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  1. Holy shit you're alive! It was dumber than the LIMBO/JIMBO split
  2. I hardly ever run out of gold ammo in a match due to carrying more than I actually need. Also, playing nothing but Type 64s in strongholds with a credit bonus active is quite profitable. About 35-50K profit for 3-4 min.
  3. I always carry at least 25% gold ammo to use as needed.
  4. You will want a 59-16 for close/ mid range fights against non-heavies. People hate on the low pen, but the 106 pen APCR is enough for other lights and cromwells/ A-43s. The T37 has a DPM of ~2.1K The 59-16has a DPM of ~2.4K while only having to expose itself about one third of the time.
  5. Guthixnut


    I have it and "Beat" it back in version 1.1 (I think that was the update). I have not played it in about a year and a half.
  6. If anyone needs an extra member, I am available for all battles. I have been playing skirmishes regularly since skirmish 10 last year. I am only interested in finding a team for this one week. My relevant tanks: Leo 1 Bat Chat 62A 907 13 90 Bulldog
  7. O we do. The peak possible solo Win Rate is ~70% Relevant info: I can't find the link for this but, a while ago there was a challenge where some super unicums from NA played solo on EU and vise versa. They ran 1 tank of their choice for about 100 or 200 games with full premium load out. At the end their win rates were all about 67-70% or so. Edit: I believe a winrate of ~85% is the peak for a 3 man platoon. Also, As Luthrior / Luna mentioned, some premium tanks (namely the IS-6) can get better win rates than most non premium.
  8. http://worldoftanks.com/uc/tournaments/1185-Skirmish_13/ Look at the gold payout chart.
  9. I don't even say this, the caller just says "everyone go here except for Guth because he is going to go to this other spot regardless of what I say".
  10. I don't even know what max settings looks like, I am happy to get 70 FPS with minimum settings.
  11. I just bought the T-54 Lt, it is amazing. Why do I still have my WZ-132?
  12. Fixed I want to point out that Skirmishes and Strongholds can be a good way of getting your name out there for those who do not look at the forums much,
  13. So much salt over so little... O well, at least we will be left alone now.
  14. Dirt, I do not see my avatar on your picture, I am disappoint. -_-
  15. Considering that Lights no longer have +4MM, the answer is no. Do not use binocs, use optics.
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