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  1. Tier 10 Balance by R.Pubbie with <4k games and under 46% winrate.

    AKA why the Superconq totally needs a buff and the E5 is better than the Superconq.

    (i put it in a spoiler to not kill the status updates)




    come on that is not big .its only one shoot. decrease it by one shoot and its the same. =D

    do you not know? UK Heavy tanks got their ammo rack easily damage by a single shoot on their lower plate or sides.

    -better tank traverse -better turret traverse = better tank traverse and better turret traverse can help in changing targets quickly,shooting MT or LT that is spinning around you(if you know how to use it) and it also can help greatly in adjusting on the battlefield.

    -Smaller lower plate -Harder upper plate=  harder upper plate more chance to block and deflect premium bullets and smaller lower plate harder to hit.(check tanks.gg and see how small its lower plate is)


    what big is the difference of DPM between IS-4 and super conqueror.


     374 DMG is not even a single shoot.one shoot came from s.conq and t10e5 would deal 400.


    i think You should understand what you are talking about before you start talking. 

    and what planet did you came from that 374 dmg is big? we are not talking about a tier V tank its X.


    Big words: You should understand what you are talking about before you start talking. 


    do you think your cool? no your are not. you are just irritating.you are thinking you are too smart.

    i would not be blunt on you if you didn't put that last line.


    I know this tank is below mediocre but not on its DPM.you are insisting that 374 dpm is big.

    (WG will buff it if needed)


    Atleast Fix Your Behavior First? =D

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. MagicalFlyingFox


      And he still has literally none of the tanks he talks about.



    3. Archaic_One


      but QB said so in a video dammit, it MUST be true

    4. hazzgar


      I love his logic which basically says that if you can't park your tank sideways and if your tank isn't immune to flanking it has bad armor. JESUS. How is weak side turret armor a big problem? 

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