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  1. Sploofy

    GTA 5 PC

    ill be buying it for sure, download shouldnt be a problem
  2. i loved my SU-100 but i ram the 100 on it because i felt like the reload and gun handling on the 122 was too poor. Try and pop off a shot then relocate to another position by the time you reload then take another shot. Rinse repeat and you should easily pass 1k dpg. Honestly, focusing on relocating and not dying is much more important then trying to fire as fast as possible.
  3. Did they give out free T10 crews?

    1. deathmachine16


      they're from the 8 bit mode crews

    2. Sploofy


      ahh i see, was wondering why i had a foch and E5 crew now

    3. deathmachine16
  4. Meanwhile in Labs, been inactive for 6 months. Still Diplo. GG no Re.
  5. Played 2 games, dont think im making a return to WoT

  6. Patching game. Send help ;_;

    1. 37h
    2. Kitten


      swing by more often~

    3. Grimoire_of_Alice


      I'm disappointed..thought the assassin I sent succeeded yet here you are. Back.

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  7. If you ever see me online shoot me an invite!
  8. I quit WoT for CS:GO, LoL and Runescape (childhood nostalgia stronk) So play those
  9. How do you make those sigs with gifs?

  10. i still read the forums even tho i dont play anymore. idk whats wrong with me.

    1. Xen


      I have 8k posts on the official forums. Barely any in the off topic subsection. I can relate :3

    2. MisterSwift


      Me too. Having more fun reading about the game than playing it ;(

    3. Cunicularius


      git gud fgts

      Past 7 Day: 67.86% 3132

      Avg Tier 9.16

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  11. I HAVE made an introduction thread, but will make another. Whalecum!
  12. We have 2 buttons that do the same thing http://i.imgur.com/W1dQtVs.png

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    2. The_Super_Soldier


      maybe it's all just one huge button that looks like 3?

    3. Rexxie


      Nope, they have different hover text :P

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  13. everyone but me has got their cool christmas themed avatars ;_;

    1. KnobbyHobbGoblin
    2. KnobbyHobbGoblin


      Didn't want to wait for an answer, so here's the 4 minute version:


      Enjoy ;)

    3. Sploofy


      ehrmagurd thanks so much :D

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  14. Looks awesome! Great work Never!
  15. 1) He's under 1k games 2) He doesnt play tier 10 3) He pads in tanks that have low expected damage
  16. i watched a stream for a bit and it made me miss playing WoT :c

    1. Patient0


      Don't. WoT itself is cancer

  17. Is WoT fun to play again?

    1. Brontoscorpio
    2. Flametz


      KV-1S. Fun on pixel tracks. (No seriously get it if you love derp. Otherwise... Nope)

    3. tyehua


      Bby why you no on when I start playing CS?

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  18. I think its that time of the year again, time to take a good long break from tonks.

    1. Brendanthekid
    2. Sploofy


      Whenever i play i just get aggravated, i need a break

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