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  1. God damn. First post this thread goes to for me is of Fork. Yes. Turbo E50!
  2. MagicalFlyingFox


    100mm was never a viable gun. It was always the piece of shit gun that had the same issues as on the 110 but even worse because you're faster. But the big 122mm boomstick can be incredibly reliable at times when it feels like it. Then again, i was always partial to big giant boom sticks on mobile platforms. I'm an idiot that 3 marked this thing.
  3. The bios update to get them to work will be early next year. B550 and X570 will have bios that support zen 3 at launch.
  4. 10700KF looks like the only Intel CPU worth it now. Its the 3600 of 8c/16t. Less single core perf, but cheaper. Even then its handicapped by Intel's horribly priced motherboards. The 5900X looks really compelling for an in-socket upgrade for me a year or two down the line. Potentially better solidworks performance than the 10900K!!!
  5. I hate the lansen but its effective. It just could be better if the gun behaved like it should on paper for me.
  6. The gun fucking hates me. Fuck the STG. Shells literally fall out of the barrel onto the dirt.
  7. It was never XVM for me. It was my clan tags that caused issues. There are only like 3-4 clans on the server with recognisable enough names for people to target. I'm back to using anonymiser again because I'm back in one of them.
  8. I played it pre equip changes (literally the patch before). Would swap vents for IRM so yeah, IRM/Vstab/Optics. Was decent. Spammed full gold in it. Generally played like a medium and magdumped 2-3 shots at a time. Permatracking is hilarious in it.
  9. mhm 3090, absolutely pointless for almost every use case except VRAM bound use cases.
  10. Running multiple instances of the game on a potato does that.
  11. If you want to OC and feel that satisfaction of MOAR GAINS, Intel would probably be best. Don't have to worry about FCLK and just crank up that voltage and clock. That 10700K deal sounds pretty good. But you could also feel those MOAR GAINS with a non xmp run and then turning on xmp with AMD. The jump is huge.
  12. 3700X mem OC is super easy. 3600Mhz ram with low timings, keep your FCLK the same as the ram clock and you will get big gains in perf. You can also dump more voltage and try to go higher but the biggest and easiest gains are with just keeping your FCLK the same as the Memory clock. So its pretty much as easy as running XMP and upping your FCLK to 1800 for 3600Mhz ram. Headroom isn't that high but you can get CPU clocks up a few points. For mobos, an X570 or B550 is fine. You don't need to go to the top to be able to OC as you can OC with B550. Honestly though, high end B550 boards and Midrange X570 boards overlap in price so same shit either way. Most of what you do still seems to prefer higher clocks, so Intel would be better but whether its enough to justify the extra cost is another matter.
  13. Intel are still outright better in pure FPS numbers. Biggest point of suck is lack of PCIe 4.0, which might be a problem 4-5 years down the line if you only upgrade your GPU but won't be a problem if you are going to be building a new system anyway. At which time DDR5 should be the new standard. AMD have better value per core currently. I personally think they're going to be a lot closer to Intel in pure gaming performance, maybe even matching them, but surpassing them would be a small surprise but not within the realm of impossibility. The next gen AMD CPUs will be more expensive than current ones given the amount of price drops they have had, the value proposition may not be there anymore. This is all speculation anyway and maybe something to keep in mind if you end up waiting long enough
  14. The latest tanks to have a gold shell that doesn't drastically change what it can do is the ISU-152K and further back the two lootbox tanks. And maybe the Senlac since it really doesnt matter if you use AP or APCR in that thing. Oh, and the renegade. The bourrasque, TL-1, LIS, This thing and the Rampanzer though completely transform by pressing the 2 key. The ratio with this criteria favours the former, but that's because of the existence of the tanks that were already OP without gold shells in the first place. Either way, slap on some 2 key and only 2 recent premium tanks are not insanely strong and maybe 4 aren't retardedly strong.
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