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  1. So fam, I downloaded this tanky game and tried it. I shot things and died lots, but on the plus side i didnt get ragey or punch anything :). Rating 5 Apathies out of 10
  2. PETCO is a group of clans named after animals that are all on the same TS. correct me if i am wrong, but the NA section currently consists of OTTER, PBKAC, FOXEY, BUNNY and PUPPY (based on who is in TS). There is also an ASIAN spinoff but i doubt your interested in that.
  3. I go to the other parts, but purely lurk because I am way out of my depth.
  4. The rise of DPS on SEA can be found in cr/d. Probs best to ask stormtroop3r, he has links to everything. But to put it basically, guys from eMPire and PBKAC were friends and wanted to be in the same clan, but refused to join the others clan. So they made their own, and many of the best went and joined (including the avant guys from PANZACs). Hence the old hate between MP and DPS during the first 2 campaigns before both basically died (DPS struggle to have 5 people on when there is no campaign on).
  5. There are no real mentor clans on ASIA. But you could always message me about joining PBKAC. Or you could join and decent clan and learn from those around you.
  6. They split the Asia server off and it only has a population of about 20k during peak (after 2 years). So i doubt population will be an issue to WG (be prepared for completely horrible matchmaker though).
  7. Feet, your making me want to fly planes again. Is it still retarded in terms of progression though (I stopped actively playing/paying attention when they did the tiering changes).
  8. I am pretty sure you have just alienated every decent clan. Good luck with your search though.
  9. Go to reddit instead, if you skip the retarded thread/new peeps asking stuff it is quite decent. Not as good as here but far better than the offical forums. As to the CW battles, we played alright against fairly poor teams. I just liked that we locked 15 of BALLS Tonks and took their LZ and got called cheaters by FALLN.
  10. Ezz, your missing all the fun. We are harvesting pubbie tears and warpack accusations like never before. Apparently beating someone 15-nil in CW must be warpack. Who would have thought.
  11. Do you know how cancerous serene coast is of a map. Like seriously fucked up. Also, I really need a defence strat for that map. The one I tried tonight was horrible.
  12. Ezz, the comment was suggesting that the dog on the Rudy tank could be used as extra combat rations for Vietnamese players.
  13. I disagree, it would be about a 4/5. It was intended as a insult, therefore gets red penned. Cent is fairly consistent.
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