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  1. 390 Quartz, 28 tickets. The damage was not as bad as I was expecting. Only 2 copies of the 5* CE and 4 spare of the 4* CE after a limit break. GOD DAMMIT
  2. DW dont need to make shit easier to get, they say "fuck you" and roll in all the money everyone uses to buy a fuck load of quartz. That being said, we should be getting an extra roll per 10 roll next year. Bread crumbs.
  3. Story gacha is a trap :/ The only servants i need for coverage are AOE archers with a battery, and an AOE assassin with battery but FGO has fixed that dilemma with welfares. Pretty much just rolling for servants i like now.
  4. NP2 Par is NP Loopable. Good servant. YAY Veterans week! Also fuck MHXA banner, this banner has sunk me fucking 600+ quartz over the years. Not fucking rolling for you, already got my MLB Cute Orangette. Saving quartz for best El Melloi, Reinnes.
  5. Thank fuck for FGO veterans week. But mangadex is dead for a few weeks. Fuck.
  6. Not much has changed. SPG will do a bit less damage and won't kill crew. I particularly love their fjords example of how the game will tell you where arty is aiming at and what-not. The changes mean literally nothing when you already know arty has to be in those positions to hit you anyway and its not like you can fucking move there to avoid arty. Just means more notifications that arty is shooting there beyond getting stunned and damaged.
  7. Blaming how the statistics work isn't going to make you a better player. Doing what it takes to win and learning how to react to what happens in the game will. If you are coming here to have a whinge about how X metric doesnt transfer well into Y statistic, this isn't the forum for you. If you want to learn what you are doing wrong and what you can improve on, there is plenty of content here and enough posters here that can guide you to what you can and should be doing or looking out for to play better.
  8. Its just a method of quickly determining skill level, with flaws just like win rate. If you combine WN8 with Win rate and average tier, you can generally figure out a person's skill level with high enough accuracy without actually looking at their individual stats in tanks. If you want to improve your game, you need do what it takes to win games. It just so happens that most of the time, you need to do damage to win games.
  9. She's like, 14.... Its lord el melloi the 1st's (kayneth from fate zero) neice. https://typemoon.fandom.com/wiki/Reines_El-Melloi_Archisorte
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