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  1. Jerinos

    Today's ban wave

    Damn. No way I can maintain dark purple recent now. Back to green.
  2. Jerinos

    9.17 Supertest, Premium Tanks

  3. Jerinos

    Anything before T50 is worth playing?

    The 6, 9 and 10 are the only ones I like from that line but I like those 3 quite a bit. I pretty much free exped past the rest after the girl crew member was unlocked when the mission was going.
  4. Jerinos

    Chieftain, FV215b replacement

    The Chieftain that has been featured in the last couple of replays from the Chinese server is way better than the 215b. I would take that tank over any tank in the game, frankly.
  5. Jerinos


    Supposed to be getting buffed to be on par with the Centurion mk1, which is a solid tonk imo. Not bad for a premium if this is true.
  6. What do you get for finishing the mission when you already have the FV4202P in your garage? Gold or credits?
  7. Jerinos

    WTF is going on with my W/R

    You might be fixating on your dpg and wn8 too much instead of trying to put yourself into good positions that will help you win.
  8. Jerinos

    To food or not to food

    But, since I (and others with better stats than me) have dark purple recent while not running food, he may want to take that into consideration when determining how much of a benefit food gives you.
  9. Jerinos

    Rex & Ziddy's CoC - A Lewd New Years

    The T-10 is pretty darn good at this point, although I still like the Conqueror a little more. It's kind of a stat padder tank now.
  10. Jerinos

    Unicum Edition

    You should make the rim gold for "gold round" Unica is the feminine version of unico, I think.
  11. Jerinos

    To food or not to food

    Estimated costs, on 50% discount over 5000 battles: Food - 50000000 (fifty million) AFE, one use per 10 battles - 5000000 (five million) A difference of forty five million credits over a meager sample of 5000 battles for a barely noticeable difference. Therefore, I use AFE.
  12. It's not under warranty?
  13. What was the downvote for, buddy?
  14. Jerinos

    What's your favorite console tank?

    The only good console tank is a dead console tank.