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  1. Uggh i have to grind 3 million credits Q.Q

    1. Cunicularius


      o3o ...I could help if you promise not to .38 special me.

    2. MrsmilieyfaceC8
  2. What gun do you run on the T-34? I ran the 57 because i felt the gun handling on the 76 was too poor. If only it could perform like the A-43s 76...
  3. Guy just said STB is hands down best tank in the game because it has better wr/kills/damage then 90% of the tanks in the game. But wouldnt that mean there are 10% of the tanks that are better then it? :S

    1. RutgerS



    2. Private_Miros


      Err, whithout forming a judgement on the STB, if it's 90% better in all, then yes, it's a better thank that those that are in the top 10% of one category, but lower in the other two.

    3. Sploofy


      Maybe, idk he was a red that was calling us all morons for not bowing to the superiority of his STB.

  4. I was wondering if you could add in the mod that gives you the extra serverside crosshairs? Its really helpful to me and one reason why i like Sela's mod pack. You could add it in an optional mods folder in case not everyone wants it.
  5. It was fun! I derped a few times and then did really well a few times! 11/10 would platoon again.
  6. Does anyone know what the mod that gives you a separate server crosshair is called? And maybe a link to it for 9.3? <3

  7. Im an intelligence officer ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    1. Chryses


      Well... Go do something smart then.

    2. Brendanthekid
  8. I dont watch MLP and i know you dont either but regardless i thought i'd sperg this into your thread. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1HZp4ClFXY
  9. Finally get a good plat going with cool guys and my internet crashes QQ

    1. Shade421


      happens to me too. last time was before i joined badgr, during an evaluation plat for another top clan

    2. Chiefofops


      My cat turned off my router during a clan war one time. He's no longer allowed in the room during big games...

    3. Nicook5
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  10. Id say Labs but the fact you only have 4 posts means you'd need to get a bit more active before being eligible.
  11. How much would could a kewei chuck if arty was removed from the game?
  12. I'll platoon more with you guys but right now im really focused on grinding the last 20k exp on my T54 for the 140<3
  13. Platooned with Chief and he was pretty cool. Gets my recommendation. +1
  14. Guy on enemy team bragging about it being a 60% chance to win for them. I proceed to do 5k damage and win the game. Fuck you random asshat.

    1. tomhwk


      there's a reason they're like 40%, they actively fuck the team over by being fuckheads, game after game

      They're actually worse than bots/afks.

    2. Nicook5


      i sed 50 u nerd.

    3. Sploofy
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  15. My T54 is currently my best tank by Wn8, the way i play it is i dont try and trade shots EVER. The armour will punish you and the fact that you have a good deal less alpha than most tanks your tier means trading just isnt efficient. The best way to play it is by either flanking and getting 1-2 shots off before they react or by waiting until theyre distracted by someone else then pop out and take a shot(or two depending on reload times) and go back into cover. It's not a tank that you should depend on its armour to win you fights because it doesnt really have any now. The change to a brawling meta combined with the armour nerfs has really hurt the T54.
  16. Hardest is mentoring people. Dear lord.

    1. Krontimus


      Still a better teacher than my previous status update.

    2. Burdenedfungus


      I feel bad for anyone who thinks hardest is actually legit

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