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  1. What difference does dying in 12 months and dying now make anyway. Hell, even 50 years and now. Makes no difference. You die anyway.
  2. Man, if only the british had a viable production tier 2 light tank that was small, mobile and equiped a 2pdr. Maybe even one that was modeled in the game already. Still don't understand why the fuck the Tetrarch isn't in the tech tree... with the M2 light in there instead.
  3. 100% of people who have injested di-hydrogen monoxoide have died. Therefore di-hydrogen monoxide kills humans.
  4. Fixt. Not that its significant. I found the hull to be really troll in the 4 battles I played it near-stock. Fuck its slow with the stock engine.
  5. But how can WG make more rubles when you make tanks only balanced? If make tank super stronk many noob give us ruble to get tank! Win/Win/Win for moonbase!
  6. Apparently I somehow engaged with him early this month while I was inactive.
  7. We shouldn't forget China's role in creating (the conditions for) and surpressing the existance of the virus but at the same time still criticise governments for not taking action when we saw this coming in late January. Remain vigilant though because China has been trying to shift blame to America because they have no shame.
  8. I was under the impression that the flatlining graphs was due to a lack of testing kit supply than downplaying the outbreak
  9. Insults of "getting Wuhan'd" were flung long before any western country took Covid-19 seriously.
  10. All this does is give us that play on asian servers in online games another string in the bow to fire at Chinese mainlanders. We have got to amuse ourselves somehow while they ruin the game.
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