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  1. That's a good question, I'm not sure I've worked out why I'm so disappointed. Some of it is undoubtedly me, I mean it's been so long and so many things have changed. I played more games over different tiers and it was the same. Even played a couple of team (stronghold?) games at tier 6. Enemy team wiped the floor with us both times. No fun at all. Uninstalled.
  2. Reinstalled, played a few games at tier 6. No XVM or anything like that, but the player quality was obviously very poor. Everyone camps and thus 2/3rd of my my games were steamrolls. Not impressed.
  3. It's such a small fraction of the playerbase that it's not indicative of anything, except perhaps their inability to detect. Sigh.
  4. At first thought you were talking about official forum mods . The first ban was what, 160 players late last year? and then a few more since then? Everyone slapping themselves on the back saying the server is clean? Too skeptical you say? Pah! Was the account name changed or only the associated email. Can't remember. There should be some very dusty old gold in the account anyway. Anything that makes it too difficult for your average windowlicker has got to be good. Of course there are still those VN clans but I can't imagine they play anything below tier 8. Speaking of windowlickers, there's been another server merge? Not as detrimental as the last one though, right? I wonder what WG's motivation was/is to finally do something? I can't imagine it's enticing players back, as I assume most left for other reasons, but at the same time I can't see how it helps attract new players. Removing aimbots from seal clubbing tiers isn't gonna save any seals. That only leaves player retention, but anyone still playing is either completely inured or they're using themselves... My ride has a surprisingly big block. Not a V8 though so I guess it doesn't count.
  5. Has there been any update about fair play recently? Wondering whether to reinstall (after 2+ years :o). Seems every random WoT video I watch on YouTube still has someone using an aimbot.
  6. Thought about reinstalling the game today. Looking through the last few pages it seems the game still has a significant population of bots, Vietnamese riggers and cheat mod scum. Am I wrong?
  7. I got my only raider in the KV-2, back when the Murovanka magic forest was actually a forest. I've got a handful of Fadin's too, but can't remember how I got them. One may have been earned in the old SU-26, back when it still had +3 MM and the 122mm howitzer.
  8. Yeah, "negotiating with the EU" could be considered an oxymoron. You can see it already, "We want to have a close relationship with the UK" but then "you must accept free movement of people" in the next breath. The UK is a much larger and much more influential partner than Switzerland though.
  9. Who reads Youtube comments? Plus Switzerland was never in the EU, or its predecessor the EEC either.
  10. Not only France. Holland and Sweden too. Lots of people are unhappy with the EU. The article http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-36620426 neatly sums up some of the fundamental underlying differences between the UK and continental perspectives. Situation with Scotland is complex. It's unlikely they would be able to "take over" the UKs old slot, as they're much smaller in all regards. Plus there's the currency issue - new entries to the EU are obliged to use the Euro, and of course it would mean a hard border between Scotland and England. Now is not the time for another referendum. France's labour market is too rigid, has been for years. It's why they're still struggling to recover from 2008. It also partly (only partly) explains why so many people want to migrate to Britain rather than the continent. Britain went through that pain with Thatcher in the 80's. France, as is their wont, ducked and weaved but ultimately didn't. Catholics in Northern Ireland have wanted that ever since partition in 1922. Despite Britain having fought hard against the IRA in the 70's and 80's, mainland Britain isn't particularly interested. That said, I doubt there will be a referendum. Hey, it's worse after every general election, where >50% didn't get what they wanted. Be interesting to see how/if things have changed 3 months from now. Conflict of interest statement: I am English, but not entitled to a vote through having lived abroad for too long. I'm not old enough to have voted to stay in the EEC in 1975, but I'm not 18-24 either.
  11. Yeah, but that's usually the case, I'd be surprised if the breakdown for the last general election isn't much different. Population is getting older, and older people are more likely to vote, which skews the stats somewhat. There's a pretty good explanation here: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-eu-referendum-36574526. Points 1 and 5 are, I think, pretty significant as they have a knock on effect. Farage's raison d'etre just disappeared, and comparing Johnson with Trump? Come on. There's a difference between appearing a buffoon and actually being one. The guy was elected Mayor of London twice ffs. More weirdly, based on an email I've just received it appears I've been invited to Sandbox despite not having played for 18 months...
  12. It's getting so bad that I can't even play PVE during the evening in Asia. I'd play on EU, but unfortunately my ISP routes to EU via the US, so my traffic goes 2/3rd around the world instead of 1/3rd, and you can't play with 300+ ping. Shame really, there was and is so much potential.
  13. Try Surveillance Center K-21B (Abandoned Shack) in the Glowing Sea, lowest level.
  14. I just logged into the website for the first time in like, forever, and what do you know, you can now change almost everything related to your account. Check your PM's.
  15. Considered returning for this but now that I've seen the requirements and timeframe I literally cbf'd. Been away for a year and nothing has changed. Top forum topics are rigging and cheat mods? I'd give my account away if I could.
  16. Feet Player "ohbiggy" in game asked if he could join ID10T. Since we're just a group of folks that wanna plat, I don't see why not. Can you send him an invitation?
  17. It doesn't affect your camo i.e. it really, really doesn't have any purpose. One of the devs confirmed that on the official forum. I found it somewhat helpful to know that someone was driving behind me though - cos unlike WoT if someone hits you up the chuff you both slow down...
  18. Nice. From what I've seen the BMD 3 and 4 are just evil in even semi-skilled hands. Anything with wheels is harder to drive with high(er) ping. Plus you hit a rock and spin 180 degrees. Not sure that's by design but it sure is annoying.
  19. LOL. Are there still benefits for that? Thought that programme expired. Anyway, better do it now, as the likelihood of coming back decreases exponentially the longer you're afk. He says having not played since January... I'm up for that.
  20. You can use your own BT client instead of their loader, which may help. I found loads and loads of clients in the swarm, but almost all offering data at very low rates, so the more you can connect, the better. ymmv.
  21. Yay, why not? I'm known as colonel_panic over there.
  22. I think I lost 4 out of 5 in the Abbot, after winning 35 in a row in normal tanks. Medium though, not hard, as the Abbot is only tier 3. I got top damage twice (on a loss) which indicates it could be useful in a platoon, but not otherwise.
  23. I bought the Abbot. However arty in PVE is a complete waste of time. Small maps, random enemy spawns, lots of high-rise shit in the way. When you do get a decent map, you usually get a team of retards leaving you as the last man standing, in which case you have no choice but to suicide. Will have to use it in PVP
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