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  1. There's a myriad of things that can cause this. In addition, I would expect a laptop do see high disk usage for a while after booting up, even my rigs with SSDs get decent usage. Does the problem occur if you start with safe mode? If you run any AV besides Defender, uninstall it. Open a command prompt and run: chkdsk.exe /f /r OEMs don't test the HDDs to see if they're functional. Windows may have encountered bad sectors on the drive is attempting to relocate at risk data, but is consistently unable to read it. The check disk might fix that. Could take a really long time though. It's possible that one of the drivers Asus loaded is causing this, too. There may be an update that fixes it. You can attempt to troubleshoot everything and solve it, but I would just do the check disk command and then reinstall base Windows. No factory or OEM restore, just MS Windows.
  2. What, how many of them, and to whom do I have to sacrifice to get opposition like that all the time? Those are the games you're most capable of carrying in, when everyone else is bad. I don't understand why some of you guys want to be playing against Vulcans every game.
  3. VRAM requirement has little to do with Crysis 3's performance. It doesn't even use that much, 2560x1600 with 8x MSAA is still under 3GB. At 1080p any 2GB card can handle max textures with reasonable AA too. And if you're talking about memory bandwidth, well the 660 Ti outperforms the 7950 even though it has 100GB/s less bandwidth, less VRAM, and an asymmetric memory design that has 512MB of its VRAM with only 48GB/s. Crysis 3 is hard to max because of complex shaders, shadowing, tessellation, particles, etc. Not textures. A 960 won't even average 60 FPS on medium in The Witcher 3 at 1080p. Same with AC:U, DA:I, it can't max games that are pushing graphics now, certainly won't over the next couple of years, especially with GPUs on a smaller process coming out next year.
  4. No matter what you buy it won't max out games for the next two years. Nvidia and AMD will release 16nm GPUs next year, whatever you buy today is going to be obsolete in 2016. At 1600x900 a 960 can't even max out games like Crysis 3 from 2013.
  5. Every single time my tank gets destroyed I go back to the garage before I remember I get to respawn. I enjoy it, you get to play tier X tanks and not worry about anything.
  6. Technically, based on that you have 0% packet loss, all of them made the trip. What you have is some packets taking a very long time to make the trip. Instead of using ping do a traceroute with tracert. This will tell you where the delay is in the route. You can easily figure out if the problem is the router. And do it to something else, try google.com or something. Do you have another device that you can connect to the router via ethernet temporarily? Doesn't seem like a malfunction with the radio, but you never know. I'm gonna assume that you've already checked for interference on whatever band you're using. Double check your routers config and make sure you didn't do anything dumb. Also, don't use large font, and the rest of you shouldn't quote it.
  7. There is no DX 12.1. Feature Level 12_0 and Feature Level 12_1 are both part of DX 12. Feature Levels don't constitute a new version of the DX API by themselves. Mantle efficiency doesn't require any specific Feature Level equivalent either. Many GCN cards don't meet Feature Level 12_1, the performance gains of Mantle and DX 12 mostly come from greater efficiency and exposing lower level access. I'm talking about the conference Su gave last week. She said that they would launch high performance GPUs with 3D stacked high bandwidth memory in the current financial quarter. I don't expect it to be a paper launch either. I'm personally holding out for AMD's new GPUs. Probably going to get the 390 instead of the 390X. I'd really like to upgrade before The Witcher 3 releases, but I think my 760 will handle it fine on a medium-high mix until I can upgrade. Do you guys prefer to use kb + m or a controller for these kinds of games? Haven't gamed on a console in years so I'd have to buy one, but I've been thinking about it for this game.
  8. Every single existing DX11 card will support DX12, but not all of them will support Feature Levels 12_0 and 12_1. All DX11 cards will be able to run DX12 games with the advantages of a more efficient API, but if the devs choose to implement things like resource binding, tiled resources, or conservative rasterization, some cards won't get to use those features. Also, AMD announced that they will start selling new GPUs in this financial quarter, which ends in June.
  9. Why nerf the 113 so hard? It's not that great to start with. 220 on the AP round is laughable. EDIT: Oh, same gun on the 120, that's why.
  10. So I got this working, the program just grabs your dossier and then calculates xTE for each tank from the data. But it's slightly different from the Russian's version. Instead of using yellow WN8 players and the 100th best I used WN8 expected and top .1%. I don't know of any method to get top results for an individual tank, which is why i went with .1% instead of the 100th ranked player.
  11. I don't understand some of the variables. Davg = The tanks server average? Kmin = ??? I initially assumed the K was shorthand for kills, but F is the kills variable. Dt = your personal damage in the tank? Dmax = server best? Then there's Kd and Kf, I can't figure out those either.
  12. Is there a way for NA players to see their xTE ratings without using XVM? If there isn't, I will create one.
  13. The issue with MMOs is that you have a bunch of players constantly forcing updates, requiring your computer to do more work so that what you're looking at is correct. The CPU can be preparing a frame for the GPU when a player changes the direction of his tank. That frame is useless now cuz the player is facing a different direction, so the CPU has to construct a new frame for the GPU. You have 30 players all changing what they're doing every second. Once your PC gets that data from the server it has to modify what it's rendering. This basically "wastes" CPU power, and since there's a single thread feeding the GPU it can get bogged down easily. DX12 makes enables the user-mode driver to work with multiple threads (it also has significantly less overhead), but the developer has to write their game engine so that it uses multiple threads on the CPU to feed the GPU. WG maintains a really crappy engine so I'm not confident in their ability to do that. To get the kind of results that you want from DX12 would require major changes to the engine that WG isn't interested in making.
  14. Alright, lets use damage dealt for those meds. Himmelsdorf is 2nd with winter at 3rd, and Ruinberg is 4th. Evil reworked brawling maps like El Halluf are 9th, Murovanka is 12, Kharkov is 18th. You mentioned Malinovka, and after glancing at VBAddict's data for tier IX, meds do more damage and win more than heavies on that map. So it's more appropriate to gripe about getting Mal in a heavy, not a med. If you compare maps with those meds' highest spotting damage to their highest win rate, none of the top assisted maps are in the top 10 for win rate. But you do see a lot of city maps doing much better than people claim. Even Airfield (25, with a greater win rate than the IX HTs) is ahead of many more open maps. Vision games have always been ineffective, it's why light tanks are rather useless. People complain about it being removed and how they can't play meds anymore, but there isn't any data to back it up. Meds can fight effectively in closer range engagements. I'm not arguing that everything should be designed for CQC, but WG can definitely make maps that cater to multiple classes. I mentioned earlier that meds are more versatile, they're strength on city maps is greater compared to heavies on maps like Prokh or Northwest. And in general terms, based on win rate data, meds perform better than heavies on more maps, and by a greater margin. For losses, heavies have more poorly performing maps and lose with greater frequency compared to the meds. Hence why I can't understand why everyone things meds are a consistent underclass, they're doing fine. The other issue is that the kinds of maps people want are terrible for heavy tanks. Everyone is asking for meds to be put on a pedestal much higher than what heavies are at right now.
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