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  1. Why did you even waste your time posting here if you are going to flame?
  2. Not proud of anything, rather mad that is was made into a cesspool of flaming by a bunch of butthurts. But if it makes you more butthurt to have it up then ask solono to remove this one as well.
  3. This was never originally meant for that, it was just news at first and then everyone just turned it into a pointless conglomeration of autism. This is just here for anyone who hasn't seen it.
  4. No more flaming, this is for news. Original Post this because the original post was destroyed by off topic arguments.
  5. Fixed it for you If you are residing in a TS that isn't operated by you, what do you expect if you insult and annoy the owner of it? It's like making fun of your land lord because their whole family died in a freak accident and then whining about how you were kicked out of his house afterwards.
  6. Who ever made that petition is genuinely retarded, you can't make a petition to shut down a Website that isn't Operated in the US. That is fuckin hilarious though.
  7. Cream, I like your view points on this whole thing
  8. [Reasonable to be angry, but don't half-cock it please] - Solono
  9. Tioga was in the clan for a very long time, he was "trusted", He invited Vonluckner to join and then appointed him Treasurer and then Vonluckner distributed 230k to both of them. Then they both left.
  10. Tioga060 and Vonluckner have seized over 1300$ worth of gold from the OTTER treasury and have left the clan. This is seriously fucked and I hope WG can do something to these two and hopefully the gold will be returned to the treasury.
  11. This poor Grant was stuck in this bug for the last half of the match lmao. WG fix yo game RIP
  12. I just really think the biggest issue is the reload time of this vehicle and maybe the penetration. The issue is the fact that it makes armor useless in most tiers and War Gaming is wanting to make armor more important lol.
  13. Well, I have been looking at the ISU 152 recently and I have noticed that it is a lot stronger than it's other tier 8 TD counter parts in penetration, damage per shot and DPM. The guns penetration is 286, which is more than enough to pen even tier 10s and the E100's turret. I also noticed that the reload time is completely broken and needs to be increase to meet something more balanced. I have done some testing and noticed that there is only 2 other TDs that barely close to 3k dpm while the ISU 152 with food and BIA with rammer and vents has a DPM of almost 3300 and a reload barely 14 seconds.
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