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  1. I can't wait. Alternatively it could be the Apocalypse. I've spent sooooo many hours on RA2 Or they played Red Alert.
  2. You should be fine, topic has been moved to an appropriate place already.
  3. I told a member of WG staff this face to face like 3 years ago :/ But we all know WG don't like to communicate with each other.
  4. There's a lot of really good advice in this thread here which would personally benefit me. In terms of me improving, it pretty much is just decision-making skills in the mid-late game that would really bring my personal performance up a notch consistently instead of every now and again. I've pretty much already stopped caring about winning/losing, how my team perform and how the enemy team perform. If my team list ends up with 7 0-damage players, so what? There really isn't much I can do. One of the things that helped a lot with that was when I stopped using XVM years ago mainly because I was too lazy to keep updating it. Unfortunately that same reason is why I probably won't take the step up in gameplay anytime soon. My laziness means I can't be arsed to look over other streamers and other players. In terms of time-stamping, It is somewhat taken into account in my decision making anyway. It could be something i would improve but imho a bigger improvement for me would be in step 3. If anything, all I play for in the game is enjoyment, whether that is platooned or solo. It just so happens that part of the enjoyment is my improvement in play, driven more by disappointment of losing winnable games or my own play resulting in an early death. That being said, I haven't logged in for months.
  5. WG are fine with making things unhistorical for balance purposes, they might as well make things historical for balance purposes.
  6. The 10 is the same thing but better on a better platform. But you don't see tier 7s which means you can't wipe half their HP with a splash. Even though I have 2 T10 arties, I'd be fucking cheering WG if they actually remove the fucking cunt of a class. CGC also, confirmed broken. Can hit heavies in the town in Ensk somewhat reliably now.
  7. If the Tier 8 prem is this bad, how much worse will the tech tree tier 8 be? *shudder*
  8. STB still with the 0,37 accuracy.
  9. So, the STB is still going to hit dirt with 0.37 accuracy. Nice!
  10. 430 is still OP even against heavier tanks because of the 2 key and also because its armour is retarded. Anyone with a brain will do a fuck tonne of damage and anyone without a brain can generally stay alive to shoot the gun a few times. Powercreep and OP are not mutually exclusive.
  11. This game won't be balanced. If you haven't accepted that fact, you really should get around to it. WG prefer the game imbalanced with constant power creep to get existing players to free exp tanks. A large enough proportion of the playerbase just free exp the tier 10 they want, so might as well have a decent amount of tanks a class above. Scone is just blatantly OP though. Hot on the heels of the E5 cupola nerf, they literally brought out a tank that was better than the E5 pre cupola nerf. It just gets under the radar because of the: Type 5 268 4 430U Arty 907 Chieftain/T95 Shitbarn 5A 277 260 Whatever the next flavour of the month tank will be.
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