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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVrfSAvXaGI
  2. Do I need some sort of permit to post on this site? You clicked on the post you fucking clown/clowns! Fucking chump jog on!!!
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEQhv1OpF5c
  4. Play to win and the wn8 should increase with it eventually. You're best to ignore wn8 anyway
  5. "What do you mean?" The little reload timer over the tanks. It's bright green or red. I was wondering is there a less "bling" version of it as I find it a little distracting?. I'm sure though I'll get used to it :-D.. Again thanks..
  6. Sela many thanks as always for the most excellent mod pack . I really like the reload timer thing,very handy. Is there a more discreet version of it by any chance? I mean visually discreet. TY in advance..
  7. It's also directed by the guy how did the original 3.. Always a good sign...
  8. I don't know what way it is over in the states but over here your money is insured anyway,so it doesn't really matter if your money is stolen,you get it back. Yes it's a pain in the ass but not the end of the world. My debit card got skimmed at an atm about 6 months ago,got a call from the bank asking had I gone to Romanian recently and bought a flat screen TV and a sofa! :-)
  9. That is my favorite,my original post has a typo :-(. It's such a strange gun sound,but also pretty cool.
  10. I've only recently started using sound mods,man have I been missing out! They add so much to the tanking experience,such an awesome mod can't believe it's taken me thus long to get them.I'm using the Gnomefathers mod. Anyway what's you favorite gun sound? I've not heard loads so far and I don't even own the tank which has my favorite so far but it belongs to the KV5 gun.lol it's just Idk....strange! It almost sound like a bell,I find myself smiling when I hear it echoing across the battlefield! Do these sounds have any basis irl or are they purely made up? So what's yours? :-)
  11. I think poorer players who hardcamp in TD's is as a result of them being raped in other classes. They tend to sit with their "backs to the wall" as a means to stop them getting flanked! If they sit at base the whole map is on front of them so the don't need particularly good map awareness as the can see most avenues of approach. I even my play my Jag 8.8cm aggressively,by aggressively I mean I will follow the heavies if the map permits it. I find the better players tend to watch out for you as they value your dpm and your ability to perma-track enemies for them. I find this a very useful s
  12. That's plan B if I cant find one of those over sized ones the other chap posted a link to for reasonable money.
  13. That looks the bizzo thanks! Unfortunately its out of my budget but I'm going to try find a second hand version of something similar,that actually looks like my boys bike! . Thanks. I hope to remain completely injury free.. I will take Burdens advice and try find one like he linked. It looks similar to the boys one,I will stick the pegs and whatever other crap he wants on it,he'll never know the difference... Ahh a cheap way maybe to do it... hmm. Cheers. My budget is only 150 euro tops mate and for exactly the reasons you outlined,
  14. Thanks for the help guys :-)
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