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  1. I've improved over time. At first I just played for fun. I didn't know anything about the game mechanics until I got my first t8, Tiger 2. After I started to care, I've been improving constantly.
  2. On Lake Ville I was just too lazy to switch so it was my bad. Would've needed those against other heavies there. My credit situation isn't very good otherwise I'd run 3-5 more and maybe 1 HE instead of 2.
  3. Kinda played a similar game yesterday. Abused the terrain and dealt 7k dmg without losing any hp. http://wotreplays.com/site/2277123#karelia-poltto-object_140
  4. More 140 shenanigans. Ez katka. Replays: https://www.mediafire.com/?nsnbuaa8g77hqgf Session stats:
  5. Making credits in Type 59 and wasting them in 140. Type 59 session stats: Replays: https://www.mediafire.com/?1al48z2sb6kybzs Obj 140 session stats: Replays: https://www.mediafire.com/?789l1gk38zrs1s8
  6. Different site: http://www.filedropper.com/polttoobj14019replays121115
  7. Replay link works for me. Try this (direct download): http://download1472.mediafire.com/flxj93b7tiwg/uhi9g8nngkongyl/Poltto%2C+Obj.+140%2C+19+replays%2C+12.11.15.zip
  8. Playing those OP russki tanks. Time for some 140. Last time on my holidays I was testing out this tank. I played it a shit ton just to learn where the limits are and ended up with not upload worthy replays. I had my lessons, the goal is now 4,6k+ avg dmg (overall) in 140. Which I think is totally doable. My 140 avg dmg is now at 4415 after 122 games. Replays: https://www.mediafire.com/?uhi9g8nngkongyl Session stats:
  9. Sorry for late response. I don't think I've played that area before or at least I haven't played it like that. I came up with it on a fly pretty much. It fitted for the situation, doesn't mean it's a spot to go for every game. Might be that I never do that again in the future on Steppes even though it worked once. How did I know I was hull down? I can't really explain it, I guess with experience I have learned to figure out when my tank is sticking out. Exposing as little as possible tends to work. Also even if my ass was sticking out a bit it's not really problem. If I see the enemy
  10. T-62A, the invincible tank. I must be one incredible lucky guy. I'm not sure if I've ever won this many games in a row. It's a ~0.00076% chance to win 17 games in a row, assuming it's 50/50 chance to win in every game (not counting the draws). Just a fun fact. Also in theory the streak is still going since I didn't lose and I also won one game earlier so you could argue that it's 18 so far but I guess it's irrelevant. One Pool's and one close to a 10k dmg game, not bad. I ran out of ammo in the 10k dmg game, slammed one HE shell up the E4's bum. Was fun. Replays: https://www.mediafire.com/?bv1
  11. Earned my rifle mark this week, I'm a real jaeger now.


    1. Joyrider216


      Nice! Now put that skill to use and get 7k DPG in the 62a

  12. Didn't have any decent games last time I got on my PC so I didn't upload anything. Now I got some Leo 1 games from yesterday. Replays: https://www.mediafire.com/?rqbxbz6wls300si Session stats: Avatar_input_handler: https://www.mediafire.com/?67htzewe48vhzp4
  13. God damn lurkers. It's a shame that so many of the top players have stopped playing this game, just shows how lost WG is. Being good at this game is a curse.
  14. I appreciate that. I've been missing all the praises. Your words mean a lot <3
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