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  1. My Nito is NP5, thinking of grailing her to 100 now. So good for farming. SOOO GOOD
  2. GSSR Super Orion. My hunt for battery archer continues. On another note, Scathach!!! Yay.
  3. Autoclicker my dude. Also, its not worth opening up more than 5 or 6 boxes till after the event. Time spent opening is time not spent farming
  4. Literally doesnt matter, just farm and dont stop farming. Efficiency doesn't matter, just sheer volume of bandages is what you are after here. Any time not spent farming is boxes you aren't opening after the event. The only efficiency is time efficiency, not AP efficiency. You want to balance time and bandage drop.
  5. haha big gun go boom No reason to not fire full gold. Only play with full gold. Stupid french 10% more alpha gold shells.
  6. tfw the bots are the most active posters on the forum :(

  7. 1st ticket roll, calamity jane. 1st 10 roll after 10 tickets, Space Ishtar. 0 CEs. O__O
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