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  1. Yeah but you dont get there by TRYING TO HAVE FUN. You get there by trying to play better.
  2. produces instead I want to get the emoticon I see, with the mouth closed, please, thank you. This what he looks like:
  3. No. You cant improve to purple without playing for the sake of only improving. Fun is something seperate.
  4. M26...too noble to have more than 180 penetration. Great for following european traditions of nogold ammo (you noobs! ). Lets face it this tank is shit, but I love playing it for some strange reason. I feel like a real Sheikh, limiting myself by using this tank instead of a better one in just the right ways and gaining esoteric stats like aim time.
  5. Wawaweewa is a goooooooood theme! High five! Best thing about it is how the forum now looks distinctive and neat on my bookmarks tab:
  6. Its not gonna help the purple or deep purple joe much on average either.
  7. Great thread Garbad and I love you! Thanks. Also I agree on the JT88, I was considering buying it myself, but then I improved and realized I can make the same credits with much more fun tanks too like FCM.
  8. Impossible, friend. Mods dont do anything. What is causing stagnation is your own mind. If you think of mods as something thats supposed to boost your performance (they may, a tiny bit), then it means you are focused on your performacne, not on learning. Those two are opposites. To improve, you need to completely forget what numbers you are pulling in any way (even how many shots you missed due to bad skill, not to mention totalitarian wn8 or winrate) and just delve into the gameplay you are doing itself. Observe what you do, how you do it and why you do it and try outvarious changes to th
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