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  1. Caern not broken at all, no sir.

    1497 1st class, 1529 Ace. 

    1. Deus__Ex__Machina


      Cearn is stupid OP currently 

      just nobody knows it

    2. lavawing


      mfw when cant even break 1.7k dpg in it :feelsbad:

  2. lol NA plebs talking about passive meta. Come to fucking ASIA.
  3. I'm waiting for the GL850 to drop below $750 AUD before I get one. Unfortunately my GPU wont handle it properly... but i should be upgrading when Volta comes out.
  4. I don't know anymore. The ignorance is astounding, so its just time to actually negrep for a change. Imagine being so shit you get shit on by a not-EBR LT.
  5. Is it getting the graphical changes or has that already happened?
  6. Fuck i love farming 3k damage in LTs on open maps when I can just play the 907 and farm 5k on the same map. Or farming SFA because its Ensk as an LT as opposed to being useful with more hp, armour, DPM, pen and accuracy over an LT in a 907. People farm damage in LTs because they're stat-whoring morons who are willing to be 1/5th as effective for purple stats. If you play an LT you are going to early-scout. What is the point of your mobility otherwise? If you think people farm damage in an LT because of their mobility, you are clearly a retard. People have been farming damage in LTs since forever because its the least damage/effort per wn8 you can do in this game. There is no other reason. Purple WN8, green WR. WN8 is everything because NA. And if you cant figure out why the EBR is broken, you are a fucking retard. Try hitting the fucker. A 43%er driving like a moron will just absorb all the shots you take at it in the wheels. They will spot you 50m from spawn because of how fast they are and you can't do anything when arty/TDs/that EBR decides to fuck you over because you literally just drove from spawn. Plus they make literally all other LTs in the game useless. What is the point of playing a T-100 when an EBR can just drive up to your bush and proxy you without taking any damage because no one can hit it? Plus it'll spot you before you get near the bush anyway because its faster than you.
  7. Not sure why you would damage farm in an LT instead of actually scout in one when you can just play a medium and damage farm 100000x better because your gun isn't massively gimped in every stat for the sake of mobility. Passive LTs haven't really been much of a thing since 2014, especially since EBRs are a thing now. The only things that can even really try to passive scout most of the time are things like the ELC EVEN which passive scouts in the enemy half of the map. The British LTs all universally are shit because passive scouting is what WG wanted them to be for.
  8. Never had any real issue with lack of gun depression, only lack of gun elevation.
  9. Unfortunately the E50 is relatively popular so you can't do the "Play it once in a blue moon" method like i did with the WZ-120. Played it once for the first time in forever and the marks jumped nearly 10% to 94.7%. Expected values dropped to what I assume is/was 3k combined.
  10. Under WoT timelines, "Just around the corner" means 2 years and "imminent" means at least 6 months
  11. Talk of brit LTs but no Wheelies? How could you forget about the game breaking bullshit of wheelies?
  12. 2 weeks of nonstop farming.

    1. orzel286


      Local fox taken to hospital with apple overdose :D

    2. MagicalFlyingFox



  13. I wonder if the shift in meta makes other servers closer to the ASIA server where you get less morons just driving into the open for no apparent reason.
  14. If you need personalised help, you can just put up replays to people to analyse. There is almost always something you could have done better and decisions you should have made. Its another way to gather the input of better players based on situations you were in.
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