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  1. And compensating for 3-5-7 by releasing OP tier 8s
  2. Feels fucking terrible playing it because of how strong it is and how much better it is compared to literally every other 240 alpha med.
  3. The std b i tried to play like the progetto 46, but it just doesn't work because the gun isn't as accurate and has a worse aim time. The differences between the two in terms of gun stats required me to adjust my playstyle quite a bit. Comparing it to same tier tanks, it is basically better than a PTA and Type 61, but i never said otherwise. The cent 7/1 has a completely different playstyle so you can't really compare the two.
  4. Pubbies are still adjusting to the meta of not being bottom tier every tier 8 game.
  5. std B (not mine) took a bit of getting used to, the gun is a bit derpy so had to adjust the playstyle to take into account the amount of aiming you need for it.
  6. BIG TRACERS WG making tracers harder to see was one of their biggest mistakes. Also, VK3601H MEDIUM with Kone gun that had 100 extra alpha with gold. And premium account for platoons. The memories it brings back when I really enjoyed the game for the game and not just the community. Where did it all go?
  7. Back when the O-I spam was a thing, M44 with HEAT and the French tier 4 and 5 with the 105mm APCR shells... Wew.
  8. The M44 is basically a GW Panther a tier lower that trades a bit of damage and stun for a fucking 16 second reload.
  9. I personally still haven't played a game since campaign end. General burn out plus distaste in the state of the game with the OP premiums, blatantly OP tanks and artillery has taken the wind out of any motivation to double click "worldoftanks.exe".
  10. 0.36 dispersion, the zone of unpredictability. The Derp zone of accuracy. I can see this tank being frustrating in terms of the "This tank could be so much better IF IT JUST FUCKING HIT" for 95% of games. The 5% is when it actually hits.
  11. Can vouch for reliability of the secret sauce.
  12. WG weren't exactly in a position to make another map for FL
  13. Fortunately its too slow to actually do anything half the time and any time anything has your side at any angle you're pretty fucked. There's no doubt that it is usually heads and shoulders better than most tier 8 heavies.
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