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  1. yip seem the mods on the forums got their red pens out big time, must the be season for "hey my dick is bigger then yours" ..
  2. nice shiner there saffee, you should refrain from telling the bouncer at the gay bar hi's partner has a nice arse ;-) <- joke people, i dont know the real facts here .. @Adriank i sort of know how you feel mate. around march/april this year i copped a 7 day ban for allegedly using illegal mods (apparently during jan/feb of 2018), only reason i could think of was that i had used aslian's mods and was having some real great success of counter firing arty with arty, after the amount of games i have played i knew very well where the regular arty hiding spots were, and yes i ha
  3. finally found the right amount of games to play per week to keep my sanity. about 4 per week and 2 per weekend. feels like im falling in love with this game again, so i'll have to half my commitment ... viva Madiba viva !! (only former south africans will see the irony in that)
  4. was in that same game with you Nut, guy was a bit salty ! yip i know, but they dont have suicide bomber badge ,.. yet !
  5. real men use a wz-120 on obj-704... killed him ded, stone cold ded, fact he a had 2 health is besides the question
  6. could we add to the calculation, how big your friend list is compared to your blacklist ?
  7. so if you a unicum in WnEZZ, you essentially a scone eating rear-entry softy that just want to hug your fellow team mates... and/or ram them up the rear ?
  8. Player Account Region RC K WNEzz (RC / K) WNEzz (K / RC) TBA 2002411513 Asia 53 39 1.36 0.74 so what does this all mean ...
  9. and the prize of "ASSHOLE of the DAY" goes to runamuccuss - camps at A0 on karalia with a td while the field is lit up with reds. gets shitty when i "kindly" try to get his attention, proceeds to push me out of a bush, in the process gets me killed and himself stuck. then tells me after the game im a losser and he is going to make $1500 today by doing nothing. i didn't know you could make that amount of money in a day by web-casting fapping on ladyboy tv from your mums basement !!! Well done runamuccuss, you a star PS, Spacy he says hello and wants me to send his regards
  10. a true gentleman, and player. such self sacrifice is exemplary to offer up a battle buddy medal in his endeavour to save the team/games from such .... words fail me
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