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  1. I only ended up rolling 5 tickets. Got another 4 star CE. The 5 star CE is really good but saving...
  2. The tier 6 is a waste of space when I played it. 122mms, 90mms and 8.8cm guns ate it up all day because angling = getting penned in the side. Gun was trash if not firing gold. Then it was 'usable.' The Black Prince however, when platooned with other black princes could mow down shit with absurd volume of fire and hitpoints. You could even bounce 122mm shells and actually hull down semi decently against same tier. Against same tier opponents, you could actually do shit. Against higher tier opponents, you're quite fucked unless you double-team him whereas the church 7 cant even do that effectively. The only thing you can pick with 2 of them are other tier 6s. I'm not saying its good but tier for tier its not even close.
  3. hp buffs to lower tiers are quite significant. 2k is so much easier than before. You can expect to do 3-3.5k dmg games very frequently as top tier, especially in a tank you can bully lower tiers with.
  4. Sounds like picking one of these is like picking a 121 over a 907.
  5. woosh Imagine a Tiger, but worse in every single way except for the ability to sometimes bounce tier 6s autoaiming at you.
  6. All these lines just scream meh to me. So many made up tanks. So little care factor left. As long as its not brokenly strong, meh.
  7. I put the gingerbread camo on my JPE
  8. I got my 3rd Eresh with GSSR. Not ideal, but glad it wasnt a 3rd Merlin.
  9. The meltdown from the pubbies has been amusing. That's about all I really care about nowadays. Game balance has long been a thing of the past. Have given up entirely on thinking too hard about it.
  10. Yup, Girls Frontline 2. Its like xcom but watered down a bit and with waifus.
  11. idk what you'd expect from a mobile game tbh. That being said, GFL2 soon...
  12. The best world of tanks players treat everything like a TD.... At least that's what the Lowe 252U on my team keeps telling me.
  13. Guess you'll have to wait for Gilfest to catch up on EXPs and QP. I dont think I'll hit my QP target this time.
  14. The problem is you just have to learn to tolerate about 6 maps because there are only 2 ban slots. Could list all the maps I hate but I'd probably be left with like 3 maps not listed.
  15. Fuck Minsk. Second option is either ghost town or paris. Sitting behind the cap and being able to shoot shit pressing W is brilliant map design. Well done WG.
  16. WG deciding to give maps TD camping spots behind cap circles doesn't fucking help.
  17. cant wait for interface changes to make this game take an extra 20s to change shit around in garage and 30s to form, ready and play in a platoon.
  18. My condolences to you and your SQ. I shall continue to bide my time. I did a 10 roll for CEs and got shit all... Welp, guess its time to throw apples
  19. Sounds like its locked to that fps. I wouldn't mind, its probably better for response times. I usually get game crashes with my 3080 sometimes. A restart usually fixes it for a while.
  20. On todays episode of poor financial decisions. http://en.kotobukiya.co.jp/product/product-0000003955/ Fuck lootboxes, the money is better spent here.
  21. Went to watch HF3, then went out for a few drinks. Completely forgot about FGO and broke my streak...
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