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  1. WG trying to offset the effects of the falling ruble so their pretty graphs for profit go up.
  2. Anyone want Les Mis's account? http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/World-of-Tanks-Account-ASIA-15-kill-WR-65-PZ-II-J-BT-SV-Super-Unicum-/281704765966?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_15&hash=item4196e99a0e http://worldoftanks.asia/community/accounts/2002517706-Les_Miserables/
  3. Well we know the vietnamese are gonna rig 500. 100 to DPS. That leaves us to pay for the next 900 to fund WGs cash cow. They're really milking WoT recently...
  4. I was just thinking about thinking about posting again too. Yes i doubled up on purpose. Oh well, the big fat turd is still smelly it seems.
  5. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=451739495 Wtf did i just see
  6. Oh yeah, one thing i keep forgetting to mention... Many South East asians have problems with vietnam. I wonder why...
  7. My record is 17. At mid teal WN8. I wanted to see how far i'd go with MM shafting me.
  8. WG gift shop at its finest. Would you like 360d prem or 360d prem and a KV220 for 43 cents less?!?
  9. I got hit in the metaphorical groin. Unfair plane. I just noticed the irony of my sig.
  10. Hi McMole. Fuck you too. Please reply and stop lurking. Yes, I'm talking shit about you, you insecure little bitch. PBKAC, preferential mod treatment. 100% true.
  11. Nah its only KAC that do that. Hopey never spams report. Signature on WoT forums updated to reflect my feelings for the forums.
  12. Its not 'cross the line' its more like 'breathe on the line'. The exact stance mods are at all of KAC posting. Talk about mod in a neutral tone, get R/Oed for insulting mod. K. Fuck you douche. Now that is an insult. Ban me for that dickwads. Oh wait its like facey here. Lol@Bundle of sticks filter rename.
  13. Also hillarious, Hopeys claims of us spamming report. I have used it 8 times over whenever i started. 6 of those times where for necros/SD that arent SD threads. 1 of those was for Hopey losing his subtlety in insulting and another for another overt insult. Such report spam... (Probably more reports to shit threads actually)
  14. Oh that is fucking hillarious. RIP. Don't see what they can do lol. defamation? But his reputation wasn't exactly impeccable beforehand...
  15. German sherman was stupidly fun. Too fun curbstomping pubs.
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