins and 2.7k WN8... and then I play a few matches too long, get tilt/tired/hot, start making dreadful heat-of-the-moment tactical decisions, get a bunch of 0 - 800 dpg games, lose more, get even more pissed off and try to fix it, and continue my downward spiral until I decide to hit the bottle, by which time I've ruined my hard work and dragged myself back down to 2k average WN8 and 1.9k dpg average on the day. Seriously, it's like clockwork for me. My bad decisions stem from bad habits, and those are dreadfully hard for me to change. If your problem is anything like mine, I wish you the best of luck in changing it... but I don't think "advice" is going to fix the problem. It has to come from changing your gameplay habits. I wish I knew how to do that =/ If that's nothing close to your particular issue, then ignore what I said, and good luck anyway!
  4. That's pretty much what I was expecting, no worries. Certainly wasn't looking at main. Most of my t10 stats are sub 100 games anyway, except for two at 120 games... so I'm still working that out. I'm not in a particular hurry, and want to find the right fit. I'll stop by the teamspeak and see what the atmosphere is like in omega and go from there. Thanks
  5. Free bump. I like the number 3, but I probably look more like the letter O. Not sure what happened to 2... Either way... I'm not interested in ditching on CG/IOC for no reason, but the rules say not to app to any division if you are currently in another clan. Would I get instabanned or anything for showing up on Relic TS with IOC tags, looking to meet&greet and do some platoons? If it looks promising for some kind of win/win, I'd shed tags and app. I platooned once for a couple hours with map381 like a year back, no idea if he remembers (met out of the wotlabs in-game channel)... I've platooned with Ficarra once before, if he remembers (once again that was out of wotlabs channel), and etool from rel_o and I have been friends in game for a couple years now.
  6. Grinding Tiger P for OnTrack event... could use a platoon to make tier VII more bearable... anybody interested?

    1. monjardin


      The Tiger (P) is unbearable.

  7. Anybody tried the 59-Patton?  What do you think?

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. KillerTiger


      i read that the patton gets -7, what does it actually get?

    3. TheMostComfortableTanker


      7 to the front, 9 to the sides and 5 to the rear

    4. Fluffenthumper


      I love my STA-2 with a passion.  I am not sure about this one... it's not that it isn't a good tank, it looks like a perfectly good tank... it's more that I simply don't need yet another tier VIII premium that doesn't offer anything special and new and unique.  And I certainly don't do chinameds enough to need the crew trainer... so it kinda doesn't offer anything unique enough to justify the $55 it costs right now, aside from being a collectible.

  8. I'm back into playing after a few month hiatus for buying a house & moving. CG is my hero, but IOC seems to have thinned out in the time I was gone, so I figure I'll keep my eyes open for opportunities. I've got some time on my hands, and I'm thinking I'd like to get a bit more into SH and CW, so I'm looking for options. I'm really big into platooning, and I'm always around on teamspeak. These days I'm focusing primarily on tier IX and X, and a couple VIII's that I'm still working up. I'm ex-US Military, California (PST) timezone, mid 30's, have slight pub rage issues, and zero tolerance for social drama. I have bad days like anyone else, but I take criticism really well, as long as it is constructive. I'll commit to being available 3 nights a week. I've got ~2200dpg solopub in my viable tier X's with around 100 or so battles in each, so still new (E3 is like ~2700dpg)... room for improvement but not the worst you'll see around. Some a bit higher than that, but w/e. T110E5E-100IS-7T-62AObj 140T110E3I see VIII's are pretty popular these days... I've got a 50/100 and 13/90 right now, and I can always buy back an IS-3 or a Pershing or something. Anyways thanks for reading. I'm not in any rush, and I'd be happy to platoon around and meet people.
  9. I <3 STA-2

    1. FreddBoy


      I'm thinking of getting this tank to use along side the STA-1 (when I grind it out!) Are the play styles similar, and how Mich difference are there between the two tanks?

    2. Fluffenthumper


      It plays very similar to the STA-1, but you have to get used to a bit less pen. 185 is good enough though, and if you enjoy the STA-1 I think the STA-2 will be natural for you and very enjoyable. I play both on ridgelines, and they work great.

    3. Fluffenthumper


      185 pen may not sound as good as 212 or w/e the STA-1 gets, but its more than the 180 you get on the Pershing, or the 171 you get on the T69, or the 175 you get on the T-44. At the end of the day, 185 is workable and when you really have issues, the ~270ish HEAT is always an option.

  10. I just wanted to let you know.... decided to say "screw it" and just play the WZ-132, do damage and active scout... third game tonight, nailed LT-15 with honors on, yes, Redshire. Funny how that works. Thanks for the advice, also to everyone else in the thread.
  11. LT-15, why do you hate me

  12. I grab a drink, sit down, pick one of my favorite tanks... proceed to fail miserably, derp out early, have a shitty first game, rage and cry, and then suck for half the remaining battles in my session because I'm angry and hateful. Thankfully I don't suck every match, and I end up averaging somewhere around 2k WN8 and 53-55% win rate. Realistically, I rarely if ever have a 2k WN8 game... I have half my games at 3000 WN8, and the other half somewhere between 100 and 1200 WN8. I have noticed that a good start to the day generally yields a better day overall, but I haven't found a way to master my emotions such that I can create good days from bad starts, or create good starts at will.
  13. Your first guide was very well written, and I'd happily sit through reading a second one. I'm going to try dusting off my old WZ-132 and going back to my normal playstyle... more combat oriented, and try to get in more tracking shots, and be more of an "active" scout, although my definition may be a bit off. Maybe my biggest mistake was changing my play style to try and fit the mission... either way I'll have more fun just doing what I enjoy, and maybe tracking damage is something I should be focusing more on. I saw some replays that Strana posted in another thread I'm going to check out, since he met the mission requirements in the 132 on some other maps. Anything general you can recommend for Redshire? You mentioned you were re-learning it, and I must admit I guess I haven't paid my tuition, because I haven't re-learned sh*t for scouting that map.
  14. Great review, man. You've motivated me to dust off the ole WZ-132 and give the Frenchies a break. Well done.
  15. I'm really struggling to complete my LT-15 mission. I'm a pretty crappy "scout" player... I do well in my light tanks damage wise, but I end up playing them like balls-to-the-wall meds more than scouts. I've been working on the mission in the AMX 13 75... on Prok/Fiery or Mal, I've been able to repeatedly get between 3 and 3.5k spotting dmg... but it feels like its at the cost of the game many times, because when I'm "passive scouting" I'm not doing what I do best, which is dealing damage and distracting enemies, and I end up feeling much more at the mercy of my team's campers than anything else. The gameplay feels very unrewarding, and much less fun than I normally have... so I dunno, maybe I'm going about this all wrong? In addition, the few times I have gotten Prok/Fiery or Mal, it was battle tier VIII or IX, with mostly tier VII tanks, and maybe the gun damage and hp just aren't high enough... dunno. Here's a few questions for anyone with enough free time to throw out some advice: 1) Prok and Mal are pretty obviously good for passive scouting. But aside from those, I haven't found a single map where I feel like I stand a good chance of completing the mission... Swamp can be pretty campy/snipy, but I just don't feel as comfortable with the scouting options there, since my own team rarely has good firing lines on the stuff spotted... am I missing something here? Anybody have good experience passive scouting any other maps? 2) Basic question... if I'm surfing, or driving around, and I light a target, but subsequently I duck out behind a hill, and then he takes damage while still lit but no longer in my view... does that still count as spotting damage for me, because I lit him in the first place? I've always wondered this. Also... if two tanks are spotting the same target, who gets credit for the spotting damage? The one who spotted the enemy first, or the one who has the best ratio of view range to camo/distance (aka the one who is effectively "closer")?
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