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  1. lowe is my most played tank at just over 2k battles. roughly 60% w/r and most of them are solo. of course I'm also not a purple, although I'm actually better than my stats say I am when I'm tryharding. For example in my tier 10's, I don't like goofing off so their win rates vary between 60 and 70% as long as you ignore my m60 stats. Damage averages are still kinda low, but that's because the games I do lose are complete trainwrecks because I don't feel compelled to stick around and farm damage when I can jump ship and get in a different tank, but I digress. 60-65% solo is a fairly reasonable assumption for a good player in a reasonably decent tank. It also has to do with what tanks you play when because map rotation can play a critical role in a particular vehicle's effectiveness. So can whats in the mm queue. Some days I love the lowe and hate the t34. other days its opposite. The trick is to just avoid the cursed tanks in your garage, but they do change daily. Except the m60. I only ever seem to have good games when i drive backwards and shoot HE.
  2. well after evaluation I feel the vents is superior option over gld when not running optics on the stb, but only when used with bia and food.
  3. that sounds right. I'm sticking with the gld on the stb atm though but I also run food. I spend so much time mobile and spooting around hills that the more time I can spend in motion the more likely my turret armor will be effective and the less likely arty will direct me. It is however the only exception in my garage as far as T10 mediums go and to be honest after evaluating the gld for a few days I may very well go back to vents.
  4. I started with vents, but next time i drive I'm going to try gld because I haven't tried it yet and want to see comparatively its impacts on my play style before I actually settle on anything. I do run vents on my Leo instead of optics though, hardly ever lighting my own targets in that tank and when I am its an early scout to catch movers. It's weird but I find optics super effective on most heavy tanks, the Russian ones I've driven excluded. Vert+gld on the Is7 turn it into a super accurate rail gun and its armor and speed is good enough to just herp a derp forward and rake in steel walls, but since the handling on those guns is worse than the STB's gun I have a reason to give it a try as I said before. Although there is Russian bias and despite the occasional trololo, russian 122's and beyond have god guided accuracy and penetration power... Not that I'm complaining, mind you. IS-7 is now one of my favorite tanks after buying it back from a rage selling that happened 2 years ago.
  5. why do you use so many mods to play the game for you? I don't even know what half that crap indicates. either way, i'd probably go into the town and wait until they start capping, so that they expend their skirmish entry energy on nothing and wind up in the open where i can use the t34's turret to advantage because of the elevation difference, although still being mindful of a flank. They would most likely come from the e-6/7 area because its the fastest to your cap, but if they were aware of you climbing the hill one or two may decide to go that way, so its important to keep this in mind while you are moving through hard cover so you can reduce your chance of being spotted before you're ready. Also, you can introduce some additional psychological warfare. for example "engines broken :/" or "my ammo rack is done I'm going back to garage come kill me I'm in (good location for you to ambush)" either way, collectively they can probably outdamage/hitpoint you so you have to use as many mitigating factors as possible, like limiting the number of guns that can shoot you and where, and engaging them or getting lit ideally when they are not moving. psychologically speaking you're more likely to get swarmed when vehicles are already in motion and looking for you, then when they're sitting still. This is part of the psychology behind "hurr lets get on the cap circle and get shot from 5 different directions". Also, you want to avoid sending any sort of signal that indicates you're running. in a many vs one scenario, again the many are less likely to come to you if they have the impression you will still give them opportunities to shoot from where they are. in other words don't throw away your mitigation factors for the engagement. but then again your team sucked and they don't deserve the winning bonus for leaving you with three tanks left. I'd drive into the lake because according to that picture you already have a hero medal and that ensures your credits and experience, which is the only reason I drive my T34. Unless you're in a platoon, doing that is rude when you're in a platoon so just use what I said before.
  6. JS-7. Russia stronk. Or Maus, but you might not like the Maus if I remember your preferences about artillery. Then again, no other tank looks this good doing absolutely nothing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOKxVgoPoHs
  7. idiot gun. it does everything better for the cost of a few penetration you won't notice. If you even pen and make damage with every heat round you just might break even if you're shooting at 9's and 10's, but when I was grinding it I shot a mix depending on the angles and thickness involved.
  8. I really worked at a moderate effort to make that video too
  9. if people want to win they should put in effort themselves. carrying a team of people who put in no effort just enables them to hurt more people and climb tiers faster. I won't do it and will stop immediately once i'm sure I have a hero medal so i can get full exp and credits. and i'd rather play for fun than performance, so there's that. Same old isn't fun for me and its not like i'm getting paid to play top notch, so if my stats suffer because I'm constantly trying new things then so be it. 59% average from mostly solo play in a lot of tanks that you shouldn't solo with and a lot of tanks from stock on up is good enough for me. Although I'd prefer a 45% win rate so people with xvm would stop focusing me when I play tanks I like. The whole stats thing ruins the game the same way bad players ruin the game.
  10. on average games turn into a bunch of 3-4v3-4 skirmishes. firstly, if you cant get somewhere without taking damage, don't go alone or if alone, not until you're loaded. secondly, identify the stagnation zones, and the isolated players, and then go about shifting skirmishes into favor of your own team by killing these isolated players. The first two magazines are the most important because you want to start the snowball early. Always have an escape route, and try to plan your attack vectors in a fashion where you yourself do not get isolated. Autoloaders are a priority target, but if you're loaded nobody will want to mess with you. They might try if they have a corner to hide behind, but what makes autoloaders so deadly is that when someone makes a mistake, with a normal tank you can only shoot them one time, but with an autoloader you're like 4-6 tanks shooting at him in the same time frame meaning more damage and a deader tank.
  11. that's because the 39% of games I lose I do very little damage due to my refusal to single handedly carry bad players, or because I tried something new and it didn't work. The latter of which bleeds over into winning games on occasion. Realistically only around 48% or so of my games have 3000-4000+ damage, which is why my average is so low, but I still win 61% of the time. In fact up until 200 battles I had a very high win rate and a very high average damage which was around the time I typically start getting bored and start trying new things. Not that I even care about stats in random games in the first place because its too much work to be fun. psychologically rewarding maybe, but I don't work unless I'm getting paid.
  12. I seem to be doing just fine, but I appreciate your concerns. http://youtu.be/PAx1cFA8maE?t=12m27s
  13. Getting a Maus for stats is the wrong reason to have a Maus. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOKxVgoPoHs
  14. No. I refuse to accept only one viable combination.
  15. currently running vents rammer binoculars chocolate, bia, sit awareness. Used to use camo net instead of vents but the camo firing difference isn't substantial enough to justify the slot because leo is a flanker sniper not a scout, and bushes are op. I currently do not use a fire extinguisher, and have zero repair skill. In my experience if I get tracked I'm dead before I can get moving again so it is not that important of a skill to me, and I rarely get set on fire, although If I am having one of those kinds of days I will trade my healthpack for a fire extinguisher, or I will stop using chocolate. Why not use vert or optics? Because vert and optics are useless at close range in the leo, and since distance usually has the luxury of time, binoculars for spotting, and vents because vents retains usefulness at all ranges and goes nicely with bia. Although smooth ride+snap shot+bia+vert+gld= laser pointer, zero aim time, which means you can just cruise around auto aiming people to death. But in my experience I play solo a lot so view range wins me more games because of campy teams.
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