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  1. I am considering this one too. I like my T67 and it seems this is a similar play-style. This assumption is correct? Would you recommend buying it?
  2. This. I loathe arty. Playing it is as much fun as watching paint dry. But I feel robbed for having 20% less female (2 free skill!) crew...
  3. Tiers 1-4. Nope. Tier 5: T-67 (played the snot our of this one) T-34; pew-pew-pew. (A shot every 2 seconds!) Crusade/M7; mediums in name. Lights by game Tier 6: KV-2; the joy of the derp. T34-85; excellent gun for the tier ARL 44 (only if you use the 105 mm with skill ammo) Tier 7: T-20; good alpha dmg for tier. Excellent prem shell when in T9 games T29; nope. not boring, never. (Stop it. I shall send Valachio to where you live!) Tier 8: T-32 (hulldown FTW) 110; beats IS3 hands down; simply better gun-handling. Tier 9: E50: Godly when top tier. Prem shells for T1
  4. Played my first day today and ended up with 57K dmg and 44 kills. (all nations combined.) I have 2 weeks off so I might have a serious go at 4-5 nations and see where I end up. I will not spend € 30,- or more. Perhaps € 20,- and for sure if I need only only one nation token. We'll see.
  5. It gets even sillier the moment you see that the T62a has (as good as) the same expected value as the Type 61, (the T9 Fapanese med.) Ah well. Only stats I suppose and mine are not salvageable anyhow.
  6. Patton 160a. Tier 10 USA med with good view range, decent/good camo and an actual 'hard' turret for hull down ownage.
  7. Is the type 61 also an option for this method? (compared to leo pta?)
  8. Comrade. This capitalist tank needs the nerf in order to compensate the buff to IS3.
  9. Good to know. Am about to unlock the Leo 1. Better wait a bit and buy it with a discount.
  10. Did you even notice it was not *my* argument? (look it up) Regardless;; I give zero fucks about "Zwarte Piet" / traditions but it grinds my gears that some small minority whines incessantly about some perceived injustice and the policor reflex takes over. I also want to point out that even if gehakte is not pulling punches (sometimes I'd like to see more nuances) it is ridiculous to say he is racist for pointing out the fact that certain minorities are overrepresented in criminal statistics. Facts are facts. Deal with them. It is not skin colour that defines you but your actions. Race
  11. I have to wonder though, if Zwarte Piet was a caucasian male taxpaying heterosexual would we still be having this conversation? (It's completely fine. He represents the idiots paying for all of us. Look at how his happy dance of joy makes the children smile!) -> Straw man
  12. Re; those who feel 'offended' -> from 3:40 onwards it deals with 'being offended' I rest my case.
  13. Just because some 'zeurpieten' (whiny c**ts) think it is racist it is not true. No one EVER thought anything remotely racist about 'zwarte piet' when they were children. But if *you* feel that it is racist; feel free to do it differently. I am fine with that. Just stop telling *others* what *they* should do. Or think.
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