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  1. So many retards using GLD is all I got from that segment.
  2. Well, I wouldn't have a headache from watching that video.
  3. watching these devs make builds hurt my head.
  4. I love the STB-1. So does arty. I need to turn anonymiser back on i think.
  5. I never did say it was dangerous. Honestly though, the prog only really needs a 3s intraclip if they wanted to tone down its effectiveness. Not sure how the Leo1 isnt competitive but okay. I mean, with the UFP of the prog, you could almost argue the STB-1 is a paper tank and that thing is fucking great if you aren't me and get penned by arty on the move every 5 games.
  6. 430U filled a niche role in CW, now its role will just be replaced be 907s. Prog was never meta because the Leo is better at the role you would use it in. In pubs, 430U will still be a bitch to face but now it will be a bit shitty to play as well. Prog will literally be pointless for better players but shitters will still be able to magdump you for 1400.
  7. 3s intraclip, +0.2.5-0.5s to reload. Prog balanced, +0.25-0.5s to reload. maybe +0.25 to intraclip. StdB a bit more balanced.
  8. Comparing the 113 turret to the 430U turret even with these changes is like comparing the E5 turret to the Sconq.
  9. No that's for the next russian tank
  10. ISU-152K. We removed the Bl-10 from the ISU because it had too much pen.

    Now we will bring it back! But you have to pay for it. 


    Haha fuck you WG you absolute fuckstains. 

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. GehakteMolen


      I saw ISU-152k yday, wondered what kind of crappy as 122 protp type clone thing this was, till i got smashed for 770, GG

      ISU with BL-10 was awesome, in current game it will prob suck, but who knows

    3. MagicalFlyingFox


      Its shit, just buy a 130PM.

      Still bullshit. 

    4. Goldflag


      its a crappier ISU in every single way apart from 26 pen.

      ISU-152 got 200 extra HP when the BL-10 got removed. It was a good trade. 

  11. shot_674.jpg

    I just....


    Fuck this game.

  12. Is this what marketing has turned into now
  13. Tier 7 or a tier 9 in a tier 10 game are your best bets.
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