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  1. I also recently tried WoT again. I hadn't played since about September of 2013 when I picked it up. ivemadeahugemistake.jpg My 1,000 battle WN8 was just under 3,000 when I embarked on this quest for tomato. Now? It's 2849. Noobmeter says I suck dicks at WoT. In 18 battles I apparently dropped my overall WN8 almost 3 points. And I didn't even have a prime. My identity as a person clings to my recent WN showing I'm a purple. I want to be a cool guy so therefore it's right back to uninstalled. Unicum status: retained.
  2. All that write-up, no mention of fadead. Best of luck with your academic pursuits, jack.
  3. nexeide


    Still occasionally play WT. Hit me up in game if any of you cool guys want to play some. Mostly air as the tanks suck.
  4. nexeide

    Tier 9 Foch

    Well, to be fair, you referenced the Tier-10 155 and OP is asking about the Tier-9 that isn't a clip-based tank. Given Kewei rationalized almost every point about the 155 based on it's clip, it's not a direct comparison, at least IMO. For my equipment I have GLD, Rammer and vents. For my crew skills I have BIA, Repair and the best situational skills for each crewmember. When I get the Foch 155, I'll probably retrain out of the BIA as I agree with Kewei's assement. With that said, I absolutely wrecked my win-rate, damage/game, kills/game and every other stat in the 50Foch this weekend s
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