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  1. I know it for a fact, here's some leaked footage from Season 6:
  2. I like how they call King Stannis killing a usurper who planned to kill him the next day murder, but don't call Brienne murdering the rightful King murder.
  3. Wasn't a fan of Empire, but I actually liked Napoleon Total War, though that may have just been a byproduct of Napoleon being my favorite historical figure, so leading him to total victory is appealing.
  4. So long as we're talking about fashion, I think there are good examples to learn from:
  5. The Riverlands were already fighting alongside the North, since the war started with Tywin burning, looting, and raping the Riverlands in retaliation for Catelyn's abduction of Tyrion.
  6. That's what I meant by telling them to stop being dicks. If Robb had yelled at them about how they were going against what Ned would have wanted, he might have been able to get them to fall in line. Could have just lost the loyalty of some of his bannermen too though, feudalism is a bitch.
  7. Imagine if Robb had told his bannermen to quit being dicks and sworn fealty to the Mannis, as his father would have wanted. A glorious world it would have been.
  8. There was one change in the movies that annoyed me, when they had the forces of man basically lose the Battle of Pelennor Fields and be bailed out by the army of the dead, when in the books the dead only helped them take the Umbar fleet and they picked up more Gondor troops on the way. Wasn't too broken up about the removal of Tom Bombadil though. As for Loras, I feel like there's something he's supposed to be doing that isn't being imprisoned right now, possibly something to do with attacking Dragonstone. Fucks sake, D&D, just follow the goddamn books.
  9. For someone who talks about her oaths so much, she sure was quick to violate House Tarth's oath to support the Lord of House Baratheon and side with the traitor and usurper Renly instead.
  10. Knowing our luck, they're giving the Battle of the Ice to fucking Littlefinger and his army of the Vale. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3lW05E2CBJQ
  11. Yeah, up to 3 is more or less solid. 4 went downhill a bit. 5 was a travesty.
  12. Who needs armor when you have PECS AND ABS OF STEEL I also like how they cut the Thespians and Thebans that fought to the death in the end alongside the Spartans.
  13. Come on man, hoplites being oiled beefcakes in speedos is totally a historically accurate, good idea, and persian Immortals WERE orcs, so that's fine. Now I'm having flashbacks to other poorly done historical movies. Troy, Alexander, goddammit make it stop.
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