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  1. With you 100% - not the smartest business move but imagine the forums/social media/discord - would have been golden!
  2. The M60 and 121B are already for sale in the Bond shop for 15k so I would not rule out CW reward tanks, but would expect people to be concerned should a Chieftain or 907 pop up. Some interesting predictions on those lists (what is cc? as in 50cc silver? 50 million?) - I'll be trying to set the alarm to have a look each night - will be at work during the day time ones though...
  3. Tier 8 works due to premiums and the ability to earn extraordinary credits. Whilst Tier 9 would also be cool (or even 7, let's face it it is a cool game mode) - the more changes happen to Frontlines, the more chance it will get stuffed up! Leave it as it is, or as my grandmother used to say to me as a kid when I saw something which looked good in a shop, "Don't touch it - you'll break it!" Though I do like the rotating tier idea - there was a reason not to do certain tiers (at least on that original map) though I cannot remember right now (it's early!) I do like the week at a time i
  4. Played 18 Tier 8 battles last night - saw Tens twice AND I was in a platoon. Says a it all really!
  5. One would imagine it is not - a while back WoWS had 50% off a year's premium and a lot of WoT players bought it because it was shared. Imagine if players lost what was left of that year's premium? They don't learn do they? I hope I am wrong and it is simply the bonus 15% as mentioned above but the "shared premium time" should be a brilliant thing which encourages players to play WG titles rather than the million other games available out there.. My early feedback on TWA was to share it though WG said it wasn't possible due to sharing revenue with the other company (now TWA is ge
  6. thanks again KACerc as well as everyone else who is on board - just passed a thousand bucks not long ago - WoT may be good or bad, but the community is fkn awesome! That link again: https://mcgrathfoundationportal.gofundraise.com.au/page/StewartPrentice Saturday night shenanigans will be at 1AR's TS / twitch.tv/stewiejp - giggles, giveaways and Pink Selfies!
  7. the occasional Kiwi as well and at least one Indonesian, Yank and Englishman.... sounds like the beginning of a really bad "Walked into a Bar" gag.
  8. yeah saw the date after posting - it has been a big day and I tend to do internets stuff when I am waking up...... anyhoo - just looked at the NA map and it *looks* like lots of activity or at least a lot of clans on the map - Haswell (or any NA players) do you think that is because the NA map is all one Tier or are players simply more interested in CWs than us Asian plebs. Last I heard player populations were not that different. Interested in your thoughts.
  9. @CelestiaLudenberg - is that Bol (your avatar)? The likeness is amazing! Good to see the alliance system isn't only failing one server! WG must be rubbing their hands together - soon they won't need to worry about CWs on our baby server. Working as intended!
  10. Not just NA..... http://legal.asia.wargaming.net/en/end-user-license-agreement-new/
  11. From memory EU simply said they have "no plans" ---- "for now" - which tells me it'll be for sale again, they just wanted to gauge player response first. Hype 59 will be next, though arguably that was sold via the Christmas boxes already.
  12. Mate of mine lives in Japan and says "Auto" certainly does log him onto AU - he says the difference is negligible. Suits him as his mates he platoons with are in Aus.
  13. "you" often gets censored in general as well as clan chat - no idea why.
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