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  1. Another update: 1060 still good for WoT 3 years later even at 1440p. Max graphics still over 60fps.
  2. Would rather a whole lot of meh than game breaking bullshit like wheelies. As long as its playable, not completely useless and even potentially fun to play, Its all i could ask for from WG nowadays.
  3. Because light tanks are too powerful already?
  4. You'd think it could sidescrape but nooooo the area just above the tracks says no.
  5. Vicetone whenever he streams plays this thing constantly. wotlabs doesnt seem to want to work for him so
  6. 3 marked the piece of shit nearly 2 years ago. Tried playing it again and just couldn't stand the constant turret pens. JPE at least bounces most of those so if its similar to that it might be okay. I have so much shit at around 92% mark :/
  7. The side armour of the 430 is almost as retarded as the side of the 430U.
  8. 390 alpha + retarded gun handling means that the tank is more braindead to play. Sure, the T-54 can be more effective but alpha is still king. Less exposure the better and all that.
  9. The hull is a lot like the Lynx 6x6, which isn't so broken because you can fucking shoot it and expect it to damage instead of be absorbed by a black hole of rubber.
  10. It will use the exact same shells as the current EBR 105. APFSDS ends up being 'APCR' and HEATFS is just 'HEAT'. Its not like they haven't done that already. Just look at every single high tier tank.
  11. And use a real 105mm wheelie instead of the EBR 105. Something with 6 wheels instead of 8 riot shields that cover the entire side with little hull. Like this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AMX-10_RC There is one more too that i cant remember.
  12. None of this addresses the fact that it will still outclass regular LTs in almost every way. You still can't passive scout against EBRs because of map design.
  13. Reasoning is "less players are around during the mid-year campains" or something like that. Plus if that means less chieftains given out, I don't mind so much. Granted the chinese and viets are selling them anyway. Its $100USD for a fucking chief, and another $100 or more for the style. I'm in the wrong line of business.
  14. Nothing i find outstanding about the tank, its just 'fine'. The gimmick and the fact that its not absolutely broken makes it at least interesting to play without being useless, which is more than you can ask for from WG in their neverending quest to make retarded decisions. If tanks were balanced in this vein, a lot of issues with the stupid game probably wouldn't exist. It would just highlight the map design and artillery problems which is probably why WG do what they do...
  15. No, people just figured out you can pen the gun mantlet.
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