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  1. Meh I just collect the waifus. Speaking of which, I rolled a 10 roll to try to get JAGUAR MAN higher NP. I got no JAGUAR MAN. I got fucking Titoria.
  2. I did end up getting Melt, in the first 10 roll. Now to save for god knows what. Castoria i guess? I'm gonna roll a couple whenever i feel i guess.
  3. Okita J(etpack) Soji get. SURPRISE drop of Bunnytoria(!!!!!!) Now to wait to Melt banner.
  4. I mean, Musashi i dont really care about. What i do need is exppppppppppppp
  5. Took me 750 SQ + 50 Tickets for Osakabehime Archer NP5. Only got 1 Musashi, after 600 Quartz and over 40 tickets.
  6. Koyanskaya (of the Light - LOL) Grail to 120! GLORIOUSSSSSSSSS
  7. 674 quartz atm, who knows how many fragments. Got a couple rank up quests and interlude to do. Not enough. NP5 4*, plus 2 more 4*s... Likely going to get a musashi zerker too just purely due to the amount im gonna roll for that banner. no lolivinci for me
  8. yeah but mhxa is betterer because scarf and glasses. This summer is gonna kill me. NP5 Okkie Archer. THEN i gotta get bloody pengiun melt and Jetpack Okita... FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF Also low on blazes and QP. I'm fucked.
  9. Ah fucking hell. You get <MHXA. I was after her for ages, have spent something like 800+ worth of quartz for her and never have gotten her. REEEEEEEEEEEEE She is amazing with Skadi btw. It is the era of the Quick. I got Semiramis from GSSR. Took me 250k FP to get NP5 Chen Gong.
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