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  1. MagicalFlyingFox


    OP as fuck. There are weakspots on the turret but you still need like 350 pen. When it uses gun dep, you can literally just go fuck yourself.
  2. MagicalFlyingFox

    Any thoughts on the t92 light tank- Premium tier 8?

    EVEN 90 has a clip. You can at least kill something if you pick your targets. Its more of a stupidly camo'd passive scout where you sit literally under the nose of the enemy and not get lit which is a different playstyle.
  3. MagicalFlyingFox

    Upcoming MM changes

    And how long it took them to nerf the V4 in the face of multiple upon multiple months of shit tier 10 and CW meta.
  4. MagicalFlyingFox

    Upcoming MM changes

    WG can't decide to do anything. It doesn't surprise me that its been on test for 3 months and no other server has it yet. It took them how many months to admit 3-5-7 was an issue?
  5. MagicalFlyingFox

    Upcoming MM changes

    How can you talk when you haven't actually experienced it first hand?
  6. MagicalFlyingFox

    Upcoming MM changes

    If they change the MM to prioritise 2 tier spread like they have in ASIA, the difference it makes to the game compared to the 3-5-7 is basically night and day. The change in quality of the game is significant enough that it can actually be fun again. There is a thread somewhere here about it with a couple of responses.
  7. MagicalFlyingFox

    Serverwide Tank Statistics now available

    Holy crap, you're going ham with the site updates! Are the stats based on the players tracked by wotlabs or are they global stats?
  8. MagicalFlyingFox

    New US Prem tank destroyer the TS5

    ASIA server as it turns out is the superior server.
  9. MagicalFlyingFox

    New US Prem tank destroyer the TS5

    Same DPM as JT88. Slightly worse camo than an SU-130PM. Still unsure on armour model :/
  10. MagicalFlyingFox

    New US Prem tank destroyer the TS5

    Not a tier 10 in sight for tier 8s in ASIA. The tier 10 games are extremely rare. IS-3A is broken as fuck.
  11. MagicalFlyingFox

    New US Prem tank destroyer the TS5

    Its a better T28. WoT continuing their trend of premiums better than tech tree counterparts. This thing will be annoying as fuck on ASIA.
  12. MagicalFlyingFox

    Get Ready for the BIG Fist....Lube Up!

    The only thing I'm getting ready for is some more disappointment when the KV-5 with the totally real 1700hp engine is announced with weakspots becoming the spots of the tank you bounce 100% of the time. Unless the tier 8 premium nerfs actually happen I will continue to expect the next edition of tier 8 Powercreep^TM
  13. MagicalFlyingFox

    Any thoughts on the t92 light tank- Premium tier 8?

    That's why I got the EVEN. You can't fire because you can't really kill anything.
  14. Type 59. Never again. E-25. Never again. LeFH. Never again.