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  1. Like all stats, WN8 shouldn't be taken in a vacuum. You compare it with win rate and tanks played/average tier. But using win rate + average tier/tanks played is more than enough.
  2. pen drop off is arbitrary and depends on how much vodka the guy on the numbers was on that day.
  3. Rolling for 5* CE. Get 2 copies and spooked by Jeanne on the 3rd 10 roll..........

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. MagicalFlyingFox


      Oh no, did you roll story???


    3. orzel286


      Trying to np5 cu caster? :v

    4. lavawing


      I meant to say there was no rate up for Tanya. rip no Yang Guifei tho

  4. Jeannu spook.... I just wanted a 5* event ce...

    1. orzel286


      Gacha is sentient, it knows what you want and won't give it to you.

  5. WTF? AMX AC 48 is fun??


    Finally got the autoloader on it. Actually enjoying the thing. Fucking hillarious. 

    1. Fenxis


      It gets a bad rap for inflexibility/no turret but I had a ton of fun grinding through it (recently). Unlike the Foches people seem to be not as aware that you can dumpster them, and the 3 shot clip has a pretty reload. Good pen -- but the gun traverse is kind of annoying.

    2. sohojacques


      Imagine my surprise when I first ran into one of these with the auto loader...

  6. I aced a stock AMX M4 45 in its first battle...... Oh and arty can suck a big fat cock. *incoherent politics related noises* I'm practically garbad.
  7. You say that like those tanks should be in the game as they are.
  8. No doubt. But like arty, I'm going to play them anyway because I don't give a shit anymore. Fuck WG and fuck this game.
  9. All of you miserable bastards whinging about any of the wheelies. Run them in a 2 man platoon. Right click EVERYTHING. HE EVERYTHING EBR Hotch has an insane HE shell. 280 alpha? YES PLEASE.
  10. WG broke shell consistency between calibres and even guns ages ago. Just look at all the L7A1 clones doing various damages for example.
  11. ELC EVEN 90 buff? LOLLLLLLLL ELC EVEN 90 is its own minigame of sitting in the closest bush to the enemy team. Why play active when the little shit excels at laughing at enemy light tanks inability to spot you? If i wanted to run around ill play almost any other LT. Please don't give it a more competitive gun, it makes you actually effective at killing things that get close to you instead of having your heart in your throat when anything gets near.
  12. Caern not broken at all, no sir.

    1497 1st class, 1529 Ace. 

    1. Deus__Ex__Machina


      Cearn is stupid OP currently 

      just nobody knows it

    2. lavawing


      mfw when cant even break 1.7k dpg in it :feelsbad:

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